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Chemicals Industry Market Research

The world chemicals market is valued at €3,127 billion and continues to show impressive growth driven by increased demand from emerging economies and sustained demand in the developed world (source: CEFIC). 

However, in many cases products perform similarly and coupled with an increase in choice from sophisticated “giant” global competitors and cheaper, more nimble competitors a company hoping to do well in the chemicals industry market needs to find a way to stand out. 

Please get in touch with James Hinde, Research Director if you are interested in understanding how our consultants can help you.  Some examples of how we help include: 

  • How can we help you differentiate with an undifferentiated product? At DJS we can help you identify priority improvements, unmet needs, future trends and develop needs based segmentations to develop tailored value proposition
  • How can we help you effectively exploit emerging markets where growth is strongest? We can help you reach these markets through our experience of researching these markets and “on the ground” partners 
  • How can we help you exploit the opportunities for innovation, new markets and specialty chemicals? We are experienced in qualitative research techniques to examine the pain points and trends in a market that will help drive future innovation
  • How can we help you deliver a sustainable future and make money at the same time? We have completed a number of studies on this topic identifying the pressures faced by a market, the different responses to these pressures and hence opportunities for suppliers

DJS Research is a mid-sized family owned full service research company with comprehensive research resources including an international telephone interviewing unit. Chemicals industry research is led by James Hinde, Research Director who has more than 20 years’ experience in this sector. Our services include:

  • Desk research
  • Quantitative interviewing (e.g. online surveys or telephone interviewing)
  • Qualitative interviewing (e.g. depth interviews and group discussions) 
  • Competitor interviews
  • Consultancy and advice

Some of the clients DJS Research have worked for in the chemicals sector include:


Please find a link to our polymer industry market research report.

Please find a link to our engineering polymers market research findings.

Please feel free to have a look at our chemicals industry sector insights and research findings which can be found here: Chemicals Industry Research Findings or for automatic updates follow our Chemicals Industry Twitter account: @DJS_Chemicals


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