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Y Generation (Generation Y)

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Y Generation (Generation Y)

Generation Y, also called the millenial generation, is the generation of people directly following that of Generation X. Their birth dates are less defined, although most commentators agree with birth dates beggining in the early 1980s and ending in the early 2000s.

Generation Y are often also known as the 'Peter Pan' generation - delaying many of the traditional rights of passage in to adulthood such as purchasing a house, marriage etc. This is seen by many as a sympton of the rising cost of housing and higher education, and also the affluence of older generations who can now afford to support their children longer.

A 2013 poll carried out in the UK found that many Generation Y respondents were more 'open-minded' about controversial topics than their parents; with almost three quarters supporting same sex marriage and more than two fifths supporting the legalisation of soft drugs such as cannabis.

Generation Y is also at the front of a growing trend to move away from religion and in a mistrust of religious institutions - in the UK research has found that more than half of generation Y respondents have 'no religion nor attended a place of worship', except for marriages or funerals. It also discovered that 41% felt religion 'caused a lot of evil in the world.'

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