Kids market research

Kids market research from Chatter Zone the family research community

Kids market research

We research kids of all ages from a range of social backgrounds, meaning that our kids market research approach needs to reflect their Kids market research differing lifestyles. We know that kids learn best through being creative and proactive, and this is why we adopt a range of methodologies to suit the needs of both the client and kids taking part in market research.

To help us achieve this, DJS Research has launched a specialist parents, teens and kids market research offer, which is designed to capture the thoughts, feelings and attitudes of families. The Chatter Zone team are aware of how imperative it is to keep kids interested and engaged in what they are taking part in, this is why Chatter Zone utilises a range of methodologies, such as:

•    Kids forum discussions
•    Creative tasks by kids
•    Mini-polls
•    Surveys
•    Personal tasks

Chatter Zone allows for almost any research requirement:

•    Concept testing
•    Marcomms research
•    Consumer feedback
•    Product development
•    Shopping behaviour
•    Consumer opinion, experience  & behaviour
•    Ideation / co-creation
•    Website, app and mobile testing

The Chatter Zone team help assist clients to shape an activity for the community to ensure it is age appropriate to the audience. You can opt to set your activity to the entire community or select the sub-groups most relevant to your brand(s), e.g. kids market research with children aged 5 to 10 only.

Chatter Zone the children’s market research community consists of the following:
Kids market research

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For more information about the community, and how your company can utilise Chatter Zone in your kids market research strategy, contact either Alexandre Tatry-Gautier or Gill Redfern on +44 (0)1663 767 857 or by emailing

You can also enter your details in the ‘Get in Touch’ section and one of the Chatter Zone team will get back to you as soon as possible.

For updates on the community follow our Chatter Zone Twitter account: @djs_chatterzone

Kids market research

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