At DJS Research we believe ethics should be a key part of any business, but, given the services we provide, we feel that ethical operating standards are especially important to our company.

As a result, we are Company Partners of the Market Research Society, which means we have made the active and conscious decision to affiliate ourselves with that governing body and to abide by its standards and ethical regulations. We do not engage respondents by means of deception, nor do we ever carry out research with any ulterior motive – such as selling.

However, ethical business practice is not something which stops at our office door, nor is it something which is only important 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. As a result, DJS Research has pledged to give back to the community – both locally and nationally. In order to do this, we have become involved in numerous community projects, market research charities and charities which are unrelated to the market research industry. Some of the causes we are most involved in are outlined below.

Market Research Benevolent Association

We are proud members of the Market Research Benevolent Association – the market research industry's independent, registered charity. The MRBA provide financial assistance to those who work or who have worked in our industry and over the years have helped hundreds of people and their families – irrespective of their level in their respective companies – who are experiencing financial hardship due to illness, injury, bereavement, carer responsibility, or other personal problems.

DJS Research has increased its commitment to the association by becoming an annual sponsor. We recognise that with the growth of our company comes a growth in responsibility to those who have made that expansion possible. For more information on the Market Research Benevolent Association, or to see some of the good work they do for the market research industry, please click here.

Charity of the Year

We as a company are committed to charity work. We have adopted local charity, The Thomas Theyer Foundation as our corporate Charity of the Year, and the majority of fundraising organised by DJS Research is targeted toward this fantastic cause. The Thomas Theyer Foundation supports children and young people with additional needs or living in difficult life circumstances by giving them the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from outdoor activity breaks. As well as raising money for the charity, we also support them by volunteering at events and our creative department is actively involved in the design of flyers, invites and posters to support their fundraising.

Market research as an industry has fantastic potential to do good work – both in financial terms through the donation of incentives and ad-hoc fundraising, but also in terms of raising awareness through interacting with thousands of respondents every month.

Sport in The Community

Sport in general is a key part of life for many DJS Research employees; we count several rugby and cricket players, a netball player, a long-distance runner and a semi-professional referee amongst our staff. As such, it seemed only natural to encourage sport in the locality of our offices.

To this end, DJS Research is an official sponsor of both Whaley Bridge Athletic Football Club and Glossop RUFC. Both these teams are performing well, with WBAFC in particular having recently won the quadruple – they have chosen to move to a higher standard league, which they won in their first season.

Green Credentials

With increased leadership comes increased responsibility, with increased growth comes increased output and an increasingly global client base requires an increasingly global view of the world. DJS Research is committed to trying to lower the environmental impact that our services have on the wider world. As we can’t plant an entire forest (though we have planted numerous trees), we concentrate on doing the little things right and engaging staff in the environmental effort as much as possible.

Here’s how we are trying to do our bit:

  • Where possible, we carry out work on-screen, avoiding the production of waste paper and saving plastic ink and printing products.
  • When we do have to use paper, we dispose of it responsibly via a bona-fide waste collection agency.
  • All our lunch is delivered to the office by a local sandwich company – meaning that only one car journey is made to our offices and that other local businesses benefit from our relocation.
  • If we need to travel cross country, we try to do so by train whenever possible, thus lowering emissions.
  • The vast majority of our telephone unit are staff from the local area. Again, this provides jobs in the local community and means that fewer people have to drive to work.


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