e-bike uptake would be greater if Cycle to Work cap was raised, suggests survey

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12th September 2018 11:08 - Transport and Distribution

e-bike uptake would be greater if Cycle to Work cap was raised: A greater number of British workers would be open to cycling to work regularly if the Cycle to Work cap was upped, suggests a new survey.

The research conducted by YouGov, for OVO Energy, polled 2067 respondents and found 20% would be more likely to get an electric bike (which has a battery and electric motor to assist pedalling) if the Cycle to Work cap was raised to more than its current threshold of £1,000.

For 44 percent of workers, the most significant barrier to travelling to work by bike was the distance from their home. For these respondents, electric bikes could make cycling to work is a possibility as they offer assisted pedalling and give riders a boost when they’re faced with a steep incline.

Although 69 percent of respondents had heard of e-bikes, only 3 percent of the adults in the UK own one. OVO concludes from the survey feedback that with a raise in the Cycle to Work cap there could be a significant increase to e-bike uptake and people commuting to work.

Almost half of those polled (47 percent) who already cycle to work said if the Cycle to Work limit was raised they would swap their manual cycle for an e-bike.

Chris Houghton, CEO of Retail for OVO Energy, said: "Today’s survey shows there is clear demand for electric bikes and that opening up access to them through the Cycle to Work scheme would get more people cycling. This would improve workplace health and wellbeing, reduce emissions, and improve air quality."

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