Polymer Industry Market Research

DJS Research Ltd has recently completed a research programme on engineering polymers. The research will allow suppliers in the polymer industry to understand customer satisfaction levels, benchmark themselves against competitors and appreciate customer trends and challenges.Polymer Industry Market Research - Customer Intelligence

The market research is based on 300 interviews with polymer customers across the engineering polymer value chain, in four European countries:

  •     UK
  •     France
  •     Italy
  •     Germany

Some of the companies we have interviewed include:

VW, GE Aviation, Honda, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Ansaldo Breda S.p.A, Nobel Automotive, Sintex NP, Kartell S.p.A, HELLA Group and Loewe Technologies GmbH.

Interviews were carried out by a dedicated team of experienced B2B interviewers at DJS Research Ltd. If you are interested in finding out more about this research, or in subscribing to this study to receive the results, please contact David Marchant or Alexandre Tatry-Gautier on +44 (0) 1663 767 857 or alternatively, complete the form on our contact page.

Polymer Industry Market Research - Further Details

This customer intelligence research will be useful for manufacturers and distributors of engineering polymers supplying to a variety of end user sectors - including the automotive and aerospace industries, consumer goods, electrical and electronics, food, industrial manufacturing and healthcare / medical markets.

The polymer industry findings will cover the following broad areas:

1) Executive Summary

2) Sample & Methodology

3) Introduction

4) Customer Buying Behaviour

5) Supplier Selection Criteria

6) Satisfaction with Current Suppliers

7) Supplier Differentiation

8) Conclusions

Polymer Industry Customer Intelligence

This report will provide research teams with a number of key pieces of intelligence, including:

  • The ability to benchmark against your competitors
  • The ability to assess strengths/weaknesses of your own value proposition
  • The ability to differentiate your product/service offering by industry sector and type of customer



These polymer industry market research findings are available to purchase either on an individual country subscription or a full subscription (four European countries). Research will cover:

- Analysis of 300 interviews with polymer customers

- Data analysed by country, industry sector and customer type

- Satisfaction ratings for selected polymer suppliers

- Customers’ buying behaviour, current challenges and trends

- Full findings presented in PowerPoint

Please find a link to our polymers industry market research findings.

Please find a link to our engineering polymers market research findings. - See more at: http://www.djsresearch.co.uk/subLevels/subLevel/3#sthash.LjOjCdMl.dpuf

For further information about the engineering polymers market research please contact either David Marchant or Alexandre Tatry-Gautier on +44 (0)1663 767 857. For more general information about our experience in this sector, please visit: Chemicals Market Research.

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