Survey finds the most dangerous cities for women using public transport

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11th November 2014 17:01 - Transport and Distribution

Some of the biggest cities in the world were surveyed by YouGov and The Thomson Reuters Foundation, to find the most dangerous city for women on public transport. The findings showed that public transport is most dangerous for women in three Latin-American capitals.

Over 6,550 women and gender experts were questioned about their view of how safe women are using their city’s transportation system. The survey was carried out in 15 of the 20 biggest capitals in the world, as well as New York, the US’ biggest city.

The findings showed that women feel most unsafe whilst traveling on trains and buses in Columbia, Mexico and Peru’s capitals. It was found that 64% of the women asked, admitted to being harassed whilst on public transport. However, New York was found to have the safest public transport for women.

The United Nations have suggested that if women do not feel safe travelling to school or work, they will be less likely to reach their full potential in terms of developing a career.

The cities with the most dangerous transport systems for women are:

1. Bogota

2. Mexico City

3. Lima

4. Delhi

5. Jakarta

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