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Information Technology Market Research

We specialise in information technology market research and we operate within the Information Technology sector, having undertaken a number of qualitative and quantitative research projects for clients in this sector.  These projects vary from product development of complex software to website development and evaluation.  We are familiar with complex, fast moving markets and technical products.  Types of companies we have worked with include for example:

  • Software providers
  • Web based training providers
  • Hardware providers
  • Other web based services

One of our Directors, James Hinde, has carried out research within the Information Technology sector for the last 10 years and is the lead on all projects related to this sector.  Our interviewers are all experienced in speaking to a range of audiences in the Information Technology sector from software developers and technicians to users of locally installed or on-line services.

We provide the following Information Technology Market Research services:

  • Desk research (looking at market data for example)
  • Qualitative interviewing (e.g. depth interviews and group discussions)
  • Quantitative surveys (e.g. on-line and phone interviews)
  • Web enabled research techniques including accompanied browsing, web enabled focus groups, etc
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Consultancy and advice

Clients that we have worked with recently in the Information Technology sector include:

  • PureCM - a provider of source control software used by developers to manage the development of code through the lifecycle of a product.  We spoke to developers across the UK and USA to understand more about their needs and how our client could meet their needs more effectively in the future.
  • Learndirect/Kineo – a provider of training and education.  We set out to test the design, viability and proof of concept of its new web portal offer for the childcare sector through a series of group discussions with employers and learners.
  • SMART - Focus groups, in-depth interviews with businesses to understand the potential market for SMART boards and the best ways in which to promote the product to end-clients. This research was carried out internationally.
  • Online recruitment organisations - Gradweb and TotalJobs both offer online recruitment solutions. We have completed numerous research projects covering a range of issues and with various outputs.

We have experience of a wide array of research projects relating to IT including:


James has worked extensively with a range of key clients in the Information Technology sector including the examples given above.

If you would like to see the our latest technology insights newsletter, it is available here.

Finally, we publish a regular email newsletter detailing the most up to date market research insights in the education sector, to view these, please click the links below:

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Please feel free to have a look at our information technology sector insights and research findings which can be found here: Information Technology Research Findings or for automatic updates follow our Information Technology Twitter account: @DJS_IT

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