Market Research RSS Feeds Research RSS FeedsWed, 23 May 2018 06:15:09 BST Estate agents should divulge broadband speed, home buyers say Estate agents should divulge broadband speed, home buyers say: A recent telecommunications survey by a broadband provider has revealed that 34 per cent of home movers would like to be made aware of what broadband speeds they would have access to at peak browsing times in a property. Survey finds smaller broadband providers give the best customer service Survey finds smaller broadband providers give the best customer service: A recent customer satisfaction survey has revealed that smaller broadband providers in the United Kingdom are being rated ahead of the big players in the industry for the quality of their customer service. BT survey finds UK workers met by business mobile issues BT survey finds UK workers met by business mobile phone issues: According to the findings of BT's mobile multiplier research, office workers in the United Kingdom are increasingly opting to work mobily; however, many professionals are encountering problems with their business mobile. UK broadband consumers want quicker upload speeds UK broadband consumers want quicker upload speeds: According to a recent survey, Brits are becoming more aware of upload speeds and thus are beginning to demand more from their internet service providers. Parents wish they had not given their children a smart device, survey finds Parents wish they had not given their children a smart device, survey finds: In a recent survey by the insurance firm, Row, it has been revealed that one in six parents regret giving their child a tablet or smartphone because of the negative effects. Survey finds the average child owns a mobile at seven Survey finds the average child owns a mobile at seven: A recent telecommunications survey has revealed that on average children now own their first mobile by the time they hit seven, highlighting just how savvy children are with new technology. Survey reveals £811 million spent annually on needless phone charges A recent survey which was conducted by in March 2016 has revealed that telecoms consumers in Britain have spent an aggregate total of £811 million per year in addition to their monthly tariffs. Survey uncovers best broadband providers in the UK A recent survey by Which? has revealed the broadband providers with the highest rates of customer satisfaction in the United Kingdom. Ranking highly were Zen Internet, Utility Warehouse and Plusnet. Survey finds support for superfast broadband service A recent online survey, conducted by broadband comparison website,, has revealed that 77 per cent of people were in favour of the Government's plan to implement as 10Mbps (Megabits per second) Universal Service Obligation (USO) and the majority would be happy to pay extra for it. Survey finds 50 per cent of businesses plan to recruit an IoT officer A recent survey has discovered that more than 50 per cent of businesses in the United Kingdom plan to recruit a Chief Internet of Things Officer in the next year, who will help manage their increasing internet of things expenditure. These findings apply especially to those working in the retail, telecoms and education sector. Survey finds small businesses are impacted by slow broadband A recent survey has revealed that the average small business in Scotland could potentially lose one day's work per week as a result of slow internet connection. Survey finds children are reluctant to switch off devices A recent poll by the charity, Action for Children, has revealed that children are reluctant to turn off their mobile phones, TVs and laptops, with parents finding it easier to get their child to do their homework, have a bath or go to bed than switch off their device. Survey finds household broadband was anticipated to be affected on Christmas day Pre-Christmas research findings have revealed that the amount of internet-connected devices that were expected to be gifted on Christmas Day was anticipated pressure on the broadband systems of households in the United Kingdom. Survey two thirds of Brits will own a smartphone within 3 years Within three years, two in three British people will own a smartphone and a tablet, according to a new study by media agency, ZenithOptimedia. Figures reveal that telecom provider complaints rise by a third According to recent figures from Ombudsman Services: Communications, the number of complaints placed against telecom providers has increased by 35 per cent since 2012 in the three months from July to September. Survey finds 1 in 3 Brits would struggle to be offline for 24 hours According to research findings from Vodafone, millions of technology users in the United Kingdom could not go 24 hours without access to the internet, with the most frequent reasons cited as being the need to speak to friends, as well as the internet being part of modern day life. Survey discovers Brits check their phone more than 1bn times per day According to the findings of a recent survey, 76 per cent of UK adults have a smartphone. In total, smartphone owners check their phones approximately 1.1 billion times per day, which translates to 400 billion times annually. Survey finds fast broadband important for people moving home A recent survey commissioned by ultrafast broadband provider, Hyperoptic, has revealed that people buying a house are willing to pay a premium for fast broadband. Survey finds Wi-Fi in many UK homes is sub-standard A recent survey - conducted on behalf of Global Wireless Solutions - has found that the Wi-Fi connection in many UK homes is sub-standard. 2 in 5 consumers thinking about multiplay upgrade, survey finds According to a recent survey of 1,000 consumers, 2 in 5 are thinking about upgrading to a multiplay communications service package, although, one third have upgraded already.