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26th May 2015 14:37 - Transport and Distribution

A recent survey by road safety charity, Brake, and insurance company, Direct Line, has discovered that 1 in 7 motorists have had to take Survey explores the dangers of overtakingevasive action as a result of dangerous overtaking.

The survey of 1,000 drivers found that the demographic most likely to overtake vehicles dangerously were young males.

The findings also revealed that 80 per cent of motorists have felt threatened by another motorist overtaking their car, and a further 94 per cent had seen a motorist overtake a vehicle when it was dangerous to do so.

The demographic which were most likely to own up to taking risks when overtaking were male drivers aged between 17 and 24.

Of the respondents, 39 per cent of males aged between 17 and 24 indicated that they had attempted to overtake another vehicle without being sure that it was safe to do so, and without knowing that the road was clear ahead. This figure is more than twice the average for all the drivers in the survey.

Brake claimed that the issue is predominantly on rural roads, which are statistically the most dangerous to travel on per mile, accounting for 52 per cent of the United Kingdom’s fatal car crashes. The charity also claimed that those travelling in a car or by motorcycle are twice as likely to be killed on a rural road, than they are on an urban road. However, cyclists are three times as likely to be killed on a rural road..

Brake warned motorists that they should only overtake a vehicle when it is unavoidable.

The charity warned that by overtaking a vehicle travelling at 50mph and continuing for 10 miles at 55mph, just one minute would be shaved off the journey, assuming that there were no bends, traffic lights or junctions along the way.

Deputy CEO of Brake, Julie Townsend, said of the issue: “We’re urging all drivers to avoid overtaking on country roads unless absolutely essential and 100 per cent safe – that doesn’t include if you’re feeling impatient because someone in front is driving a few mph slower than you want to. 

“In those situations, cool-headed and responsible drivers hang back and relax. We’re also urging drivers to stay well within speed limits, and slow right down for villages, bends, brows and bad weather, to protect themselves and others.”

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