Survey Uncovers Cost and Differing Car Performances When Tackling Potholes

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21st December 2011 15:38 - Transport and Distribution

A survey by Warranty Direct has revealed the best and worst cars for dealing with potholes on UK roads.

Japanese made Honda’s were found to be the most pothole-resilient, which saves their owners a significant amount of money in repairs each year.

Toyota's and Hyundai’s also fared well, with less than 2% suffering suspension or axle damage from potholes or other road defects.

In contrast, Chrysler vehicles were revealed as being the most likely to be damaged by potholes, followed by Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover brands which had a 10% rate of experiencing damage by road irregularities.

The survey aims to help potential customers make informed car buying decisions. It also ties in with the time of year - the UK is currently braced for particularly bad winter road conditions, so safety is a major concern.

Furthermore, the study highlights the impact that potholes have on people’s bank accounts. While the average payout for suspension damage caused by potholes is ₤309, respondents have reported recent claims as high as ₤2,402.

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