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GDPR Statement.

The General Data Protection Regulation issued by the European Union (“GDPR”) and effective 25 May, 2018, is a further evolutionary step in the protection of the privacy rights of individuals (for example, tighter restrictions around consent, the right to be forgotten, the type and amount of personal data that can be utilised, data access and security, etc.) beyond those protections that have already been in place for some time in the European Union and in many other countries around the world.

As such, the protection of personal data is, and always has been, a top priority for DJS Research Ltd. DJS Research is compliant with the guidance and requirements of the professional code of conduct applicable to all registered market research companies and all current existing local regulations, especially as far as the protection of respondents’ data is concerned.

DJS Research has taken a proactive approach to ensure the safeguarding and protection of the personal data of its customers, respondents and employees. Last year, DJS Research launched an internal quality programme led by a multidisciplinary team to work on achieving GDPR compliance by 25 May 2018, focusing on the European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

DJS Research has already taken many actions to comply with the GDPR, with some of the main actions including, but not limited to, the following:

1.    The nomination of a Data Privacy Officer (DPO): on 1st September, 2017, DJS Research appointed Matt Coulling to the role of company Data Privacy Officer. The role of the DPO is to guide and coordinate DJS Research’s compliance efforts on data protection and privacy and to manage the quality control advocates over the head and satellite offices where DJS Research operates. Their mandate is to ensure that personal data are appropriately treated and protected.

2.    Anonymised data and access security: DJS Research uses anonymisation techniques to protect respondents’ personal data as part of its data collection operations so that access is restricted to its fieldwork teams in its operations units solely on a need to know basis. DJS Research applies the same policy and care for customer provided samples and for DJS Research online panellists and off-line respondents.

NB - For our employees, the access to employees’ personal data is strictly limited to the relevant staff in charge of human resources management.

3.    Employee training: DJS Research launched an extensive employee awareness program in March-April 2018 to ensure a high level of data protection awareness and data protection adherence across the DJS Research group. Our customers expect that DJS Research employees are compliant with GDPR and other applicable data protection legislation. DJS Research is implementing a worldwide training program concerning data protection (including GDPR requirements) for relevant staff.

4.    Encryption: At DJS Research we have implemented various encryption solutions, notably on all employees’ laptops. Regarding its (software) applications, DJS Research has taken measures to fully harden all its servers and encrypt all personal data at rest and in transit, where necessary.  

5.    Suppliers: DJS Research enforces procedures in order to select suppliers processing personal data based on their capacity to comply with DJS Research Ltd’s data protection requirements. This means that all suppliers must sign an agreement with DJS Research including data protection clauses at least as strict as the ones DJS Research signs with its customers, and that no supplier can transfer any personal data outside the EEA unless they agree to appropriate safeguards and obtain customer consent. Additionally, our suppliers cannot subcontract part of the personal data processing services to sub-processors without DJS Research’s prior approval.

6.    Data transfers: When a data transfer is required in a country recognised as not having an adequate level of data protection, DJS Research ensures that EU Standard Contractual Clauses are in place, implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures for the protection of the personal data.

DJS Research remains committed to protecting the personal data of its customers, respondents and employees. If you have any questions or require any further clarification, please contact our Data Privacy Officer, Matt Coulling -

Privacy Policy

DJS Research is committed to respecting the privacy of visitors to its websites and its surveys’ participants. Our data protection & privacy policy fully details the guidelines explaining the steps we have taken to protect the privacy of any information submitted with DJS Research Ltd.

Privacy and Personal Information

DJS Research protects the identity of visitors to the DJS Research website by limiting the collection of personal information. For certain promotions and to access certain features, such as to receive a periodic newsletter, we may request a voluntary submission of information such as name, e-mail address, city etc.

All personally identifying information collected through the DJS Research website is used by DJS Research and its staff to process and manage subscriptions, track site usage patterns and statistics, or to deliver services through the site. Such information may also be used by the company for market research or information-request fulfilment purposes unless otherwise indicated. Such information will not be posted or published by us, and, except as specified below in this privacy policy regarding anonymous aggregated data, or to provide services to you on behalf of the DJS Research website, it will not be provided to third-party providers without consent.

DJS Research may also disclose personally identifying information in special legal circumstances. For instance, such information may be used where it is necessary to protect our copyright or intellectual property rights, or if the law requires us to do so.

Any personally identifying information collected through this site is stored on limited-access servers. We will maintain safeguards to protect these servers and the personal information they store.

We may occasionally conduct online surveys. All surveys are voluntary and you may decline to participate.

We may use cookie technology and software logs to monitor the use of the DJS Research website and to gather non-personal information about visitors to the site. None of the information we gather in this way can be used to identify any individual who visits the site. These monitoring systems allow us to track general information about our visitors, such as the type of browsers (for example, Netscape or Internet Explorer), the operating systems (for instance, Windows or Macintosh), or the Internet providers (for instance, AOL) they use. This information is used for statistical and market research purposes to tailor content to usage patterns and to provide services requested by our customers.

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