CCWater’s annual household tracker ‘Water Matters’ 2014 is published

Satisfaction with services has not only increased for water and sewerage companies but for other utilities too.

Very large increases in satisfaction for energy companies means that the satisfaction levels for the water, energy and telephone landline sectors are now very similar.

Trust scores for water and energy companies have also risen since 2013, although water companies remain ahead of energy companies.

Other headlines include:

•    Awareness of ‘Special Assistance’ services continues to rise
•    Awareness of all other optional services and charging options remain stable or has fallen
•    Customers are better informed about what not to flush down drains and sewers.
•    Fewer customers are contacting their water company and those who do are more satisfied with contact handling
•    More home owners are aware of their supply pipe responsibilities
•    But they are still confused about responsibility for sewers and drains

A total of 5,763 telephone interviews were conducted in DJS’s in-house CATI unit with household water and sewerage bill payers across England and Wales between the 28th November 2014 and the 15th February 2015.

At least 200 interviews were carried out with customers of each Water and Sewerage Company (WaSC) and 150 with customers of each Water only Company (WoC).

449 interviews were conducted with mobile only households and 5,314 were conducted with households using a landline.

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