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Our researchers have vast experience of working on behalf of Regional Development Agencies, Business Links and other Business Support Organisations on a range of research projects including:

  • Research to elicit views on the impact of RDA actions and initiatives across a range of sectors
  • Research to elicit views of business support (in the broadest sense) provided by RDAs and their partners and delivery organisations
  • Research to test and refine business support delivery models
  • Research to develop, test and refine various business support propositions
  • Research to understand business support needs
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Evaluation of specific business support initiatives
  • Impact evaluation to measure tangible and softer impacts of business support interventions
  • Segmentation studies (for example a needs based segmentation of start-up businesses)

In addition to working for Business Support organisation, we have extensive experience of conducting research with SMEs for the likes of Ufi/learndirect, Investors in People UK and E.on UK.

DJS Research Ltd is an SME and we feel that this enables us to understand other SMEs better. Indeed, Claire Parkins a member of the SME Acquisition Team at E.on UK said:

“I have been delighted with the research into the SME Acquisition Journey. I was very impressed with the qualitative interviews and the debrief was also very good.  The feedback I have received from others who attended was that they were impressed and found the findings useful and the debrief easy to understand and comprehensive. I was very pleased with the service that DJS offered as a whole and feel that they grasped the objectives of the project very well and understand the SME business well which enables them to get the best out of the respondents.”

Please feel free to have a look at our business support sector insights and research findings which can be found here: Business Support Research Findings or for automatic updates follow our Business Support Twitter account: @DJS_BusinessSup

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