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We specialise in industrial and construction market research having undertaken a number of qualitative and quantitative research projects for clients at various stages of the construction chain.  These projects vary from technical and complex investigations to consumer focused studies. Types of companies we have worked with include for example:

• National merchant chains
• Catalogue and on-line suppliers of construction materials
• Roofing insulation manufacturers
• Landscaping manufacturers
• Glass manufacturers
• Industry associations (e.g steel)
• Providers of design services

We have experience of a wide array of research projects relating to construction including:

Construction Market Research

One of our Research Directors, James Hinde, has carried out constrction market research within the construction sector for the last 10 years and is the lead on all projects related to this sector. Our interviewers are all experienced in speaking to a range of audiences in the construction sector from local plumbers to architects and consulting engineers in South Africa.

We provide the following Construction Market Research services:

• Desk research

• Qualitative interviewing (e.g. depth interviews and group discussions)

• Quantitative surveys (e.g. on-line and phone interviews)

• Competitor analysis

• Consultancy and advice


Some of the types of project we have worked on include:

• Global study looking at perceptions of steel

• New product development research for energy efficient glass

• Developing understanding of the customer buying process

• New product development research for roofing insulation

• Trademark infringement study

James has also worked extensively with a range of key constrction clients including Wolseley Group, Screwfix and Caterpillar.

Please feel free to have a look at our construction sector insights and research findings which can be found here: Construction Research Findings or for automatic updates follow our Construction Twitter account: @DJS_Construct

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