Market Research RSS Feeds Research RSS FeedsSat, 26 May 2018 01:32:16 BST A public consultation is launched on the future of Police Scotland A public consultation into the future of policing in Scotland over the next 10 years has been launched. Scottish Government dismissed new stop and search powers following public consultation Scottish Government dismissed new stop and search powers following public consultation: After the findings of a public consultation into new stop and search powers - which proposed that the police should be given more power to stop and search young people for alcohol ' it has been ruled by the Scottish Government that police will not be granted the further powers. Survey finds three quarters want parks to be a statutory duty for councils Survey finds three quarters want parks to be a statutory duty for councils: According to the findings of a recent survey by the campaign group, We Own It, 75 per cent of the respondents believe that parks should be a statutory duty for councils and a further 70 per cent said that they believe the privatisation of parks is a negative thing. EU Commission holds public consultation on ePrivacy EU Commission holds public consultation on ePrivacy: The European Commission has recently published the preliminary findings of their public consultation on the review of the ePrivacy Directive. Badger cull consultation reveals concerns about public safety A recent public consultation across nine counties in England, on application for badger culling licenses, has revealed widespread concern amongst the public about risks to negative tourism and public safety. Killings in England and Wales increases by 11 per cent, figures show According to recent figures, the number of recorded killings in England and Wales has increased by 11 per cent in the year to December, which indicates that the last decade's downward trend could be ending. Survey finds more than 50 per cent of violent crimes are not reported According to a recent crime survey, more than 50 per cent of Scotland's violent crimes - which all occurred over the period of one year (2014-2015) - were not recorded. Survey finds Wrexham has the highest rate of homelessness in Wales A recent survey by the Welsh Government has revealed that Wrexham has the highest rate of people sleeping in the street, during a one night survey exploring homelessness. Many Brits would not know how to help in an emergency, research shows According to the findings of a recent survey, many British people do not know how to deal with an emergency situation, with some 70 per cent not knowing their own blood type, 50 per cent not knowing how to put someone in the recovery position and 10 per cent not knowing the way to the nearest hospital. Survey discovers confusion surrounding non-emergency police number A recent survey by a Yorkshire Crime Commissioner has discovered that there is some confusion amongst the public surrounding non-emergency police numbers, with less than one third knowing that a non-emergency phone call to the police can be made by dialling 101. Survey finds majority of public think fire-fighters contribute most to society’s wellbeing According to the findings of a recent survey, 73 per cent of the public believe that fire-fighters contribute the most to society's wellbeing, only beaten by doctors and hospital staff. Police are taking longer to charge suspects, survey finds According to recent crime figures from the Ministry of Justice, police are taking nearly 10 per cent longer to charge suspects after investigating a case, despite a 28 per cent decrease in the amount of recorded crime. One in six police officers plan to leave their role within two years, survey finds A recent survey of 32,598 police personnel has discovered that one in six (16 per cent) police officers plan to have left their current role in the force within two years. Research Reveals What UK Dog Owners Know About Pet Hydration To raise awareness of how much our pets should be drinking during the summer months, pet product expert PetSafe® conducted a hydration survey for pets, and discovered that nearly half (45%) of pet owners in the UK, are uncertain of the amount of water their pets should be drinking. Just half of Australians know their neighbours, survey reveals A recent survey has revealed that only half of Australians would recognise their neighbour on the street. As well as this, just 18 per cent are friends with their neighbours on Facebook and only 52 per cent said that they would invite their neighbour over to their house. The survey found that New South Wales was slightly friendlier towards their neighbours, with 56 per cent of residents saying that they would recognise them in the street and 59 per cent saying that they would invite them to their home. Of the respondents in New South Wales, 75 per cent said that they had spoken to their neighbours in the last week, as opposed to the lower national percentage of 66 per cent. Victoria had a slightly lower average than that of the whole of Australia, with just 61 per cent saying that they had spoken to their neighbour in the last week. The researcher questioned 1,000 people on behalf of Nabo - a social network for communities - and found that despite being distant with their neighbours, Australians intend to improve their relationships with them. The survey also found that 63 per cent of millennials wish they knew their neighbours better, as opposed to 52 per cent of generation X. Founder and CEO of Nabo, Adam Rigby, said that the results suggest that Australians have a latent desire to communicate better with their neighbourhoods. He added: "We are disconnected for so many reasons and the big one that came out of the research was housing prices and housing affordability." Of the respondents, 80 per cent said that they had chosen their home based on what they could afford, meaning that many people don't actually like the neighbourhood they've ended up in. British people lack community spirit, survey finds A recent piece of market research by barbeque makers, Weber, has discovered that British people are lacking community spirit, with less than 5 per cent of Brits saying that they know the names of people living on their road. The survey reveals that women are worse than men when it comes to knowing the names of their neighbours. Half of UK adults think the drink drive limit needs lowering, survey finds A recent survey by insurance company, Direct Line, has found that approximately half of adults in the United Kingdom think the drink drive limit should be lowered for young people and new drivers. Crime rate falls to the lowest it’s been since 1981, survey finds Recent figures from The Office of National Statistics has shown that in 2014, the crime rate in England and Wales dropped by 7 per cent to approximately 6.9 million incidents, the lowest level since 1981. South Yorkshire’s police force has the lowest morale, survey finds A nationwide survey has found that South Yorkshire's police force has the lowest morale in the country. Majority of British Muslims oppose attacks against those who publish Muhammad cartoons A survey commissioned by the BBC has found that the majority of Muslims in Britain oppose attacks against those publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.