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We have undertaken numerous food market research projects within the food and drink sector, using a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques. Food market research projects range from optimising packaging, or products, through to evaluating new concepts, or understanding a hierarchy of needs in a food purchase decision.

Clients that Directors and their teams at DJS have worked with include:


Types of projects that we have conducted include: 

  • Branding
  • Pack testing
  • New product development
  • Concept Testing / concept product testing 
  • Range optimisation 
  • Product reformulation / optimisation 
  • Category reviews 
  • Purchase decision making

We have experience of carrying out drink and food market research through a variety of means - including CATI, online and face to face quanitative surveys, as well as more deliberative qualitative research utilising hall tests and focus groups. This has been particularly effective for our clients who wished to understand which products (which were being launched at the time) the general public felt tasted the best. We have also been able to carry out hall tests with specific quotas - i.e. to test potential uptake of a specific kind of cuisine among the populations perceived most likely to want to buy them based on previous sales figures. 

In addition to working with consumers, we have also carried out a number of projects working with businesses in order to understand their needs from a particular product. A good example involved interviews with chefs and owners in takeaways and restaurants which served Chinese and Asian cuisine - our clients wished to understand the market place for noodles and other carbohydrates and how they could improve their product to ensure they maintained a strong position in the market.

If you would like to know more about our experience in food market research, or the work we have done with drinks manufacturers and distributors, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page. 

Finally, we publish a regular email newsletter detailing the most up to date market research insights in the food and beverage sector, to view these, please click the link below:


Food Market Research Newsletter 

Please feel free to have a look at our food sector insights and research findings which can be found here: Food Research Findings or for automatic updates follow our Food Twitter account: @DJS_FoodDrink


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