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Fast Fashion: can it work without harming our planet?

25th April 2019 15:33

Written by Rebecca Harris, Associate Director. Contact Rebecca here As a nation, many of us love shopping for fashion and we’re guilty of buying way more clothes and shoes than we need. Our wardrobes are saturated. We are a generation of ‘not… Read more...

Will environmental consciousness change the direction of travel for delivery services in the UK?

3rd April 2019 16:24

Written by Rebecca Harris, Associate Director. Contact Rebecca here Millennials have only ever known a society whereby convenience is King, and have never really had to wait for anything when it comes to goods and services. They ‘see it, want… Read more...

Evolutionary Dear Consumer: The Future Face of Customer Loyalty

21st March 2019 16:38

Written by Gill Redfern, Research Director. Contact Gill here According to recent research conducted by DJS Research, more than four in ten consumers say retailer loyalty schemes are a top three influence on where they choose to shop, with one in… Read more...

Mixed consumer confidence for the year ahead as Brexit looms

12th March 2019 14:56

Written by Gill Redfern, Research Director. Contact Gill here As the UK anticipates the outcome of Brexit and the political and economic aftermath which will follow, consumers are waiting with bated breath to understand what the practical, social and… Read more...

DJS Research Ltd wins top UK contract for Cultural Market Research

6th March 2019 16:23

We are thrilled to announce that DJS Research has been awarded one of the biggest contracts for cultural market research in the UK. Over the next four years, we will be working alongside some of the nation's leading museums and cultural venues… Read more...

DJS Research Get Up and Go this January for the Thomas Theyer Foundation

6th March 2019 14:30

January saw the launch of our month-long fundraiser for our Charity of the Year,  The Thomas Theyer Foundation  We've just completed our first company fundraiser of the year, the DJS Get up and Go Challenge - and we're pleased… Read more...

Another Year Over: DJS Research Annual Review - 2018

6th March 2019 15:32

A huge thank you to our clients, respondents, suppliers and staff: A summary of our 2018…   As we welcome in a new year we've been looking back at all we've achieved in 2018 - all thanks to our dedicated and all-round brilliant… Read more...

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