Survey finds students return the most goods

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15th December 2015 11:49 - Transport and Distribution

A recent survey has revealed that students return the most goods, with 50 per cent saying that they return between 11 and 25 per cent of Survey finds students return the most goodsthings that they buy. As well as this, 42 per cent of the students in the survey said that they would only buy a product from an online store if it had free returns or made it simple to return a purchase.

Commissioned by NetDespatch, a leading SaaS parcel data management platform, the survey questioned more than 1,200 online shoppers in the UK to explore consumer opinion on returning goods both online and in store.

The market research was commissioned in order to understand how consumer behaviour is affected by the simplicity and ease of the returns process and if broadening the methods of returns would alter their returns habits. The research project explored how males’ opinions differed from female's opinions, as well as age and employment status.

The survey findings revealed that consumers still favour traditional means of returning items, with 78 per cent of the respondents outlining that they would prefer to return an item at the Post Office. As well as this, 43 per cent said that they would prefer to get a courier to come to their home and collect a parcel, whereas 39 per cent said that they would prefer to use a local convenience store.

The survey entitled ‘Many Happy Returns’ revealed that support for the perhaps more modern methods of returning, such as collection from a workplace was low (8 per cent). Of the respondents, 5.5 per cent said that they would prefer to use a locker box and just 4 per cent said that they use railway stations to return goods.

When asked which returns option would be their favourite, 12 per cent selected click and collect (e.g local convenience store, railway station, garage, or locker).

In the last year, 31 per cent of women and 25 per cent of men said that they had returned around 1 and 10 per cent of the items they purchased online.

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