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NHS leaders feel Brexit will be bad for Health Service, survey finds

27th May 2016 16:34

A recent survey by NHS Providers has revealed that the majority of leaders within the NHS believe that the Brexit would have a negative effect on the health services in the United Kingdom. The NHS Providers questioned 45 Chief Executives and Chairs who worked… Read more...

Approximately 50 per cent of Brits support cannabis legalisation, survey finds

11th April 2016 16:52

According to a recent survey - which explored the public’s attitudes towards cannabis - 47 per cent of people support the legalisation of marijuana. When looking at the levels of support within different regions in the United Kingdom, it was found that… Read more...

Survey finds holding a tarantula is more appealing than going to the dentist

10th March 2016 17:56

Of adults in the United Kingdom, 12 per cent said that they would rather hold a tarantula than visit the dentist. A further 30 per cent said that they would rather clean a toilet than make a trip to their dentist and 14 per cent said the same of doing their… Read more...

Survey reveals not enough done in schools to protect pupils’ mental health

16th February 2016 16:12

A recent health survey has shown that unless more is done to support children’s mental well-being in primary schools psychiatric problems could arise later in their life. The study, carried out by The National Association of Head teachers, discovered… Read more...

Northerners twice as likely to end up in A&E due to being involved in an attack

27th January 2016 17:39

A recent study has found that individuals residing in the northern areas of the country have a higher chance of ending up in A&E due to a violent attack - twice as high as the rest of England. The report showed a clear divide between the North and South… Read more...

Maternity care has improved since last year, health survey reveals

8th January 2016 12:25

A recent poll of more than 2,000 women, who gave birth to a child in February 2015, has revealed that there have been improvements in many areas of maternity care since 2014. For example, more women were given the option to choose where they wanted to give… Read more...

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