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Housing industry and residential market research is a sector in which we as a company have a vast amount of experience, including a number of specialist researchers with more than a decade each of experience carrying out research projects in the housing and residential property markets.

We carry out quantitative surveys and qualitative research for housing associations, local councils (i.e. City Councils, Borough Councils etc.) and numerous other public sector bodies, as well as companies in the third sector with tenants and residents (such as the National Trust). In addition, we are listed on HouseMark's document which outlines STAR suppliers for England, Wales and Scotland.

We have experience of a wide array of research projects relating to housing, social housing and residents including:

  • STAR surveys
  • Resident profiling / satisfaction research
  • Research to understand tenant needs and develop services
  • Research with vulnerable audiences (i.e. long-term unemployed, elderly, housebound etc.)
  • Employability and skills surveys (for tenants and residents for instance)
  • Census surveys
  • Other ad-hoc property research

Our directors have managed nationwide projects in the housing industry, regularly involving tenants or residents. Some of the companies that we have worked with include:


We are used to utilising a range of approaches to conduct research with tenants and residents. Depending on the project in question, we have the following in-house resources which we can call on:

  • 100+ CATI interviewers (specialist teams of consumer and B2B interviewers as well as those experienced in carrying out research with tenants and vulnerable audiences)
  • In-house fieldwork department with vast experience of managing postal self-completion surveys, face-to-face to interviewing and depth interview and focus group recruitment for housing and residential property market research
  • Team of data processing and online survey scripting staff based at our head offices, skilled in designing online surveys built to encourage maximum participation and reduce drop-out

Housing market research projects we have carried out include:

  • Numerous large scale (1,000+ interviews) CATI projects for a major housing association, tracking resident satisfaction year on year
  • Postal survey with residents and tenants for a medium-sized social housing provider
  • 4,000 face-to-face interviews with residents for a City Council to understand residents' aspirations and views of council services

Some recent clients have said:

“The customer analysis undertaken by DJS Research has proved invaluable for our organisation, it has had considerable impact both internally and has gained a wider audience by dissemination amongst National Housing Conference delegates".

"We are currently evaluating how to fully implement these pioneering research findings in future customer recruitment and retention strategy. We would have no hesitation in commissioning DJS Research in the future nor recommending them to others."
The Riverside Group

Please feel free to have a look at our housing industry sector insights and research findings which can be found here: Housing Industry Research Findings or for automatic updates follow our Housing Industry Twitter account: @DJS_Housing

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