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National Archives

Sectors: Culture and Heritage
Culture and Heritage
Culture and Heritage
Service(s): Data Processing and Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting, Online, Project Design, Quantitative
Approach(es): Consumer, Customer Insight, Customer Profiling

The Challenge

  • To gauge visitor satisfaction at The National Archives, Kew.
  • To gauge visitor satisfaction levels (at an overall and more detailed level) using an online web survey and to benchmark these compared with previous research studies, which have used other methodologies (face to face and self completion).
  • To gauge perceptions of recent changes that have been made at The National Archives.
  • To provide profiling information.

The Approach

  • Research conducted at the National Archives through an online web survey.
  • Visitors were invited to complete the online survey using laptops situated at the bottom of the stairs within the National Archives.
  • The questionnaire length was roughly 5-10 minutes.

The Results

  • The majority of visitors are satisfied with the service that they have received at The National Archives.
  • Half (50%) are very satisfied whilst 40.1% are satisfied.  These are high customer satisfaction ratings.
  • However, improvements can always been made.
  • The National Archives should ideally be looking to improve upon the number of very satisfied ratings – by converting some of the satisfied customers.
  • Reviewing the integration of the library and records information services would be one area to consider as a starting point
  • In terms of the recent changes at the National Archives. On the whole, they have gone down well.
  • The majority prefer the new security system.  And visitors are generally happy with the signage around the building.
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"It was a fascinating insight and your professionalism of approach and underrstanding shone through.”

The National Archives

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