Market Research Methods & Approaches

At DJS Research Ltd we recognise that research is a means to an end and not an end in itself. On completion of all our projects we will put forward recommendations for action. We are able to do this because when designing your research program we will ensure that the research is both actionable and meaningful. We also recognise that those who have to act on research must have confidence in the chosen supplier. We therefore put great emphasis on presenting our findings in a clear, concise and commercial manner, avoiding any market research jargon.

We are committed to building first class relationships with our clients. We believe this means listening to our clients and providing the relationship they want. Overall you will find that our approach to both your project and the way we work together will bring the maximum possible benefit from any market research we undertake.
DJS Research provides tailored market research methods, insight and solutions. These services are delivered by Senior Researchers and Directors. Further detail about our methods, approaches and research expertise, is illustrated below.

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