Transport survey identifies feet on train seats as an irritant to many

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23rd May 2016 13:21 - Transport and Distribution

A recent survey of public transport users have revealed that a passenger putting their feet up on the train seats is an irritant. The survey found that it’s not just putting feet up that is annoying to many, but it is also putting shoes or clothing that has been in contact with the dirty ground on the seats where other passengers have to sit.Transport survey identifies feet on train seats as an irritant to many

The survey, entitled The National Rail Passenger Survey, spoke to in excess of 50,000 people about travelling on the train. The researchers discovered that putting feet up on seats was the biggest form of antisocial behaviour for 43 per cent of travellers. Following feet on seats was loud music (37 per cent), rowdy passengers (35 per cent) and drunken people (31 per cent).

The survey also revealed that crime on board trains has decreased notably, with just 25 crimes per million travellers being recorded in the year 2014-15. It’s important to note however, that issue which make other passengers uncomfortable are not necessarily classed as crimes.

One train company is fighting back against the antisocial behaviour and is taking formal action against the antisocial offenders, with the survey respondents indicating that the behaviour made them feel intimidated.

Merseyrail said that they will be implementing the use of body cameras on their staff to catch passengers with their feet up on the seats and film them in the act. The company will later issue fines as punishment for the behaviour.

Some action has been taken in recent years, such as fines for passengers who choose to put their feet on the seats, however, it has not solved the problem.

Merseyrail is adopting the measures to enforce the 127 year old bylaw, which makes it a criminal offence to “molest or wilfully interfere with the comfort or convenience” of fellow passengers.

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