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Examples of our work

We provide our clients with well evidenced, actionable insights with expert analysis and interpretation. We put great emphasis on presenting our findings in a clear and concise manner, avoiding any jargon. 

We also endeavour to present findings in a visually engaging way where possible. We have an in-house data visualisation team who can produce short visual infographics and videos/animations to help illustrate key points, conclusions and recommendations for a wide variety of audiences.

Most of our work is confidential but there are some examples below. In addition, a lot of our public sector market research has been published and is available to view here: Market Research Reports

Some examples of the different types of outputs we produce are outlined below:


Reports & presentations

Ultimately our priority is to provide our clients with well evidenced, actionable insights with expert analysis and interpretation. Our reports and presentations include executive summaries of key findings, conclusions and pragmatic recommendations for a variety of clients. Some of our reports are available in the public domain and can be viewed here: Market Research Reports

Reports & presentations

Market Research infographics

Our in-house design team are data visualisation experts who work to enhance reports and presentations. We often incorporate standalone infographic summaries to help bring findings to life and tell the story in a visually engaging way.


Market Research videos & animations

We sometimes take our infographics a step further and compile video de-briefs and also animations to illustrate results. These serve as an excellent way to summarise key points, conclusions and recommendations. They are also a very useful technique for disseminating key messages amongst less technical audiences and the general public. We have produced animations to help embed research findings wider throughout an organisation and have set them up to be used for training purposes. Our in-house data visualisation team are experts in producing such videos. Some examples are shown below.

DJS Research Showreel
DJS Employee Engagement Research
Yorkshire Water Customer Research

3D outputs

We can produce physical outputs that can be really impactful for embedding research findings – for example we provided a retail client with sets of keys, each key highlighting the vital factors that delight customers. We have also produced a variety of customer and stakeholder personas using 3D outputs.

3D Outputs

Market Research Dashboards

A wide range of interactive data analysis dashboards and portals are also part of our offer. These range from static dashboards to fully customisable and bespoke, allowing clients and other stakeholders to run their own ad hoc analysis of results. These add a great deal of value as a tool in collaborating with partners across a business and effectively disseminating research results and subsequent actions.


Market Research White papers / publications

We regularly produce high profile reports for external publication. Some of which have been made available in the public domain and can be found here or click on the images below to view these examples in full.

Country Classroom
European Education Landscape
Joining the digital dots
White papers / publications

Market Research data & statistical analysis

We are able to view and analyse data in any form that is most appropriate for the individual project. Whether that be for example full data tabulations, raw data in Excel or .sav files. We also have our own in-house statistician who conducts complex analysis such as Conjoint, Cluster, TURF, Regression etc...

Data & statistical analysis / publications
























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