US truckers open to reserved parking but not paying for it, survey finds

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29th September 2015 14:44 - Transport and Distribution

The American Transportation Research Institute has released the findings of its Commercial Driver Perspectives on Truck Parking survey andUS truckers open to reserved parking but not paying for it, survey finds revealed that US truck drivers are open to reserved truck parking, but not paying for it.

Of the truck drivers questioned, approximately 50 per cent said that they would not be open to paying for a reserved parking space. On the other hand, of the respondents who said they would be willing to pay, 20 per cent said that they would pay $1-$5 and a further 20 per cent said they would pay $6-$10. As well as this, 9 per cent said they would pay $11-$15 and 3 per cent would pay more than $16.

The findings also revealed that around half of the respondents believe the carrier should pay the cost of the parking and 20 per cent think that both the driver and the carrier should pay the cost. Just 6 per cent said that the truck parking should be free and 6 per cent said the government should pay the fee.

Of the survey respondents, around 50 per cent said that they would prefer reserved parking near metropolitan areas and a further 30 per cent would like reserved parking in all areas.

10 per cent of the sample said that they were not in favour of reserved parking at all.

Of the respondents, the independent contractors were the most in favour of paying for reserved parking, with around 60 per cent saying that they would pay. As well as this, more than 50 per cent of employee drivers said that they are willing to pay for reserved parking.

Of the owner-operators in the survey, the group were evenly split with people who would and would not pay.

When the drivers in the survey were asked about reserved parking in metropolitan areas, the majority of people said that they would be happy to pay for reserved parking.

The respondents were also asked where parking was most difficult. According to the findings, 62.1 per cent said that public and private rest stops are equally difficult to park in, with 23.7 per cent claiming that private stops are more difficult to park in and 14.2 per cent finding public stops to be low on parking spaces.

The survey also found that private truck stops are used for parking 27.2 per cent more than public rest stops.

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