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Northerners twice as likely to end up in A&E due to being involved in an attack

27th January 2016 17:39

A recent study has found that individuals residing in the northern areas of the country have a higher chance of ending up in A&E due to a violent attack - twice as high as the rest of England. The report showed a clear divide between the North and South… Read more...

Maternity care has improved since last year, health survey reveals

8th January 2016 12:25

A recent poll of more than 2,000 women, who gave birth to a child in February 2015, has revealed that there have been improvements in many areas of maternity care since 2014. For example, more women were given the option to choose where they wanted to give… Read more...

Over 50s struggle to see a doctor, health survey finds

7th December 2015 16:06

A recent healthcare survey of more than 9,000 people has revealed that half of people over 50 find it difficult to see their GP on the day that they become unwell. Of the respondents, one third said that they find it difficult to secure an appointment to… Read more...

Survey reveals little demand for Sunday doctor's appointments

12th November 2015 12:08

The most recent General Practice Patient Survey has revealed that more than four in five (80.9 per cent) patients have no problem with existing doctors’ appointments available to them. The survey questioned 881,183 people and revealed that just 19.1… Read more...

A third of women suffer from symptoms of antenatal depression, survey finds

29th October 2015 10:56

Findings from a recent healthcare survey have revealed that nearly a third of pregnant women suffer intense symptoms of antenatal depression and anxiety. However, many of the people who suffer are too scared to alert their midwife or doctor. According to… Read more...

Survey finds women take more time off sick than men

9th October 2015 15:55

A recent official survey has revealed that women take more time off sick than men, with more than a third of women taking time off work in the 12 months before taking part in the survey. In contrast, just over 28 per cent of men had called into work sick… Read more...

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