Sarah Williams

Senior Research Executive

Research Team

Photo of Sarah Williams

Sarah joined DJS Research in March 2018 as a Senior Research Executive. She has over five years’ experience in market research and has worked with a wide range of sectors, methodologies and data analysis techniques.

Sarah has an extensive background in customer experience research, with a particular specialism in NPS and mystery shopping. She brings to DJS a pragmatic, organised approach that helps to ensure projects run smoothly, plus a love for data and discovery.

Sarah began her research career in 2010 in the operations department of TNS UK (now Kantar TNS). She quickly moved to a project management role, organising and delivering mystery shopping projects across the UK. In her time in operations, she also gained first-hand experience of the backstage aspects of research: scripting, coding, telephone interviewing, recruiting and quality checking.

Following a very successful project in 2014, Sarah moved to the client service team at Kantar TNS where she specialised in quantitative technology and finance research. Primarily, she was responsible for a large international NPS tracker, involving 26 different markets in both B2C and B2B, plus complex analysis and reporting. She also looked after many small quantitative projects, while benefitting from the training offered by one of the largest global market research agencies.

Outside of market research, Sarah has a variety of experience in journalism, digital marketing, retail and hospitality, most recently working with a healthcare charity. She has worked in Australia, Canada and the USA, and continues to travel whenever she gets the chance.

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