Survey finds more people are travelling to London airports by public transport

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3rd November 2015 14:52 - Transport and Distribution

The Civil Aviation Authority’s latest passenger survey report has suggested that “significantly more people”, who depart from the five airports in Survey finds more people are travelling to London airports by public transportLondon, travelled by public transport, whereas those departing from regional airports were notably more likely to travel by private transport.

The 11 airports who were involved in the survey were: Manchester, Birmingham, East Midlands, Doncaster, Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Leeds Bradford, Stansted, Luton and Newcastle.

The report showed that 238 million people flew from a UK airport last year, however the method of transport they took to get to the airports varied massively.

The survey revealed that those who flew from a London airport were more likely to choose a range of transportation methods to reach the airport, in comparison with those who flew from a regional airport. As well as this, London airports were discovered to have the highest percentage of passengers travelling to them via public transport. Of the airports in London, Stansted had the highest rate passengers arriving by public transport, at 50 per cent, closely followed by London City (46 per cent). At the other end of the scale, Luton had the lowest number of passengers travelling by public transport, at 29 per cent.

When looking at how many passengers travelled via public transport to a regional airport, the report outlined that Birmingham had the highest percentage at 23 per cent, and the East Midlands had the lowest percentage at 7.4 per cent.

Of the airports in the survey, the East Midlands airport had the highest rate of passengers using only one mode of transport to get there, at 97 per cent, closely followed by Leeds Bradford at 95 per cent and Doncaster at 93 per cent. On the other hand, London City was found to be the airport with the fewest passengers using one form of transport to get to it, with just 66 per cent doing so.

The research also discovered that London City had the greatest number of passengers travelling for business (52 per cent), closely followed by Heathrow (30 per cent). By contrast, the airports with the highest number of passengers travelling for leisure were: Doncaster (97 per cent) and the East Midlands (93 per cent), Leeds Bradford and Liverpool (both 90 per cent).

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