Market Research RSS Feeds Research RSS FeedsWed, 03 Mar 2021 15:48:05 GMT Half Brits polled say housing crisis is one of the 'main issues' facing UK Half Brits polled say housing crisis is one of the 'main issues' facing UK: A survey of British adults asking for their views of the country in a number of areas has found that more than half (51%) believe that the along with Covid-19 and Brexit, the housing crisis is one of the major challenges facing the UK in 2020. Nearly two-thirds of SME house builders have seen fall in growth projections due to Covid-19, reveals survey Nearly two-thirds of SME house builders have seen fall in growth projections, due to Covid-19: A survey of SME house builders by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has found that almost two-thirds (65%) have seen a fall in growth projections due to the coronavirus pandemic. Eight out of 10 housing association employees are satisfied with home working, reveals survey Eight out of 10 housing association employees are satisfied with home working: A survey of housing association workers has revealed that almost 80% are satisfied with working from home since homeworking was enforced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Lack of property images in listings is cause of most concern for house hunters, reveals survey Lack of property images in listings is cause of most concern for house hunters, reveals survey: A survey of home buyers and tenants has revealed insight into the things which cause the most frustration during property searches - with a lack of images coming out on top. Just over a third of buy-to-let landlords have had a request for a payment holiday due to the Covid-19 pandemic, reveals survey Just over a third of buy-to-let landlords have had a request for a payment holiday due to the Covid-19 pandemic: A survey of landlords who rent out their buy-to-let properties has found that just over a third have had a request from tenants for a payment holiday or rent reduction since the coronavirus pandemic began. 28% of private renters struggle to pay rent, according to survey findings 28% of private renters struggle to pay rent: The latest English Housing Survey 2018-19 has revealed that 28% of people who privately rent their homes find it difficult to pay their rent - while privately rented households spend an average of a third (33%) of their total household income on housing costs. This compares to 27% paid by social renters and 18% by homeowners. 90% of private landlords have responded positively to needs of tenants during COVID-19 crisis, reveals NRLA survey 90% of private landlords have responded positively to needs of tenants during COVID-19 crisis: A survey of private landlords has revealed that the vast majority have been supportive to tenants who have contacted them for support during the coronavirus crisis. Almost a fifth of social landlords say there is 'room for improvement' when it comes to managing their estate, reveals survey Almost a fifth of social landlords say there is 'room for improvement' when it comes to managing their estate: A survey to find out more about how social landlords are running their properties has found that almost a fifth of those polled (18.9%) believe there is 'room for improvement'. This compares to 40.7% who said that their organisation manages its estate efficiently and successfully 'most of the time', and a quarter (24.7%) who said 'yes' they are confident the estate is managed effectively. A further 13.1% said their organisation manages its estate 'somewhat' successfully, while 2.7% said they do not. More young people are owning their homes, reveals survey Size is more important to home-buyers than location, reveals survey Size is more important to home-buyers than location: When buying a new house, home-buyers have a number of considerations to ponder, from how much space the property offers, its location and character as well as factors such as good schools and transport links. 7 out of 10 people in the UK would prefer housing development on brownfield sites, according to survey 7 out of 10 people in the UK would prefer housing development on brownfield sites: A survey of UK adults has found that the vast majority (70%) would prefer the development of housing estates to be on brownfield sites. Survey reveals top 20 features homebuyers look for when buying a house Survey reveals top 20 features homebuyers look for when buying a house: Forget period features and good local schools - when looking to buy a new home, the number one thing buyers are looking for, according to a new poll, is a central heating system, with more than three quarters (78%) selecting it as a 'top feature'. This was followed by double glazing (76%) and secure windows and doors (71%). Survey reveals moving house is most stressful life challenge Survey reveals moving house is most stressful life challenge: Amongst the many challenges a person will face throughout their time on planet Earth, none are as stressful as moving house; that's according to a recent survey of UK homeowners. Eight in ten housing association workers have experienced work-related stress, according to poll Eight in ten housing association employees have experienced work-related stress: A survey conducted on behalf of the Unite the Union has found that 80% of housing association workers across England and Wales have experienced stress relating to their work. Survey suggests landlords in the UK are confused over new letting rules Survey suggests landlords in the UK are confused over new letting rules: A survey of 400 UK landlords has revealed that despite legislation to reform the letting market being introduced, many have a lack of understanding around some of the details - or are completely in the dark. One in six home buyers have pulled out of sale, according to poll One in six home buyers have pulled out of a sale, according to poll: Buying a house is a notoriously stressful process ' and a recent survey has revealed insight into why buyers pull out of sales. Survey reveals top mistakes made my first-time buyers and what they will do differently next time Survey reveals top mistakes made my first-time buyers and what they will do differently next time: A poll of first-time buyers has revealed many of them feel they made mistakes during the buying process that cost them unnecessary funds. Build homes for all ages and abilities say 72% of UK adults Build homes for all ages and abilities say 72% of UK adults: A survey has found that more than seven in ten UK adults (72%) believe that new homes should be constructed so that that they are viable for a range of ages and abilities. Letting agents refusing accommodation to benefits recipients, reveals report Letting agents refusing accommodation to benefits recipients, reveals report: The National Housing Federation and homeless charity, Shelter, have joined together for a campaign to stop letting agents discriminate against 'DSS' or housing benefit claimants. It is in response to a mystery-shopper style investigation into 149 branches of letting agents in England, which they said found one in ten declined to let out properties to tenants who were in receipt of housing benefit. The research Researchers posed as prospective tenants and found that just under half (48%) of the branches called or visited said they had no suitable properties ' or that landlords were unwilling to accommodate them. According to Shelter's investigation, eight out of 25 Haarts branches turned the undercover researchers away, while Bridgefords and Dextors each turned away two out of 25 due to individual branch policies. Fox and Sons turned away housing benefits claimants in 2 out of 24 branches and Your Move, 1 out of 25. The Guardian reports that around 1.6 million people rely on housing benefit to help afford private rental costs. Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: "This ugly undercurrent of discrimination is wreaking havoc on hundreds of thousands of people's lives. 'No DSS' is an outdated and outrageous example of blatant prejudice." In response to the research, Haarts (the UK's largest independent letting agency and estate agent), said: ' We do regularly arrange tenancies for those claiming housing benefits and currently have 112 tenancies where this is the case. This research has brought to light that some of our branches are misinformed and we are working to ensure that this policy is being followed across our network. We are sorry for any occasion where this has not been the case." Following the national press coverage, the National Approved Lettings Scheme (NALS) has questioned the campaign by the NHF and Shelter. NALS chief executive Isobel Thomson said: 'Shouldn't we be working together to come up with solutions which could solve the ills of the sector to ensure that no vulnerable tenants are left behind rather than castigating one section of it" Survey finds majority of older people want single storey properties Survey finds the majority of older people want single storey properties: A survey has shown that over half of people aged 65 and over would consider moving to a bungalow, but the lack of properties available in the UK means that they are not a viable housing option for many. The poll by retirement builder McCarthy and Stone found 54% (in the 65+ bracket) would consider moving to a single-story space in their retirement ' that is equal to 6.6 million people. And almost two thirds (65%) believe that developers should build bungalow style homes specifically for older people. Supply and demand The problem is that of all the housing types currently built by developers ' bungalows are not high on the list. Thirty-two years ago, in 1986, the number of bungalows being built was 26,000 ' a figure that has plummeted to just 2,6000 in 2017. As well as not building enough new bungalows, developers often buy bungalows so they can build more profitable double or multi-storey dwellings on the land they occupy. Despite plans to build a series of bungalows across the UK, McCarthy & Stone is calling for local housing plans to contain more 'bungalow-only' sites and for legislation to help provide people with a range of different retirement options. Chief executive of McCarthy & Stone, Clive Fenton, said: 'There is an urgent need to build more suitable housing to meet the different needs of those in retirement, and bungalows must play a key role. Although they were a dying breed, bungalows are making a comeback and are hot property.' 84% of renters are ‘satisfied’ with their accommodation, survey finds 84% of renters are 'satisfied' with their accommodation: A survey using data from 13,000 households has found the majority of private renters (84%) are 'satisfied' with the properties they rent, and 72 percent are satisfied with how their landlord maintains the property and carries out repairs. In contrast, the survey shows less than a fifth (17%) are 'dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their landlord's service. The English Housing Survey ' which is in its 50th year ' monitors the conditions of housing and circumstances of people, as well as the energy efficiency of homes across England. The survey once again shows the shift from home ownership. Where twenty years ago, just 16% of people aged 35 -44 were living in privately rented accommodation, today almost one in four (24%) rent their homes. Of the private renters polled. 60% expect to buy a home of their own at some point in the future compared to 30% who were in social rentals. The survey noted a great reduction in the number of damp properties and fewer properties were recorded as being in a state of disrepair. In terms of energy efficiency, privately rented homes also saw an increase in status as did the number of homes classified 'non-decent' with numbers plummeting from 47% in 2006 to a significantly improved 27% in 2016. In terms of what renters spend on their property, the survey found private renters spend more of their household income on housing costs (34%) than those in social rentals (28%) 'It shows once again that the vast majority of private sector landlords do a good job and look after their properties and tenants properly,' said David Smith, policy director for the Residential Landlords Association. Housing survey finds US homebuyers are less likely to use online sources to obtain housing information Survey reveals Brits are in favour of social housing builds High housing costs contribute to homelessness figures, recent report finds 2017 could see a decline in the private rental sector, survey finds 2017 could see a decline in the private rental sector, survey finds: According to the National Landlords Association (NLA), the private rental sector in the United Kingdom could be set to decline, as property sales to existing landlords are forecasted to outstrip purchases by the end of 2017. Figures show house price increase is at the slowest rate since 2013 Figures show house price increase is at the slowest rate since 2013: Figures from the property website, Rightmove, have revealed that the increase in house prices have slowed down to the lowest rate since 2013 as a result of tighter lending criteria, Brexit uncertainty and the ever-increasing cost of living. Home Ownership at Record Low for Under 25s According to new figures published today by the Local Government Association and Savills, home ownership among people aged under 25 has fallen to just one in five (20%) - compared to almost half (46%) two decades ago. In its report, the Local Government Association suggested that the Government needed to take action to tackle the shortage of affordable homes ' including both those available to rent, and those available for purchase. Figures from the survey suggest that the average private-renter spends more than a third (34%) of their household income on rent, whilst people living in social and affordable rented properties spend approximately 29% of their household income on rent. Notably, the figure for home owners fall dramatically ' they spend less than a fifth (18%) of their household income on their mortgage on average. However, it should also be noted that the average deposit required to secure a mortgage is now almost two thirds of annual income (62% of annual income) and this rises to 131% in London. The Government is due to launch a whitepaper tackling the issue of housing in early 2017. In the meantime, a spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government said that 335,000 people had been helped in to homeownership since 2010, as a result of schemes backed by the Government in that time. Survey finds most estate agents have not been impacted by Brexit Survey finds most estate agents have not been impacted by Brexit: A recent housing survey has revealed that almost 2 in 3 estate agents in the United Kingdom have not been affected by Britain's vote to leave the European Union, and they have not experienced a decrease in activity as a result of the referendum. Majority of estate agents have not got a Brexit contingency Majority of estate agents have not got a Brexit contingency: The findings of a recent housing survey by Dezrez, a cloud-based estate agency software provider, have revealed that 64 per cent of estate agents have not developed a contingency for Brexit and still do not feel like they need to. Property prices increasing at a slower rate, survey finds Property prices increasing at a slower rate, survey finds: According to a recent survey, property prices are rising at approximately half the annual rate they were six months ago. Only half are confident about the housing market, survey finds Only half are confident about the housing market, survey finds: A recent survey by Comparethemarket ' which gathered the opinions of 1,000 people who are in the process of buying or selling a home - has revealed that only 50 per cent of respondents are either extremely or fairly confident in the United Kingdom's housing market. Survey finds house prices in London have dropped post-Brexit Survey finds house prices in London have dropped post-Brexit: According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), property prices in the centre of the capital have taken the most significant hit. Survey finds family households to be the most common A recent survey has found that households in the private rental sector are most commonly rented out to families. Survey finds 3 in 5 under-45s are on hold because of housing crisis A recent survey has revealed that 3 in 5, or 59 per cent, of Brits aged between 18 and 44 said that they have been forced to put their life plans on hold as a result of the housing crisis. Survey finds majority are worried about saving for house deposits According to a new survey which was conducted on behalf of BLP Insurance and HomeOwners Alliance, the majority of Scottish people are worried about saving money for a deposit on a house as well as the availability and quality of homes on the market. Survey finds councils worry about Government housing reforms A recent survey by the Local Government Association has revealed that councils worry that the Government's housing policies will result in a spike in homelessness and lengthy waits on housing lists. Starter homes won’t solve affordable housing crisis, survey finds According to a recent survey, 93 per cent of local authorities - representing all the political parties ' do not believe that starter homes will solve the housing crisis and address the needs. Rise in buy-to-let pushes up house prices A recent survey has found that a new wave of investors looking to avoid the increased 3% stamp duty charge has caused house prices to increase. Buyers getting cold feet results in a quarter of property sales failing It has been revealed that around 25% of property sales fall through due to a growing number of buyers getting cold feet after receiving poor results from surveys. The figures show that nearly 28% of house sales failed in the last quarter of 2015; an 8.32% rise from the previous three months. House prices increasing faster than salaries, survey finds According to the latest official data, house prices increased at a faster rate in November 2015, than October 2015 and far surpassed the increase in wages within the last year. More than a quarter worry about housing costs, survey finds A recent survey by the charity, Shelter Scotland, has revealed that more than a quarter of tenants and homeowners are concerned about housing costs, worrying that they may not be able to afford their home payments during 2016. Survey finds those in North and North East Yorkshire struggle with house prices A report by the National Housing Federation (NHF) has discovered that house prices in some areas of North Yorkshire is now an average of £250,000, which is more than 10 times the local average salaries. The cost of renting in London is rising, survey finds According to HomeLet's rental index for October 2015, those who rent in London are paying 7.5 per cent more per month than they did during the same time last year. UK tenants are positive about renting, survey finds A recent survey has revealed that the vast majority of UK tenants in the private rented sector are happy with their current landlord, however, 5 per cent were declined a longer term tenancy. Survey reveals what men and women look for when buying a new home A recent housing survey by Santander Mortgages has revealed what the different sexes look for when buying a property. Survey finds that nearly half of people renting fear they will never own their own home A recent study, consisting of 900 participants, found that around 45% of people currently renting are of the opinion they will never be able to afford to own their own home. Young home buyers don’t spend enough time at viewings, survey finds A recent survey by Which? Mortgage Advisers, has revealed that young home buyers, and people new to the housing ladder, on average spend less than an hour viewing a house before purchasing it. 40 per cent of homes bought under the Right to Buy scheme are now rented privately According to the findings of a recent survey, conducted by Inside Housing magazine, approximately 40 per cent of all council flats sold under the Right to Buy scheme in England are now being rented out privately. Many UK tenants worried about rising rent, survey finds According to the findings of a recent survey, many UK tenants are worried about the rising cost of renting. Price of renting in London soaring, survey finds A recent survey on behalf of HomeLet has discovered that the cost of renting a property in London is soaring, with the average rented home reaching £1,500 per month. Tenants back the idea of a dedicated minister, survey finds A survey by Your Mover and Reeds Rains has discovered that approximately 60 per cent of tenants support the idea of having a minister dedicated to managing tenants. Estate agents warn fracking is affecting property sales in the UK A recent survey of estate agents ' commissioned by Greenpeace UK ' has found that agents believe that the prices of properties near potential fracking sites will be profoundly affected. Estate agents caused 88 per cent of Londoners to have bad experiences A recent survey ' on behalf of estate agency, Strawberry Star - has found that in the UK, more than 4.4 million people believe that an estate agent broke a promise. Respondents from the capital had the worst experience than any other area. UK house prices impacted by lack of homes, survey finds A recent survey by Your Move and Reed Rains has found that both a lack of homes and the recovering economy are increasing house prices and rent. 1,400 per cent return for property buyers in 1996, survey finds During a time when many people are having trouble getting onto the property ladder, landlords are said to be benefiting a 1,400 per cent return on buy to let properties. The positive impact of tenant involvement is often ignored, survey finds A new report entitled 'An Investment Not a Cost' ' which was created as part of an on-going Tenants Leading Change programme ' has highlighted that tenant involvement can produce benefits of a financial and social nature, as well as having a positive impact on the community. However, the survey found that the benefits are often ignored. Confidence in the housing industry at its highest level in three years The latest Annual Housebuyers Survey by the Banks has found that confidence within home owners is at its highest in three years. The results support the Council of Mortgage Lenders recent survey, which identified 2014 as having the highest lending levels since 2007. Asking prices increased by £5,000 in February due to a lack of houses, Rightmove says A survey by Rightmove has found that February 2015 has seen property asking prices in England and Wales increase by over £5,000, due to a severe lack of properties going up for sale. The UK's biggest online property portal, Rightmove, attributed the lack of houses on the market to a rise in the number of buy-to-let investors due to the fact that, landlords usually keep houses for a longer period of time, than those who buy a house to live in. A sharp decrease in young homeowners is identified by official statistics Official analysis of Britain's housing market has discovered a decrease in individuals under the age of 30 who own a house. Empty homes need filling, survey finds Of the 2,000people in Britain polled, 78 per cent have disclosed that they want to seeGovernment making a greater effort to fill empty homes. 15 per cent of homeowners in the UK think their house is haunted, Halloween poll finds A Halloween poll by Ocean Finance has found that 15 per cent of UK homeowners think that their home is haunted. Almost One Third of Tenants Dissatisfied with their Landlord, Market Research Reveals More than three in 10 tenants are dissatisfied with their landlord, according to the Housing Partners' 2014 Big Tenant Survey. Of the 61,000 tenants questioned, around one sixth (17.5%) said they were 'dissatisfied' with their landlord, and 13.6% said they were 'very dissatisfied.' In comparison, almost three in 10 (28.5%) said they were 'satisfied' and 15.4% said they were 'very satisfied.' The remaining one quarter (25%) were neutral. When asked about their satisfaction around specific areas, 28% of the survey's respondents said they were dissatisfied with the quality of their homes, one quarter (24%) were unhappy with their area as a place to live and one fifth (22%) said they were not proud of their home - tenants in the North West (60%), generally, were prouder of their homes than people in Greater London (49%). Furthermore, just under one third of the tenants questioned did not think that their rent represented value for money. The study also highlighted that landlords are not communicating well enough with their tenants. More than two fifths (44%) of the survey's respondents were dissatisfied with how their landlord listened to them and acted upon their views - one quarter (24%) were 'very dissatisfied' and one fifth (20%) were 'dissatisfied.' Around three in 10 (31.9%) were either 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied.' In addition, almost half (46.8%) of the tenants included in the survey do not believe their tenant cares about them or their family. And, finally, just one quarter (25%) of the study's participants said they fully understood the current welfare reforms, and more than two fifths (42%) of those receiving full housing benefits said they were anxious about having their rent paid straight to them instead of their landlord. Richard Blundell, CEO of Housing Partners, spoke: 'The most important opinions in our sector belong to tenants. We believe that by giving a voice to the UK's millions of social housing residents, we can establish better channels of communication between them, their Landlords and Government, and help to restore the all-important trust in that relationship.' Fewer Younger People on the Mortgage Ladder, Survey Shows The number of young people who own a mortgage has decreased in the last five years, according to figures published by the Department for Communities and Local Government. Survey Shows Support for New Home Construction has Increased Findings from the latest British Social Attitudes survey show that the number of people who oppose new homes being built in their local area has decreased. London House Prices Have Significantly Increased, Survey Shows House prices in London have taken a considerable hike ' rising over 30% in the last four years alone, according to recent research findings. Report Shows Overall Satisfaction Levels For Most Mortgage Applicants Is Low According to a report by YouGov just 34% of mortgage holders are satisfied with the application stage of the mortgage buying process, with the other two thirds rating it poorly. Survey Reveals Potential High Demand for UK Properties A survey, conducted by Markit and Ipsos Mori, suggests that some five per cent of UK households plan to buy a property in the next year and a further fifth (20%) plan to do so within the next five years. Survey: UK House Prices See Fastest Growth In Five Years According to a recent Halifax report, British house prices have jumped sharply in February, rising at the fastest monthly pace since May 2009. Halifax said that house prices rose 2.4% in February compared with a 1.1% rise in January, far outstripping a Reuters poll consensus for a 0.7% gain. Survey: 25 Per Cent Of Americans Believe The Government Should Assist Those Who Cannot Pay Their Mortgage A recent survey of 610 U.S. adult homeowners shows a quarter (25%) believe the government should assist those who can't make their mortgage payments. Just five percent of U.S. homeowners admit to missing or being late on a mortgage payment in the last six months, but the majority (93%) have not missed or been late on a payment, up slightly from 91 per cent in December 2013. Survey Finds British Homes Warmer Than Summer’s Day A Government-backed study for the UK Housing Energy Fact File found that the average property is kept at around 17.7C during winter months ' a significant rise on 13.7C in the 1970s. However, a separate poll, commissioned by emergency repair firm HomeServe, found the average temperature even higher, at 23C, warmer than a typical summer's day. Raising The Deposit ‘Main Problem’ For New Homeowners: Survey According to a survey carried out by ICM for the Castle Trust, more than a quarter (27%) of adults has given up on ever getting on the property ladder ' including 28% of people ages 25 to 44. Survey Finds Consumer Confidence In A Fragile State New research carried out by accountants KPMG and housing charity Shelter has highlighted the fragile state of consumer confidence in the economy with just one in ten claiming to feel any benefit from the economic recovery. Even though the findings show a third of people think the economy is picking up, far less actually feel part of the recovery with half saying they wouldn't feel the recovery until their wages rise. The findings echo fears that post-recession Britain is becoming increasingly divided with wealthier households seeing an improvement in their finances but those at the other end of the scale missing out. The recent growth has also seen the property market pick up, driven by lower mortgage rates. However, critics argue that the bigger picture is the property values, which are already too high, compared to wages. Furthermore, property company Savills estimate that house prices will rise by a further 25% on average over the next five years. Survey Finds First Time Buyers Being Left Confused By The "Help to Buy" Scheme A new study carried out by the Building Societies Association (BSA) has been revealed that two fifths (43%) of first time buyers and other home movers are confused about the benefits that the government's flagship 'Help to Buy' mortgage scheme will give them. The same survey revealed that a third (31%) of people looking to buy or move home don't know the differences between a 95% mortgage offered by a lender who has signed up to the scheme and a 95% mortgage from a lender who hasn't. Parents In The North West Paying The Highest Premium To Live Near The Best Schools In a new study carried out by Lloyds Bank, it has been discovered that parents would typically pay a premium of £31,000 to buy a house near to one of England's top performing state schools although many parents on an average wage would struggle to afford a house near one of the best performing schools. The study reveals that house prices in these areas are on average £295,972 which is a shocking nine times the gross average wage of £33,740. Housing Market Research Suggests Renewed Confidence Confidence in the housing market returns as new research carried out by Halifax reveals that seven in ten Britons think house prices will rise in the next few months. Almost 2,000 people took part in the research in September in which seventy per cent expect to see prices increase over the next year. Only sixteen per cent believe they will fall. This signals the most positive findings since the research began in summer 2011. The report coincides with the government's 'Help to Buy' scheme which gives home buyers with deposits as low at 5% a helping hand. New Zealand Market Research Finds Growing Numbers of People No Longer Think Now is the Right Time to Buy a House According to the latest ASB Housing Confidence Survey, there has been a marked downturn in the number of people picking now as a good time to buy a house. The survey shows that a fifth (21%) ' of respondents thought now was a good time to buy a house ' whilst the same proportion said now was a bad time to buy. This leaving a net 0% of respondents picking now as a good time to buy, down from a tenth (8%) in April and (13%) in January 2013. Market Research Shows Lack of Funding and Land is Preventing People from Building their Dream Home BLP Insurance, a UK housing warranty insurance provider, has recently released findings from their latest survey ' showing that, among respondents, half (54%) said that a lack of funding is the key factor that is stopping them from building their dream home, whilst two fifths (17%) blamed a lack of land in the right place. Index Shows US House Prices Are Still Rising In the first month of the summer housing season home prices continued to rise, with a 0.9% increase in figures for June from the month before ' according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index. The rate of increase slowed minimally, with two cities (Atlanta and Chicago) posting price jumps of more than 3% (3.4% and 3.3%, respectively). Survey Finds UK Landlords Optimistic about On-going Rental Demand Housing market research commissioned by Paragon Mortgages has revealed that UK landlords continue to be optimistic - demand for private rented property has remained high during the second quarter of this year. Market Research Finds Londoners Struggling with Exorbitant Rent Hikes Survey Finds Lack of Home Buying Knowledge Has Many Britons Owning a Lemon Happiness Index Survey Uncovers Best and Worst Places to Live in Britain Market Research Uncovers Top Rated Dream Locations in the UK Market Research Reveals Difficulty of Buying Bigger Second Home in Britain Market Research Reveals Most Popular UK Retirement Spots Market Research Discovers the New Locked Out Generation in Britain Following a nationwide study, a report published by the Home Builders' Federation has shown that young Britons have become the 'locked out generation', since it is now extremely difficult for them to jump onto the housing ladder. Market Research Shows UK Property Rental Industry Urgently Needs Regulation Market Research Finds UK Rental Prices Continuing to Escalate New Report Predicts Difficult Decade For Commercial Real Estate New research, published by RSA (the UK's largest commercial insurer) and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), has revealed that the market for commercial real estate in the UK may not return to pre- economic crisis levels before 2023 ' more than a decade in the future. The CRE industry has seen an enormous £13 billion fall in the value of outputs since 2007. Market Research Shows Britons More Upbeat about Property Prices Survey Discovers Top Trick or Treating Locations in Britain this Halloween Figures Show 1.6 Million Still Living With Parents According to a recent survey conducted by YouGov for housing charity Shelter, more than 1.6 million adults aged between 20 and 40 are still living with their parents due to the fact they cannot afford to buy or rent a home. Survey Discovers Top 20 Places to Raise a Family in the UK A nationwide survey commissioned by Family Investments has seen the Berkshire town of Wokingham crowned as the best place to live and bring up a family in the UK. Market Research Finds Landlords Pleased but Tenants to Suffer Rise in Rental Fees Due to weak mortgage lending levels for first-time buyers and the generally poor economy preventing many Britons from being able to afford to get onto the property ladder, there has been a major increase in rental demand ' this is cause for celebration amongst landlords but consternation amongst tenants a new survey has found. Survey Finds Mortgages Least Expensive in Scotland A survey report has revealed the most affordable mortgage regions in Britain, with the Top 10 local authority districts all being located in Scotland. Market Research Uncovers New Trend of Rooted Renters According to a study by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), the average length of tenancy in the UK has risen to a record high. Survey Gives Insight In To The World's Most Expensive Cities Research has recently been carried out by Mercer in to the cost of living in various cities across the world. Their research looks at 214 cities across five continents and measures the comparative costs of 200 items including food, drink, entertainment, transport, clothes and property. Confidence High in Property Investment A survey which took place throughout March this year by The Worldwide Property Group has shown that 84% of the respondents believed now to be a good time to buy a property in the UK. Overall, confidence in property investment both in the UK and abroad is high. The last time a survey recorded such a positive percentage was in November 2010. Survey Shows Majority of Britons Now Choose Renting Over Buying A recent survey by Halifax of 8,000 people aged between 20 and 40 has revealed that two thirds of people who do not own their own home are not expecting to buy a property. Worldwide Cost of Living Survey Uncovers Most Expensive Cities London has been rated the most expensive city in the UK and Belfast the cheapest, according to the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey carried out by investment consultancy Mercer. Survey Reveals Current Housing Benefit System Not Acceptable to British Landlords A survey of over 1,000 UK landlords by has shown that UK landlords are increasingly negative about housing benefit tenants because of payment problems. Market research shows UK house prices are expected to rise Prospects for UK house prices appear positive, with approximately 29% of households expecting their homes to rise in value over the next year. Expectations for UK house prices have now remained positive for the past three months, according to Knight Frank's House Price Sentiment Index (HPSI). HSBC Survey Reveals Changing British Budget for Garden Enhancements The annual HSBC Gardens Survey has shown that despite the woeful economic climate, British homeowners are increasing their spend on landscaping to boost their property's value.