Gary Romanuk

Senior Research Executive

Research Team

Photo of Gary Romanuk
Gary holds a BA (spec Hons) in Anthropology and an MA in Social and Political Thought from York University (Canada) where he also taught at the undergraduate level. Through his academic training, he acquired a range of specific skills and competencies enabling him to process and convey very abstract ideas and diverse points of view. 
Gary began his market research career at The Strategic Counsel (TSC) in Toronto, Canada in 2010. During his time at TSC, he gained professional experience using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and was involved in all aspects of market research including questionnaire design, client contact, depth interviews, and data processing, analysis and reporting. He undertook and managed projects with a diverse range of clients spanning the commercial and public sectors, with a particular focus on higher education, government agencies, art institutions and various organisations which either promote or have a stake in a thriving, informed and inclusive public and cultural sphere.
After seven years at TSC, he joined DJS Research in the summer of 2018 after relocating to Leeds. He brings to DJS Research a passion and track record of establishing and maintaining long-lasting and meaningful relationships with his clients and is hoping to build on his knowledge of, and personal interest in, education and public policy issues.
Outside of work, Gary enjoys reading, cooking and listening to music. He also loves to travel and is an avid hiker, camper and long-distance cyclist.
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