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We are a UK-based market research company offering the full range of qualitative and quantitative approaches, from full-service consultancy, to data-only services. We work with consumer and business to business audiences across the globe.

We have grown every year by forging long-term partnerships based on sector expertise, integrity and creativity - we always go further to find the answers!

Private Sector

Working with private sector clients our market research company expertise spans a wide range of industries including carrying out market research for... Read More

Public Sector

We conduct market research with public sector organisations spanning local and central government across education, health and other public services... Read More


Our company carries out market research with not for profit, voluntary and social enterprise organisations including... Read More

What we do

Accurate, effective and innovative market research

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DJS Research proud to announce new Charity of the Year

Wed, 5th Sep 2018

    Following our recent charity of the year review, DJS Research is happy to announce that we will...
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DJS Research in the national press: Water Matters survey makes a splash

Thu, 2nd Aug 2018

A major piece of research conducted by DJS Research for the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has recently been a natio...
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