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DJS Research Ltd has carried out hundreds of focus groups (or group discussions) with both consumers and businesses. All of the researchers at DJS Research are trained moderators and are experienced in utilising specialised qualitative techniques (e.g. projective techniques to help solicit responses from respondents). Focus Group Market Research - Group Discussion

We have used focus groups to capture perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging. 

Typically we normally recruit between 8-10 people in order to gauge their responses to specific stimuli. Groups are guided by our research moderators who often use a topic guide to control the discussion to ensure it meets the research objectives.

In addition to traditional style focus groups, we are also able to offer online focus groups and live streaming.

Online focus groups have the advantage that respondents do not need to be from the same geographic area - they can log on to the internet from anywhere in the country and take part. Online groups also allow the opportunity to share videos, audio and other stimuli (such as websites for instance) with respondents in the same way that face to face groups would. We have used online groups to complete research with a wide array of audiences and have found them to be a successful qualitative method - a further positive is that a transcription of the conversation is generated as communication takes place.

Live streaming of focus groups gives our clients the ability to view a group discussion from afar - without the need to travel to the location or to book more specialised viewing facilities. We have the option to operate live streams from our own offices, based just South of Manchester (our focus group facility is pictured above) and have completed numerous focus groups for one of the world's largest suppliers of education resources utilising mutliple cameras to give a wide array of angles and ensure all respondents are covered. Our facilities are equipped with a HD TV for demonstrating multimedia such as advertisements, and numerous other tools for engaging respondents including flip charts and tablets for instance.

Focus groups generally last between 1-2 hours and respondents are normally given some sort of incentive for taking part in the research.

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