Holidays market research: an infographic

Holidays market research: an infographic

Travel market research news

Our parents, kids and teens in the Chatter Zone community have recently taken part in some holidays market research, with the aim to uncover their travelling preferences and what they think about going on holiday.

The community were asked about where they will next visit in the UK, what is important to a family whilst on holiday, their favourite things to do as a family and also what their best holiday ever was.

The travel market research revealed some interesting opinions, so we thought we would give it to you completely free of charge! As if that’s not enough, we have created a handy infographic, which explores the holidays market research findings!

The findings

Holidays market research: an infographic

Our holidays market research and travel market research experience

Having worked for the likes of Center Parcs,Virtual Concierge,Visit Texas, Saint Helena Development Agency,Texas Tourism and English Heritage, we pride ourselves on being travel market research experts – experts who can utilise the Chatter Zone community to help your company tap into the thoughts and opinions of adults, children, and teenagers.

If holidays market research is up your street (and we’re sure it is!) please feel free to take a look at our sport, leisure and tourism sector insights and market research findings, which can be found here: Sport, Leisure, and Tourism Research Findings or for automatic travel market research updates, follow our leisure Twitter account: @DJS_Leisure and for Chatter Zone updates, follow: @DJS_ChatterZone

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Want to know more about the research findings or want to know how our community could assist your company? We’d love you hear from you! Feel free to give Gill Redfern, the Chatter Zone Lead Director, a call on 01663 767 857 or email her on

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