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X Generation (Generation X)

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X Generation (Generation X)

Generation X is the generation of individuals born after the Second World War, approximately between the early 1960s and the early 1980s. The key point about generation X is less when they were born, but more that they have a shared experience in terms of the major events they have seen in their lives - the assassination of John F Kennedy, The Vietnam War, Watergate, Strikes, anti-Nuclear Movement, the election of Margaret Thatcher and the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster amongst others. These events and experiences colour our views and opinions and Generation X is widely considered to be a more heterogenous generation - being able to accept differences in terms of race, religion, political viewpoint etc more so than in the past.

Of course, this term is wide-ranging and should be used carefully - not all people born within a certain time period will ever conform to a perceived generational tag.

Generation X were followed by the millenial generation, or generation Y.

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