Polymer Industry Market Research Findings



How much of your marketing budget is spent on securing new clients? Preliminary results from our exclusive engineering polymer buyer satisfaction research suggests that four in five companies utilising engineering polymers have one main supplier – meaning that marketing budgets may be better spent ensuring customer relationships are solid and clients are happy.

Further details about the engineering polymer supply chain, and your customers’ opinions, are contained in the email below.

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How can securing clients and maintaining relationships overcome competition?

Polymer Industry Market Research Findings












Which engineering polymers offer the best business opportunities?


Where are the users of engineering polymers in the value chain?


Should suppliers expect an increase in the demand of engineering polymers?


Who are the decision-makers among users of engineering polymers?











Which industry sectors use engineering polymers the most?


The final results will provide strategic insight which will help your company benchmark against competitors, assess your own value proposition and differentiate your overall offering.

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