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The reason for B2Being: David Marchant attends the B2B Research Conference in London

12th July 2018 16:49

Written by David Marchant  Associate Director.  Email David here   Once again, B2B market researchers flocked to London. The MRS were hosting the annual conference dedicated to business-to-business research.    It meant… Read more...

School of thought: a little insight can go a long way!

28th June 2018 11:42

Written by Sebastian Smith Research Executive. Email Seb direct here.     During my time here at DJS Research, I’ve worked with several clients in the education sector, most recently on a project that looks into the wellbeing… Read more...

Drive up customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved employee engagement

28th June 2018 15:55

  Written by Jenna Allen, Research Director and Employee Engagement Research Lead. Email Jenna direct here.   There is a huge body of evidence demonstrating the link between improved employee engagement and increased… Read more...

In It To Win It - The Sports Business Awards 2018

21st June 2018 15:56

Written by Christian Easdown, Senior Research Manager. Email Christian directly here.     On Friday 1st June, I had the pleasure of attending The Sports Business Awards in London. Only in its second year, the awards have already received the accolade… Read more...

DJS Research reaches historic milestone surpassing £5 million annual turnover

21st June 2018 15:55

  What started out as a family-run business with a garden shed as its HQ – has just recorded an annual turnover of £5.2 million.   It has been a record-breaking 12 months for DJS Research, with the company achieving double-digit growth… Read more...

The best laid plans of rats and men Gang aft a-gley! A tale of hardship, flapjacks and glory at the Rat Race Dirty Weekend (12/5/2018)

5th June 2018 12:05

Written by Rebecca Bennett Senior Research Executive   Early challenges   We had planned for this, we had been drilled... But ALAS! Within 15 minutes of setting off, unexpected challenges hit us like harsh blows: forgotten IDs, tummy bugs, failed… Read more...

Uncharted Territory: a story about using dashboards as a tool for finding ‘the one’

31st May 2018 16:09

Written by Kate Slater, Research Director.  Email Kate direct here.   At the MR Summit, in London on 24th May, our Research Director, Kate Slater talked about how, like the modern day dating scene, technology and innovation are changing… Read more...

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