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DJS Currently Recruiting Further Staff

DJS Research Ltd Doubles Turnover in 2009/10 Despite The Recession

DJS Research Ltd Helps Bright Prospects in the Local Community

DJS Research Ltd Selected For High Growth Programme

Approved Supplier Status Achieved Again

Expansion Continues At DJS Research Ltd

Welcome To Four New Members of Staff

DJS Research Ltd Completes 2000 Telephone Interviews For The Consumer Council For Water

Multi National Research Being Conducted At DJS Research Ltd

Another Testimonial From United Utilities

Congratulations To Sarah Smith And Maya Winter Who Are Now Research Managers

Turnover For DJS Research Ltd Reaches 1 And A Half Million Representing More Than 50% Growth

DJS Research Ltd Are Looking for Researchers To Join The Company

DJS Research Ltd Completes Research Project To An Impossible Timetable

DJS Research Ltd Unveils Graduate Recruitment Scheme

DJS Research Ltd Offers Work Experience To Local High Schools

DJS Research Helping the Fight Against Adult Brain Cancer

DJS Research 'Far Ahead In Terms of Quality and Professionalism'

Local Students Complete Work Experience With DJS Research

Education Professionals VoicED Their Opinions; DJS Research Listened

Congratulations to Alex McCluckie: Research Executive

Congratulations to Alex Noden: Trainee Research Executive

DJS Research Executives Aiming For Advanced Accreditation

Further Work Experience Opportunities At DJS Research Ltd

DJS Research Ltd: A "Case Study" For High Growth

DJS Research Ltd Welcome International Intern

Preparations for VoicED Moving Rapidly

DJS Researchers Take On Tatton Triathlon For Charity

DJS Research Announce MRBA Auction Winner

Another Happy Client For DJS Research Ltd: ERA

DJS Research Ltd Combine With Customer Faithful Ltd

Foreign Language Speakers Required

DJS Research Ltd Welcome Charlotte Sykes

Talented Researchers Required At DJS Research Ltd

DJS Research Helps Show That The NHS Can Save Over 150 Million Pounds Per Year

Strong Growth Predicted For DJS Research Ltd

DJS Research Unveils New Year's Resolutions

DJS Deliver Donations to CLIC Sargent and Missing People

"Young Apprentice" At DJS Research Ltd

Finance Manager Required

DJS Research Ltd Welcome Three New Researchers

One Of The Best Pieces Of Research I've Read...

A Festive Thank You From DJS Research

DJS Research Ltd Add Strength In Depth, Promote From Within

We are currently interviewing at the moment for a number of positions...

Congratulations And Warm Welcomes At DJS Research...

We're Moving To Larger Offices - Our New Contact Details

Attitudes Towards The 2012 Hosepipe Ban - Research Results Announced Next Week...

DJS Research Ltd Deliver "Quality from Start to Finish"

In Praise Of Our Interviewers

Turnover For DJS Research Ltd Reaches Almost Two Million Pounds - 300 Percent Growth Over Three Years

Water Under The Bridge? Knowledgeable Consumers More Sympathetic To Water Companies

DJS Research Graduate Recruitment Scheme: A Year On

Opening-Up Education: DJS Research and the Open University

DJS Providing Market Research Work Experience

Market Research, Branding and The Education Sector

Statistically Speaking

Free Sector Specific Market Research Insights

DJS Research Ltd Now an Approved Supplier for The Competition Commission

DJS Research Ltd Celebrates Relocating to New Premises

#SBS Winners :: Theo Paphitis From Dragons' Den Selects DJS Research To Be A Winner of Small Business Sunday

Cheshire Business Awards Shortlist DJS Research Ltd for Customer Focus Award

DJS Research Welcomes Two New Faces

We are Recruiting for Researchers!

DJS Research Ltd Celebrate Full-House in MRS Advanced Certificate

Marketing Independent Schools :: Uptake of Market Research and Social Media

VoicED Education Market Research Community Nearing Launch

DJS Research "Highly Commended" For Customer Focussed Approach

DJS Research Ltd Launches VoicED Education Market Research Community

DJS Research Ltd: Fireworks, Waterways and Lucy Spraggan

Join Our Discussions On The Market Research World LinkedIn Group

DJS Research Continue to Invest in Youth

DJS Research Ltd Demonstrates Qualitative Market Research Expertise

DJS Research Ltd Selected For GrowthAccelerator Scheme

Q&A With Jane Frost CBE, CEO of the Market Research Society

DJS Research Ltd Annual Review 2012: Continuity and Change

DJS Research Ltd Announces Promotions, New Appointment

Market Research Insight Panel : Paid Focus Groups & Surveys

DJS Research Ltd Partners With CLIC Sargent: The Charity for Children with Cancer

DJS Research Ltd Welcomes International Business Development Manager

Market Research Suggests Football Fans Generally Support Introduction of Technology , Appreciate Officials Have A Difficult Role

DJS Research Adds To Internal Operations, Announces Hiring Of Paul Hylands And Janice Beard

DJS Research Ltd Promotes Charlotte Sykes to Research Manager

DJS Research Ltd Recruits Interns With International Experience

DJS Research Ltd to Host North West Market Research World Cup In Aid of CLIC Sargent

DJS Research Ltd Celebrate First Successful Apprenticeship

DJS Research Ltd Raises Over 1,250 Pounds for CLIC Sargent with Help of North West Market Research Community

DJS Research Ltd Shortlisted At The Stockport Business Awards: Award for Training Young People

DJS Research Ltd Promotes Charlotte Hamilton to Associate Director

GCSE Teachers Feel Less Secure About Their Current Role; Opposed to Performance Related Pay

DJS Research Ltd Adds Further Strength To Research Team

DJS Highlighted As Champion of Youth Training

DJS Research Shortlisted for the Guardian's Small Business Showcase

Water Industry Research Carried Out By DJS Reveals Divisions in Customer Management Tactics

DJS Research Pleased To Accept Highly Commended Award From Stockport Business Awards

DJS Research And VoicED Welcome Further Intern

DJS Research Commended At Stockport Business Awards

DJS Research Encourage Young Enterprise At The University of Manchester

DJS Research Secures Place on Electoral Commission Market Research Framework

Market Research Blog: Internship Diary Part One

DJS Research Ltd Annual Review 2013

DJS Research Starts 2014 With Promotions, New Hires

DJS Staff Member Climbs Kilimanjaro For Charity Partner, CLIC Sargent

DJS Research Launches Localise: Population Profiling and Segmentation Tool

DJS Research Carrying Out Industry Survey – Please Take Part If You Commission Market Research…

DJS Research Pleased To Announce Senior Promotion & New Hire

DJS Research Education Arm, VoicED, To Judge UK Blog Awards

DJS Research Findings For Booktrust ‘Reading Changes Lives Conference’ Featured in National Press

MRS Annual Conference – Some Take Home Points

DJS Research Announce Promotions of McCluckie and Easdown Amid Internal Re-Structuring

DJS Research Ltd Named As An Approved Supplier for Hybu Cig Cymru

DJS Research Ltd Achieves Highest Combined Score on Government Procurement Framework for Market Research

DJS Research’s VoicED Judges UK Blog Awards 2014

DJS Research Ltd Records Record Growth Figures of 32 Percent in 2013

DJS Research Strengthens Marketing Department

DJS Research Does Double For CLIC Sargent

DJS Research Shortlisted for Three Stockport Business Awards

DJS Research Appoints Four; Bolsters Research and Operations

Global Bioscience Market Research Underway At DJS Research Ltd

DJS Research Ltd Win Business of the Year, Business Person of the Year

DJS Research Ltd announces re-brand after thirteen years

DJS Research Ltd Annual Review 2014

Small enough to listen, big enough to answer - DJS Research client survey

Market Research Blog: The “single most reliable indicator of a company’s ability to grow” … but only if you do it right!

Green Growth efficiency review secures DJS Research new contracts

DJS Research Ltd announces ten new additions

The Larrey Society names DJS Research Ltd as insight partner

DJS Research Ltd celebrates apprentice’s success during National Apprenticeship Week

DJS Research Ltd featured in government energy saving document

We have launched an online parents, kids and teens market research community, Chatter Zone!

Water company trust issues

DJS Research Ltd Increases Its Turnover by 26%

We are currently recruiting!

Our new Graduate Recruitment Scheme has been launched!

We’ve strengthened our team with four promotions and two new hires

A-Level results day: teacher views on switching exam boards

Three graduates have joined the DJS Research team!

We’ve launched a new alumni market research offer, alumnus

Our research on engineering polymers has been published in EPPM and will be showcased at Fakuma

Helping our community out!

Putting Customers At The Heart of Transformation :: Insights from the Energy Customer Conference 2015

We scrum down with the Welsh Rugby Union

DJS Research supports RM Results with new website launch

Our research with the General Medical Council has been published online

Gill Redfern, Research Director, to discuss gamification and online communities at the MRS Kids and Youth Research conference

DJS Research Annual Review 2015

DJS Research Ltd goes for Christmas number one

Chatter Zone explains why Black Friday sales were higher online

Spreading the Christmas cheer!

Gill Redfern to speak about gamification at the MRS Kids and Youth Research conference, tomorrow

Insights from the MRS Kids & Youth Research Conference 2016

How will AMP6 and AMP7 impact customers, suppliers and stakeholders?

We have selected a new charity of the year: Together Trust!

Our nationwide Welsh Rugby Union online survey goes live

“Curiosity, Insight & Revolution” : Our review of the MRS Insight 2016 conference

FTA Logistics Skills Summit: we enjoyed sharing our research findings to more than 600 delegates!

We are enjoying further framework success

We’re recruiting for a number of positions!

We’re running The Great Manchester Run for the Together Trust!

The 2016 Junior Researcher scheme is open!

“It’s the little things that count” as published by the Market Research Society

The Great Manchester 10K: On the seventh day, God created Manchester

How to determine the right survey length

An entirely tongue-in-cheek look at rejection in the research industry

DIY DJS: We volunteered at Pearce Lodge

Infographic: Four fifths of teachers want to remain in the European Union

CCWater publishes our research

Guess how many telephone interviews we conducted in June to enter our social media competition

DJS Research enjoys further framework success

Significant growth for DJS Research!

DJS Research representing the market research industry at the highest levels

New Talent & Promotions at DJS Research!

We’re recruiting Researchers at different levels!

That Light Bulb Moment

System 1 politics and some thoughts on democracy…

We were selected from 500 European Market Research agencies to win survey quality award!

2016 DJS Research Annual Review

BBC and TES publish our GCSE grading research on behalf of Ofqual

Our review of Utility Week’s Water Customer Conference

Lost in translation: testing the foreign waters for international branding campaigns

Considering a career in Market Research? Read this!

We are tackling a research project on behalf of Leicester City Football Club

Human after all…

We Are Nominated As a “One to Watch Agency” by The Market Research Society

Four new starters arrive at DJS Research!

I Love Manchester: DJS Research runs the Great Manchester 10K for Manchester Hospitals

DJS Research celebrates 11 years of double digit growth

The Future of Business-to-Business Research

DJS Research are proud to announce their new Charity of the Year

Inspiring young people through market research

DJS Research adds Simon Driver to senior team

DJS Research complete Tough Mudder course to raise money for Mind

DJS Research speaks alongside Yorkshire Water at MRS Utilities Research Conference

Understanding issues of customer vulnerability and sector priorities in the utilities market: Take part in our survey to receive a copy of the results

CCWater has commissioned DJS Research for their annual Water Matters survey

Igniting insights for Inenco

Ensuring research taps into a wider demand :: How insight can help understand needs of customers in vulnerable circumstances

We now have an office in Yorkshire, Leeds!

MRS Customer Summit 2017: A great day out, even better than being in an audience for ITV’s Loose Women

2017 DJS Research Annual Review

Reflections, projections and watery proclamations: A review of the 2018 Utility Week Water Customer conference

Jenna Allen, Research Director joins DJS Research!

DJS Research nominated at the Sports Business Awards 2018 - alongside Leicester City FC!

Rise of the machines: Adopting Artificial Intelligence and its impact on skills in the research industry

Rise of the machines: Adopting AI and its impact on skills in the research industry

Aura Awards :: DJS Research Nominated for Trusted Partner Aura Award

Market Research Jobs at DJS Research – check out our latest exciting roles!

Being well means working well: boost productivity through a culture of wellbeing

Musings of a young utilities researcher after attending the 2018 Twenty65 Conference...

Uncharted Territory: a story about using dashboards as a tool for finding ‘the one’

Drive up customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved employee engagement

School of thought: a little insight can go a long way!

A week in the life of a work experience student at DJS Research...

The best laid plans of rats and men Gang aft a-gley! A tale of hardship, flapjacks and glory at the Rat Race Dirty Weekend (12/5/2018)

DJS Research reaches historic milestone surpassing £5 million annual turnover

In It To Win It - The Sports Business Awards 2018

From appealing and attractive to absorbing and enthralling: DJS Research extends creative services portfolio

As PR19 customer engagement draws to a close, our reflections

The reason for B2Being: David Marchant attends the B2B Research Conference in London

The water retail market turned one! Time to think about this fledgling’s future….

DJS Research proud to announce new Charity of the Year

DJS Research in the national press: Water Matters survey makes a splash

Research Executives to complete Market Research Society Advanced Certificate

It was the best of climbs, it was the worst of climbs: A Tale of Three Peaks

Some learnings from one of this year’s Behavioural Science-based Beesley Lectures

DJS Senior Research Manager first ever alumna to be invited to tutor at Research Academy

59% not in support of a wet wipe ban, according to survey

Another Year Over: DJS Research Annual Review - 2018

Back of the net for DJS Research - Winners at Football Business Awards 2018

DJS Research Get Up and Go this January for the Thomas Theyer Foundation

DJS Research Ltd wins top UK contract for Cultural Market Research

Mixed consumer confidence for the year ahead as Brexit looms

Evolutionary Dear Consumer: The Future Face of Customer Loyalty

Will environmental consciousness change the direction of travel for delivery services in the UK?

Fast Fashion: can it work without harming our planet?

DJS Research Joins BBC Market Research Framework

Calling Researchers With Experience Of Working Within The Culture Sector - We Are Recruiting!

Gen Z are a driving force in the current retail evolution climate

Calling Researchers With Experience Of Working Within The Culture Sector... We Are Recruiting!

All change for DJS Research commuters! Northern Rail offers additional stops at Strines Station after years of campaigning

Who let the dogs out - and then brought them to work! Bring Your Dog To Work Day comes to DJS Research

Introducing the Industry: A Tale of Work Experience at DJS Research...

35 miles in “one day” - DJS Research take on the Gritstone Trail for the Thomas Theyer Foundation

DJS Researchers to walk the 35-mile Gritstone Trail in ONE DAY for The Thomas Theyer Foundation

DJS Research in the Headlines - Water Matters Report 2018

Learn more about your alumni relationship with our alumnus offer

A towering success! DJS’ big day out to Blackpool

Ringing the alarm for water companies; regulation by social contract is going to require them all to raise their game

Research Report: Public perceptions of virtual leisure time

DJS Research staff celebrate more than six decades of loyalty

We're excited to welcome some new team members to DJS Research

Utilities, the General Election and renationalisation; it all got a bit emotional didn’t it? Let’s keep it going!

DJS Research - Review of the Year 2019

Just how much can you learn about market research in a week? Quite a lot, according to our recent work experience guests!

Collaborative competition amongst water companies: an oxymoron or an achievable ambition?

DJS Research wins Thomas Challenge for exceeding fundraising goals

Covid-19 Statement: Open for Business!

Market research has a part to play: Early thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis...

Why are we so bad at social distancing?

When everyone is busy being objectively similar, try cultivating your subjective difference…

For the Love of Scrubs: What I did with my DJS Volunteering Day...

Searching for meaning: a tongue in cheek look at trends on Trends

Healthwatch publishes our research looking at young people's experiences of mental healthcare

Confirmation Bias, Market Research and Dominic Cummings

We're hiring! Come and join our growing employee-owned market research agency!

Our contribution during the Covid-19 crisis

Jack went to Poland: What I did with my DJS volunteering day...

We are recruiting again!

Words to live by? How the language we speak influences our behaviour

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Elliot Simmonds to Research Director

We're Hiring! We have two new positions at our growing agency

We've been awarded WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) qualitative services contract

Well done Alex for completing the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon!

Unwrapping Christmas retail for the fashion sector

We've been awarded the WRAP qualitative services contract!

Fundraising in the age of Covid-19: Our 25 on the 25th Challenge for the Thomas Theyer Foundation

40 more years of loyalty from DJS staff!

20 highlights from 2020 – DJS Research

Review of the year 2020: it’s been a very different year!

Reframing project management – a person centred approach.

40 more decades of loyalty from DJS staff!

2021 off to a great start as we welcome eight new staff!

We have been selected for the Network Rail Insight Framework!

2205 miles covered for our Get up and Go Challenge 2021!

Join our growing team! Exciting new job opportunities at DJS Research

We are proud to continue our support of the Market Research Benevolent Association

A graduate two-month work experience at DJS…

We are expanding our remote-working network!

Our BIG birthday news: we’re now an employee-owned company!

We have been selected as finalists in the Oppies 2021!

DJS celebrates becoming employee-owned at 20th birthday party!

Richard from CATI kicks off our fundraising for The Air Ambulance Service!

It's been a great three years supporting The Thomas Theyer Foundation!

The company is growing! A warm welcome to all of our new staff

16 promotions and 29 new staff join our employee-owned company

All change! What a year for DJS Research

Could sensehacking help ‘lower the bar’ in the battle for positive behaviour change?

Introducing our new Charity of the Year: The Air Ambulance Service

We have been named as one of the ‘fastest growing individual agencies’ by the Market Research Society

Adventures in mindfulness with the Market Research Society...

We are hiring! See our latest job opportunities

We are hiring! See our latest job opportunities

Empowering the next generation: Key learnings from the MRS Kids and Youth Conference 2022

DJS Chairman Danny Sims talks to Research World about our transition to employee ownership

DJS staff charity sky dive finally takes place after two year pause

Company Inform Day

DJS Research - Review of the Year 2022

Be brave and seek out lateral solutions when trying to change behaviour

Is that a lion in the grass or just a looming deadline? How to enhance our ability to generate creative solutions

We celebrate one year of being employee-owned!

Thrills and spills as the whole company enjoys day out at Drayton Manor theme park!

DJS Research is delighted to announce the appointment of Julie Hollingsworth as an Associate Director.

DJS Research invited to share employee ownership story for potential EOA award – please vote for us!

We celebrate one year of being employee-owned with launch of our first Partners' Charter

Two more promotions announced for DJS Partners

A record financial year for DJS Research!

I'm NOT starting with the man in the mirror: Using the power of commitment to change behaviour

After three months with DJS Research, Associate Director, Julie Hollingsworth joins DJS Research as Associate Director

DJS Research wins prestigious award at the Employee Ownership Association Conference 2022!

“Seizing and freezing” and the perils of expertise when seeking creative behavioural solutions

Oh to be touched! The importance of touch in the retail experience...

We have been announced as double finalists at the MRS Awards 2022!

DJS Research proud to support MRBA as cost of living crisis bites

We're on the up in Leeds!

DJS volunteering days — what will you do with yours?


Empowering young researchers: Key learnings from the MRS &more; Conference 2022

The MRS Awards! A fairy tale account

Children and young people: 2022 research report highlights

Improving engagement under employee ownership: DJS Research invited to speak at EOA event in Manchester

New Year Promotion News! Rachel Hancock is promoted to Associate Director

More Research Team promotions awarded in January!

Creative Team promotion news: Angharad Pearce is promoted to Senior Animator and Multimedia Designer

DJS Research featured as a EOA Case Study following award win!

Reuse and Refill – all wrapped up!

Millennials are the generation affected most significantly by the cost of living crisis, finds DJS Research survey

Our research finds that Millennials are the generation affected most significantly by the cost of living crisis

Split screening and blurred lines: what’s new in the children’s media landscape

Alex Belcher promoted to Associate Director at DJS Research

Anna Hegarty promoted to Senior Research Manager

Matt Bristow returns to DJS Research as Research Director

SRE Olivia Holt has been awarded the MRS Advanced Certificate!

Our latest research for the Royal Academy of Engineering is making waves!

A focus on wellbeing: DJS Research launches inaugural employee wellbeing survey

Celebrating CATI – a Manager’s Wish…

DJS Research celebrates two years of being employee owned!

Is the UK love affair with plant-based diets starting to sour?

Taking a more inclusive approach to audience segmentation

Boomerang News! We welcome Matt Bristow back as Research Director

Zap, crackle and pop, beware a voltage drop: the importance of context in behavioural interventions

Why I spend my weekends watching Bluey and being a research spy

What happens to the items you put in your mixed recycling bin?

Animal magic: Tales from our company day out at Chester Zoo!

Time-out to Grow Together: Sunflowers and Wellbeing at DJS

“Cossy livs” – the impact of rising costs on the construction industry

Unlocking the Power of Behavioural Science: A short review of the MRS Behavioural Science Summit 2023

Hold the Front Page! DJS Research launches DJS DIGEST our internal newsletter inspired by our partners

We're looking for an Operations Data Manager to join our friendly employee-owned business!

We are delighted to share that we are finalists in two categories at the 2023 MRS and Research Live Awards!

DJS Research is now a Living Wage employer

We have been awarded RAS Accredited Recruiter Status by the Market Research Society

DJS Research - Review of the Year 2023

People Powered Growth: We're proud to have been involved with groundbreaking research into EO and its far-reaching impact

Huge congrats to Alex Scaife for passing the MRS Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research Practice!

MRS Gen Z Summit: Our Key Takeaways

Our research finds that over half of parents will give Christmas Eve gifts

Introducing our charity of the year for 2024 – Blythe House Hospicecare and Helen's Trust

Challenging ourselves to ‘Get up and Go’ this January

We presented at the MRS Sustainability Summit 2023

Expanding our public sector team

Placing wellbeing at the heart of DJS Research

CATI quality compliance: ensuring call volumes of the highest quality for every project

Our healthcare focus – the prognosis looks good!

Harnessing the power of the EOA Annual Conference 2023

Rolling out the wheel of engagement!

Feeling part of a bigger movement - by Aoife Lynch

Celebrating 11 partners moving on up!

Embracing Slow Travel: reducing our carbon footprint one journey at a time

Taking on the Edale Skyline Challenge!

Contenders Ready! Reflecting on the success of the Gladiators re-boot amongst family audiences

The doctor will (not) see you now…

Apprenticeships in action - hard work that pays off

A walk in the skies! DJS walk the Edale Skyline for Blythe House Hospicecare

Driving forward change: how we delivered the WYCA bus reform consultation

AI, socials & short-form content: how kids are consuming media in 2024



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Market Research Shows Theatres More Recession Proof Than Restaurants & Pubs

Social Science Researchers Get New Online Community Resource

Market Research Warns Mobile Strategies Should Focus More on Android

Market Research Software Vendor Confirmit Ranks on EMEA Top 2010 List

Market Research Finds Brits Rate Short Breaks and Spain Holidays Top In 2011

Market Research Finds Barclays Needs More Focus on Customer Care

Market Research Confirms Symbian OS Has Lost First Place to Android

Study Reveals UK Rates BlackBerry Best Smartphone

Survey Reveals UK and US Consumers Want Less Complex Gadgets

Market Research Reveals Girls Love Digital Media

BBC Launches Online Study On Public Opinion of UK

Study on Consumer Trust in Media Finds Online News Ranks Top

Research Shows December Cold Snap Created 25% Increase in Online Sales

Consumer Research Leads Standard Life to Undergo Major Overhaul

UK Survey Sees Cupid Feeling the Valentines Pocket Pinch

Research Finds Smartphone Sales Now Outpace PCs

YouGov Poll Shows UK Smartphone Users Resistant to Mobile Advertising

Research Report Shows Facebook Can Be More Stressful Than Beneficial

Research Finds Majority of UK Public Prefer Print Rather Than Digital Content

Survey Shows UK Crawling at Snails Pace in Workplace Gender Equality

Annual Survey Results of Top 50 UK Web Brands Unveiled

New Research Reveals Digital Habits of UK Children

Study Finds Apple Still Ranks Top in Paid Product Placement for Movies

Mercedes-Benz Takes First Place in 2011 Superbrand Poll

New Poll Sees John Lewis in Top Place as UKs Favourite Retailer

Research Suggests Subscription to Give Major Boost to Digital Music Downloads

lobal Poll Sees UK Rated Second Most Influential Nation After Germany

Major Brands Change Last-Click-Wins Strategy to Enhance Online Rewards

Research Shows WI-FI Significantly Slows Home Broadband Speeds

UK Motorists Lost Nearly 60m in 2010 for Not Contesting Unfair Parking Tickets

Amazon Rated Best Value Brand in the World

Survey Reveals UK Couples Lose Romance after 3 Years

Study Finds Top UK Online Retailers Not Meeting Customer Expectations

Bank of England Survey Shows Public Expects Rise in Cost of Living

Survey Shows Britons Increasingly Fed Up With Broadband Speeds

Poll Finds Majority of British Public Want Mandatory Corporate Carbon Reporting

Environmental Poll Shows UK Public Increasingly Concerned Over Water Usage

Survey Shows Rise in Brits Choosing UK for Their Annual Holiday

Study Finds UK Advertising Spend To Slow in 2011 but Rise in 2012

Survey Report Confirms Tuscany Rated Top Italian Holiday Destination in 2010

Poll Reveals How the iPad Has Changed Media Consumption

Keep Britain Tidy Survey Shows Fast-Food Wrappers Are Top Rubbish Culprit

Survey Reveals Most Hated UK Companies - Manchester United In First Place

Survey Finds Brits Prefer Pets over Partners

New Survey Sheds Light on UK Women

Research Reveals Android Winning UK Smartphone Popularity Race

Poll Shows Public Support for UK Voting Reform on the Decline

Poll Discovers Android and iPhone Most Popular Amongst Younger Generation

Survey Reveals Rise in Britons Using Mobile Internet

Research Shows Large Number of UK Consumers Trying Out Mobile Commerce

Research Shows Britons Overpay for Mobile Data

Confidence Rising in UK Housing Market

Poll Shows PCs Destroyed by Office Workers to Obtain Upgrades

Survey Shows UK Drinkers Can't Differentiate Between Plonk and Pricey Wines

Survey Uncovers What Makes Children Happiest

New Study Suggests Behaviour of UK Schoolgirls Has Worsened

YouGov Study Warns Most Tablets Pricing Spells Failure

Ofcom Survey Finds Young Brits Now Prefer Mobiles and Web over TV

Survey Shows Worrying Rise in UK Beach Rubbish

Survey Uncovers Lack of UK Drink Drive Awareness

Research Demonstrates Rise in TV tourism

Confidence High in Property Investment

Satisfaction Survey Rates Tesco and Asda UKs Top Mobile Providers

Survey Finds UK Workers Struggle to Achieve Life Balance

Survey Shows Many Brits Poised for Bank Holiday Home Improvements

Simple Pleasures Top the Most Missed List by British Holiday Makers

Survey Reveals Cost of Britains Pet Obsession

News Survey Shows Highest Rated British Security Concerns

Research Reveals Traffic Reduction on UK Roads Thanks to Car Club Schemes

TV sets most likely to be replaced by UK consumers

Graduate Survey Reveals Top 5 Engineering Icons

Study Links Breast Feeding With Improved Behaviour in Children

Survey Finds Sick Leave in the UK Work Place on the Decline

Survey Sees British Companies Cracking Down on Employee Social Networking

Study Reveals UK Drop from Top Spot as Most Important Wine Market

Survey Shows UK Men Outshine Women as House Proud

Survey Reveals the Truth about UKs Repentant Online Pirates

Market Research Finds UK Spam Texts Reach 4 million Daily

Research Finds Many UK Workers In The Dark About Cyber Security

Research Uncovers Slack London Broadband Speeds Still Present

UK Sees Rebound in Home Finances According to New Survey

Survey Finds South of UK Leads the Way for Saving Money

Study Finds Top Information Officers Believe Cloud Computing Is Over-Hyped

Ofcom Survey Reveals O2 Best for UK Mobile Broadband Speeds

Smile Survey Finds British Public Slacking on Dental Hygiene

Majority of Britons Havent Tasted English Wine Research Finds

Survey Shows Majority of Britons Now Choose Renting Over Buying

Survey Finds Joy is in Lifes Simple Pleasures

Survey Reveals UK Workers Putting Company Data at Risk

Poll Finds British Public Clueless About the Countryside

Study Shows Majority of British Car Owners Feel Ripped Off By High Fuel Costs

New Research Discovers a Major Increase of Women Working in IT

Market Research Shows Rise in Britons Using Mobile Devices to Plan Holidays

AA Roadside Survey Discovers Worst Areas in UK for Not Wearing Seatbelts

Survey Suggests Autopilot Action Can Be Used to Protect Children

Research Reveals UK Recruitment Positive but Pay Freeze Prevalent

Nearly Half of UK Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing Activities

Survey Reveals Many Britons Considering Dropping Facebook Membership

Ford Poll Reveals Extent of Publics Parallel Parking Fears

June Retail Sales Take Dive as Britons Tighten their Belts

Global Survey Reveals Canadians Top for Gadget Uptake

Survey Finds Potential for Brain Drain as Many UK Workers Willing To Migrate

UK Holidaymakers Flash the Cash Before their Summer Vacations

Tourism Survey Finds Britons Visit More Foreign Attractions than Local Ones

eBay Survey Reveals Soar in Online Retail Popularity Since Recession

Savings Survey Finds Successful Nest Eggs Are the Result of Goal Setting

Poll Finds Majority of Britons Seek Out Comforts of Home When On Holiday

Poll Shows UK Parents Willing to Sell Home to Help Children

Poll Finds over 60s Living Life to the Full

Bing Survey Discovers UKs Top Rated Cities to Live In

Europe Wide Survey Reveals London as Most Exciting and Most Overpriced City

Recession Blues - Survey Finds Rise in UK Employee Dissatisfaction

Intel Study Finds People Driven to Distraction over Mobile Phone Use

New Poll Reveals the Typical Lifestyle of British Families

Worldwide Cost of Living Survey Uncovers Most Expensive Cities

European Opinion Poll Finds Britons Most Unhappy With Internet Service

Poll Discovers UK Mens Most Coveted Careers

Survey Uncovers Best British Beach

Market Research Finds Most UK Smartphone Owners Dont Like Mobile Ads

UK Study Finds Personal Devices Boost Productivity and Improve Work/Life Balance

Survey Reveals Cultural Threat as Many UK Museums Suffer Funding Cuts

Ofcom Poll Measures Customer Satisfaction with Top Mobile and Internet Providers

Poll Reveals British Appreciation for Fiery Foods on the Rise

Survey Finds Rise in Holidays Out of School Term to Beat Price Hikes

Double Survey Uncovers Male/Female Divide on Relationships

Survey Shows Economy Forcing Britons to Choose Money over Job Satisfaction

Survey Uncovers Best and Worst UK Cities for Tipping

Poll Uncovers Most Popular Baby Names in England and Wales

Survey Finds Majority of Britons Irritated by Slow Drivers

UK Poll Sees Dame Helen Mirren Voted Female 'Body of the Year'

BBC Survey Reveals Football Matchday Price Differences

Poll Discovers Current British DIY Attitudes

Two-thirds of UK shoppers say cash is inconvenient

Survey Shows Increasing Popularity of Gaming in Europe

Poll Finds Majority of Britons Support Leaving the EU

Poll Shows Publics Reactions to UK Wide Riots

Commuters Want More Conference Calls and Less Travel during Olympics

Poll Uncovers Top 10 List of TV Series Loved by Britons

Survey Reveals Many Britons Not Getting the Most from Their Broadband

Research Suggests Britons Opposed To Raising Tuition Fees

Survey Discovers Majority of Britons Clueless About Buying Olympics Tickets

Survey Finds Children with Working Mums More Prone to Being Fat

National Literacy Study Finds UK Children Not Reading Enough Books

Poll Confirms Rise in Demand for Flexible Staff

Survey Measures Value Britons Place on Mobile Phones

Survey Shows Lack Of Consumer Trust In Energy Sales Agents

Consumer Attitudes Towards Smart Metering

Poll Finds Majority of Britons Blame Poor Parenting and Lack of Discipline for Riots

Survey Finds Infidelity No Longer Main Cause of Divorce

UK Rental Prices on the Rise

Postcard Poll Measures Romance and Comedy Levels in Germany, UK and US

Poll Discovers UK Kids Have Good Tech Skills but Alarming Gaps in Mundane Tasks

Poll Finds 88% of UK Teenagers Embarrassed by Their Parents

Rise in UK Companies Blocking Social Media Due to Security Concerns

Poll Finds 32% of Britons Not Bothered to Recycle

Teacher Survey Reveals Top Ranked Names of Naughty Children

UK Public Support Nuclear Energy But Not Near Their Homes

Boroughs with Worst Rates of Obesity Revealed in Health Survey

Survey Reveals the Books Britons Love Most

Results Out on Latest London Restaurants Survey

Majority of Parents and Children Want Tougher Discipline in UK Schools

Survey Finds Rise in Public Acceptance of Online Dating

Poll Finds Despite Knowing Risks, Britons Skimp On Sunscreen

Consumers Want Greater Simplicity & Increased Sharing On Healthcare Devices

Nationwide Poll Names Lincolnshire UK's Favourite Food Spot

Rise in Smartphones amongst Children under 10 Gives Rise to Internet Concerns

Survey Finds Businesses Not Vigilant Enough about Social Engineering Threats

Global Survey Finds Young Brits Most Addicted to Social Media

UK Business Decision Makers Slam Reality Shows like Dragons Den as False

Survey Discovers Most Family Friendly Places to Live in UK

Global Poll Uncovers Biggest Social Networking Addicts

Coolest Brand of 2011 Revealed

Blighty Ranks Lowest in Europe for Quality of Life

Poll Finds Britons Unimpressed by 3D

PC Excellence Survey Finds Virgin Media and 3 Mobile Top for Mobile Broadband

Study Finds UK Most Car-Dependent Country in Europe

Travel Survey Reveals Spain and Britain as Top Family Holiday Destinations

Survey Finds Data Loss Vulnerability in Cloud Technology

Survey Indicates Britons Addicted to Their Smartphones

Survey Shows 80% of UK Travellers Shun Travel Insurance

Poll Finds Brits Cannot Bear to Part with Their Pets on Holiday

Poll Finds South East Drivers Worst for Car Maintenance Competence

Poll Finds Majority of Britons Apprehensive About Mobile Payment Technology

Survey Discovers Baking Revival amongst Younger Generation

Survey Reveals this Years UK Christmas Spending Habits

UK Poll Discovers Top 49 Most Influential Men for 2011

ICO Survey Finds Declining Public Confidence in Online Data Protection

Survey Warns of Health Risk Due to Brit Decline in Walking

Halloween Ranks Second Most Popular Family Celebration in UK

Poll Finds UK Needs To Improve Customer Service Ahead of 2012 Olympics

Survey Discovers Major Loss of English Words in Favour of Text Speak

UK Poll Discovers People Most Content At Age 38

Britons Increasingly Concerned About Halloween Mischief Week

Poll Reveals Two-Thirds of Britons Fill Their Garage with Clutter Instead of Cars

Liverpool Rated Best Nightlife City in UK, Manchester Voted Second

Survey Reveals Tablets Popularity in UK Homes

Poll Shows UK Has Highest Demand in Europe for Online Contractors

Sainsburys Survey Shows Many Britons Waste Food

Poll Uncovers Top British Pet Hates during the Festive Season

International Survey Finds UK GPs Score High for Complex Healthcare

Survey Results Indicate Retailers Should Target Men for Christmas Buying

Survey Finds Increase in Public Support for CCTV Following August Riots

Survey Reveals Many Britons Have Dropped Their Mobile Phone in the Loo

Survey Uncovers Top Winter Sun Getaway Destinations

New Poll Shows 2012 Optimism with Many UK Firms Planning to Expand Workforce

Survey Highlights Need for UK Employers to Tap Into Jobless Underclass

Survey Discovers Many Britons Risking Safety by Skimping on Car Maintenance

Poll Reveals Nationss Attitude to Pudding Treats

Survey Finds Many Britons Planning to Spend Less this Christmas

Hot Shop Survey Uncovers Most Up and Coming Online Retail Brands

Poll Finds UK Mobile Broadband Users Frustrated by Slow Speeds

Survey Indicates Government Plans to Raise UK Flight Taxes are Counterproductive

Survey Uncovers Secret to Start-Up Survival

Survey Finds Majority of Britons Gastronomically Unadventurous When Aboad

Ofcom Communication Provider Survey Measures Customer Satisfaction Levels

Survey Highlights Loss of Neighbourly Spirit in UK

Poll Discovers 22% of iPhone Users Dissatisfied

Survey Finds Cybercrime Ranked Third Biggest Crime Worry for Businesses

Survey Claims One in Four UK Women Dangerously Overweight

Survey Discovers Public Attitude to Consumer Tracking by Advertisers

Survey Shows Worst Place in UK for Parking

Survey Highlights Danger of Payday Loans Amidst Consumer Debt Worry

Global Survey Finds UK Workers Worry about Email Monitoring More Than Most

Poll Finds Britons Prefer Heading to Foreign Destinations for Holidays

Survey Nudges Britons to Review Their Savings Account Provider for Best Deal

Poll Reveals Celebrities Britons Most Want at their Xmas Dinner Table

Poll Shows British Love of Takeaways But Points to Health and Money Implications

Survey Finds UK Businesses Losing Billions by Being Inflexible with Employees

Survey Discovers Marketing Industry Has Most Driven Professionals

Survey Finds Millions of Flight Passengers Ignore Request to Switch off Mobile

Survey Finds UK Has Highest Rates of Online Shopping in 17 Countries

Survey Uncovers Unfair Online Delivery Practises to People in Rural Scotland

Survey Uncovers Massive Gap in Childrens Christmas Knowledge

Survey Uncovers Cost and Differing Car Performances When Tackling Potholes

Survey Finds UK Parents Not Implementing Online Safeguards for Their Kids

Global Happiness Index Survey Finds Britons Better Off than French and Spanish

Survey Finds British Homes in Need of New Year Cleaning Blitz

Market Research Finds Britons Prefer Texts and Printed Vouchers to Mobile Web

Hart Voted Best Place to Live in National Survey

Poll Reveals Top 10 Fibs That Female Dieters Tell

Survey Finds British Drivers Unhappy About Fuel Costs

HSBC Expat Survey for 2011 Finds UK Ranking Poorly

Market Research Uncovers UKs Top Electricity Provider

Poll Discovers Most Content and Most Unhappy Cities in Britain

Survey Finds UK Business Growth in Jeopardy Due to Lack of Critical Skills

Market Research Finds iPhone Owners Careless about Cracked Screens

Survey Reveals Current Housing Benefit System Not Acceptable to British Landlords

Survey Shows Majority of Britons Seeking Thrifty Holiday Spending in 2012

Survey Highlights Damage Done by One in Three Brits Going Into Work When Sick

Market Research Measures the New Years Resolutions of Britons

Study Uncovers Britains Favourite Food Choices

Market Research Measures Growth Potential of Streaming TV in UK

Market Research Shows the UKs Most Desirable Companies to Work For

Market Research Reveals Importance of Wi-Fi at Hotels for British Travellers

Survey Finds Britons Getting Fed Up With Exorbitant Train Fares

Survey Discovers Divided Opinions amongst Britons about Olympics Fever

Poll Measures UK Publics Food Concerns

Survey Discovers What Expats Miss Most and Least About Britain

Market Research Finds Major UK Cities Lagging In Mobile 3G Speeds

Market Research Measures UK Publics Opinion on Business as a Force for Good

International Survey Reveals Facebook Fatigue and Other Internet Trends

Market Research Uncovers the Gifts Women Detest on Valentines Day

Market Research Finds Fast-Food Franchises Weather the Recession Well

Survey Discovers Digital Divide between Parents and Children

Market Research Suggests Dogs Are Womans Best Friend

The Royal Family Come Out Top in UK Legacy Poll

Poll Reveals New Adventurous Trends in Honeymoon Destinations

Survey Uncovers Towns and Cities in Britain Where People Are Happiest

Market Research Finds IT Professionals Jittery About Job Longevity

Market Research Shows Anti-Social Behaviour Costing Britain Billions

Survey Shows Decline in Social Media Interest amongst Britons

Survey Discovers Increase in People Terrified of Being Without a Mobile Phone

Market Research Sees UK Shoppers Feeling More Upbeat

Global Consumer Poll Finds Consumers Disappointed with Their Mobile Operators

Survey Finds Many Adult Britons Wont Be Parted From Their Teddy Bear

Global Market Research Finds Britons Increasingly Prioritising Work/Life Balance

International Survey Measures Countries Most Intolerant of Bad Service

Market Research Reveals Why Many UK Employees Feel Limited

National ONS Survey Unveils Happiest and Unhappiest People in Britain

Market Research Finds Most Britons Go Into Autopilot after Driving Only 11 Minutes

Survey Finds UK Retail Venues Losing Customers from Unfriendly Dog Policy

Survey Discovers British Women Lack Saving Savvy

Survey Finds Britons Losing Trust in SMS and Mobile Social Networking

Best Beaches in Europe and the UK Uncovered by Travel Survey

Survey Finds UK Public Confidence in Pensions at All-Time Low

Survey Discovers Kids Turn to Search Engines Instead of Parents

Market Research Uncovers Continued Growth of UK Online Shopping

Latest UK Employment Survey Finds Most Businesses More Positive

Survey Reveals How Britons Intend to Enjoy Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend

Market Research Finds Young Children Increasingly Using Gadgets

Survey Results Warn Public about the Career Risks of Social Networking

Market Research Finds Britons Now More Optimistic About Sending Money

New IAB Survey Reveals Increasing Surge in Mobile Retail Popularity

Poll Finds Proposed Rise in Fuel Prices Could Cost Some Britons Their Job

Survey Finds Every Briton Loses 403 Pounds Per year By Not Using Tax-Free ISAs

Market Research Measures Levels of Dishonesty amongst UK Drivers

HSBC Survey Warns DIY Britons of Drop in Home Improvement ROI

Survey Uncover UK Workers Increasing Resent Employer Overspending

Poll Finds Brits Spending 15,600 pounds at Coffee Shops Due to Lack of Know-How

Market Research Finds Link between Exercise and High Earnings

Media Literacy Survey Finds Britons Going Online 50% More Than 5 Years Ago

Large Numbers of Britons Planning to Be Absent from UK During Olympics

Market Research Discovers Britons Want Improved Online Customer Service

Nationwide Survey Uncovers Local Opinion about Towns

International Survey Shows Rise in Home Wi-Fi

Market Research Indicates Expectation of Last Minute Hotel Bookings for Olympics

Poll Uncovers Public Perception of 3D Technology

Shocking Poll Discovers Many Britons Clueless About World Geography

Market Research Demonstrates VoIP Is The Way Forward for SMEs

Survey Reveals Most Common Car Brands Chosen By Cheating Spouses

Poll Reveals Global Career Response of Workers to Ailing Economy

Survey Finds Small Businesses Concerned Over Change to Sunday Trading Laws

Market Research Uncovers Call Centre Nightmare Experienced by UK Consumers

Survey Reveals Best and Worst Value City-Break Destinations in Europe and US

Market Research Finds UK Consumers Uninterested in TV Apps & Home 3D

Survey Finds UK Businesses Being Unprepared for Olympics Could Cost 11billion

Survey Demonstrates Britons Want Environmentally Friendly Wind Power

Market research shows UK house prices are expected to rise

Survey finds Dundee University provides best student experience

Survey Reveals Rise in Restaurant Voucher Popularity

European Study Finds Britons Leading the Way in Mobile Gaming

Survey Discovers Many UK Drivers Confused Over Tackling Tyre Flats

Poll Finds UK Shoppers Want Improvement to Online Checkout Process

Survey Finds UK Roads Not Cycler-Friendly

Survey Shows Increase in Economy Optimism but Expectation of Difficulty

Good Beach Survey Sees Many North East Beaches Rated Top

Annual Survey Uncovers Latest Consumer Media Trends

Survey Finds DIY-Loving Britons Frustrated by Crucial PC Know-How

Poll Finds Most Britons Angry Over Shocking Rise in Rubbish on Streets

Poll of Young Travellers Finds Biggest Holiday Regret to Be Tattoos

Global Survey Finds UK Students Most Savvy About E-books

Market Research Reveals UK Success Stories for Foreign Tourist Popularity

Health Poll Sees Britons Struggling to Meet Five-A-Day Fruit & Veg Target

Market Research Sees Broadband Providers Falling Short of Speed Promise

Survey Finds Majority of Britons Struggling to Meet Rising Petrol Costs

HSBC Survey Reveals Changing British Budget for Garden Enhancements

Survey Finds UK Households Damage Budget by Throwing Too Much Food Away

Market Research Finds Most UK Businesses Braced for Rise in Cyber Attacks

Survey Uncovers Rise in Diversity of British Family Life

Market Research Discovers Most Stressful Workplace Issues

Market Research Reveals Top Rated and Worst Performing UK Retailers

Survey Gives Insight into Education Gaps of Spell-Check Generation

Market Research Finds UK Employers Failing to Value Staff

Survey Finds Britons Facing Risk in Retirement by Not Saving Enough

Market Research Finds Elderly Britons Missing Out on Claiming Pension Credit

Survey Reveals Community Spirit in Britons

Market Research Discovers Scotland Is Biggest UK Region for Social Networking

Nationwide Poll Shows UK Drivers are Stressed Out

Data Processing & Analysis Survey Shows Gaps in Government Communication

Market Research Uncovers Current Smartphone Use in Britain

Market Research Reveals the Car Manufacturer Rated Highest by Britons

Insight Study Into HR Sector Discovers Skill Shortage That Needs to Be Addressed

Poll Finds UK Shoppers Want Improvement to Online Checkout Process

Poll Finds Britons Mad About Fish & Chips and Tea to Celebrate Diamond Jubilee

Poll Shows Beach Holiday Abroad 25 Percent Cheaper than London during Olympics

Health Survey Finds Older Brits Habitually Eat Healthier than 18-30 Year Olds

Survey Intensifies Debate over Ban on Facebook Ads Targeting Kids

Market Research Finds Many Tourists to Avoid High Hotel Prices during Olympics

Survey Finds Many Britons Taking Food Risks Due to Reduced Finances

Market Research Finds Alarming Gaps in School Leaver Skills

Health Minister Defends Survey Findings of Major Drop in NHS Satisfaction Levels

Cost of Living Survey Shows Priciest Cities in the World for Expats

Survey Finds Staff Stress Not Being Tackled Costing UK Billions per Year

Consumer Complaints Not Being Heeded by Companies Finds Online Poll

Poll Finds Prevalence of Lost Mobiles but No Insurance amongst Britons

Survey Finds Young Britons Have Shocking Lack of Basic Food Knowledge

Survey Finds British Motorists Suffer Worst Petrol Hike in Europe

Mobile Gaming Survey Confirms Rise in Popularity Amongst UK and US Players

Market Research Discovers Rise in Office Desk Rage Amongst Britons

Survey Warns of Economic Danger from Banks Refusing Small Business Loans

Survey on Consumer Attitudes to Value Gives Retailers Wakeup Call

McDonalds Ranks Lowest Once More in Fast Food Satisfaction Survey

Market Research Finds UK Teachers Worried about Childrens Lack of Reading

Market Research Sees Boost to UK Economy Due to Upturn in Manufacturing Sector

Survey Finds Britons Opting for Local Holidays to Stretch their Budgets Further

Major NHS Patient Survey Data Gives Rise to Useful iPhone app Rating Local GPs

Market Research Shows Grim Times in Store for Rail Commuters

Insight Study Shows Dominance of Electronic Gadget Play amongst UK Children

Survey Reveals Summer Rain Costs UK Drivers 25 Million per Day

Poll of UK Teachers Finds Improvement in Pupil Behaviour

Survey Reveals Appalling Waste of Money Caused by Leaving Electrics on Standby

Market Research Finds Apprenticeship Opportunities Lacking in IT Sector

Survey Reveals Visitor Interest in London Museums during Olympics

Market Research Finds UK Advertisers to Benefit from Rise in Multi-Screening

Market Research Reveals Ups and Downs of Britains Manufacturing Sector

Market Research Discovers Britons Unhappy About Stifled Creativity

Survey Uncovers British Attitude to Shopping at Charity Outlets

Study Finds Britons Aged 18-34 Bucking Poor Economy by Frequently Eating Out

Research Finds Disturbing Lack of Secondary School Resources For Visually Impaired Children

Survey Gives Insight In To The World's Most Expensive Cities

Research Gives Overview of British Charitable Trends

Poll Suggests Football Talk Considered 'Uninteresting' By Majority

Research Gives Insight In To Customer Loyalty Schemes

Study Suggests That Social Network 'Friends' Are Not Real Friends

Research In To Charity Collaboration Recognises Strength In Numbers

Survey Discovers Britons Letting Lunch Time Slide

Market Research Finds Rich UK Drivers Guilty of Not Washing Their Cars

Market Research Sees UK Housing Prices Drop Everywhere except London

Market Research Uncovers Waning Public Confidence in NHS

Market Research Finds Britons Wasting Billions on Overpriced Energy Suppliers

Survey Discovers Downturn in UK Marketing Spend Amidst Waning Optimism

Market Research Uncovers Prevalence of Shady Corporate Ethics

Healthcare Survey Reveals Too Many Brits Visiting GP for Minor Ailments

Market Research Reveals Engineering Skills Gap Damaging UK Economic Growth

Government Survey Helps to Tackle Bogus Student Visa Problem

Recession Stressed Managers Risk UK Business Decline Finds Survey

Construction Sector Survey Reveals No Improvement Despite Government Input

Market Research Uncovers Popularity of Mobile Devices Amongst Britons

Survey Shows Many Brits on Holiday Flaunting Skin Safety Warnings

Market Research Finds Contractors Getting Better Pay Rises than Permanent Workers

First Results of ONS National Wellbeing Survey Published

Poll Reveals Public Distrust in Software Updates

Health Poll Finds Britons Neglecting Correct Exercise Routine

Market Research Proves Used Japanese Cars Far more Reliable than Other Brands

Poll Finds UK SMEs Increasingly Concerned about Surviving Poor Economy

Social Shopping Poll Finds Women Keeping Tight Lipped about Fashion Bargains

Market Research Uncovers New Trend of Rooted Renters

Globe Trotters Vote Japanese Food Third Most Popular Cuisine

Poll Finds Medical Industry Needs to Educate Britons about Telehealth Benefits

Market Research Finds UK Contractors Optimistic Despite Double Dip Recession

Poll Shows Alarming Decline in Charity Donations amongst Britons

Market Research Finds Misbehaving Kids on a Flight Annoys Britons Most

Market Research Finds British Youth Getting Serious About Saving Money

Market Research Finds Pubs at Risk as Public Opt for Cheaper Alcohol at Home

Insight Survey Finds UK Shoppers are Mad for Discounts

Reliability Survey Crowns Mazda MX-5 as Top Performer

Team GB Success in the Olympics Boosts National Pride

Global Market Research Finds Professionals Trust the Cloud for Securing Data

Market Research Finds Couples Argue More When Away on Holiday

Workplace Survey Discovers Over Familiar Emails are a Big No

Market Research Shows Music Streaming To Be the Sound of 2012

Market Insights Suggest British Olympians Perceived To Have Benefitted From Home Advantage

Report Provides Insight into Oil and Gas Market

Market Research Shows Tower of London and British Musuem Among Top Attractions in England

Figures Show Power Of Electronic Lending; Leads to Increased Sales

Market Research Reveals Top UK Home Broadband Providers

Insight Poll Uncovers the Classic Childrens Books Britons Love Most

Survey Suggests Declining Optimism In European Chemical Industry

Market Research Suggests Consumption of PVC Set To Grow Rapidly

New Study Gives Insight In To Bio-Polymer Market

Market Research Report Details Engineering Sector Salaries

Report Gives Insight In To Construction and Property Sector Employment

Market Research Finds Electric Vehicles Increasingly Appealing to Britons

Research Finds Manufacturing Considered A Practical Career In India

Survey Names and Shames UK & Europes Most Unfriendly Airports

Market Research Shows Growth Still Possible For Manufacturing SMEs in England

Market Research Suggests Manufacturing CEOs Preparing For Growth

Report Details Falling Chemical Sector Outputs In European Union

Market Research Finds Majority of Britons Clueless about Smart Meter Benefits

Survey Shows Rapid Rise of Social Media Popularity amongst Shoppers

Survey Finds Career Women Face Numerous Glass Ceilings

Market Research Discovers Most Britons Watch Ads but Not Connected TV

Market Research Finds British Motorists Have Need for Speed

Survey Finds SMEs in Construction Sector Concerned

Market Research Uncovers Top Necessity When Britons Research Holidays Online

Survey Finds Mortgages Least Expensive in Scotland

Technology Companies Positive about Sector but Negative about Wider Economy

Insight Research Finds UK Businesses Failing to Maximise SMS Marketing

Survey of Financial Sector Finds Concern over Staff Retention

Survey Reveals Many Britons Clueless about Major UK Inventions

Market Research Finds Landlords Pleased but Tenants to Suffer Rise in Rental Fees

Survey Finds Many Britons Struggling to Pay High Energy Bills

Market Research Uncovers UKs Best Heritage Attraction

Market Research Shows Olympic Athletes Outpacing Corporations in Branding Stakes

Online Poll Finds the Austin Mini Voted Best British Car Ever

Market Research Uncovers Top UK Health Spots for Frequent Cycling

Survey Discovers Legal Industry is Recession Proof

Survey Finds UK Companies Prioritise Creativity but Lack Financial Know-How

SMEs Held Back by Concern Over Bank Borrowing

Market Research Highlights Child Poverty Plight

Charity Conducts Largest Ever Survey In To Gay and Bisexual Health

Survey Reveals Britons to Be Poor Nation of Sleepers

Poll Finds UK Public Keen on Longer Sunday Shopping Hours

Figures Show US Solar Panel Installations Spiked in Second Quarter of 2012

Survey Shows Risks of Using Non-Registered Gas Engineers

Survey Finds Many HR Directors Have No Help at Hand for Stressed Employees

Global Market Research Reveals Impact and Usage of Internet

Survey Finds Scottish Teachers One of Hardest Workers in the World

The Sun Crowned Most Read and Least Trusted Newspaper by UK Poll

Market Research Uncovers How Often Britons Wash Their Cars

Survey Finds Britons Unimpressed by Gimmicky Supermarket Promotions

London Olympics Gives Boost to Acceptance of Flexible Working Finds Survey

Market Research Finds Britons Resigned to Increased Penny Pinching

Market Research Identifies Key Health Concerns in Five UK Cities

Research Shows Britons Not Satisfied With Major High-Street Banks

Market Research 'Highlights Need' For Dedicated Business Bank

Poll Sees Banking Giants Outperformed by Smaller Providers in Satisfaction Score

Market Research Finds UK Businesses Keen on IT Outsourcing

Market Research Uncovers What Britons Rate as Least Trusted Professions

Market Research Highlights Need for More Investment to Keep Cyclers Safe

Market Research Demonstrates Lack of Employee Compliance with IT Security

UK Doctor Survey Highlights Problem of Fraudulent Whiplash Claims for Insurance

Poll Reveals The Cars Which Britons Find Sexiest When Driven by the Opposite Sex

Market Research Discovers Worst Offenders for Cyber Attacks Globally

International Market Research Reveals Shopping Preferences of Britons

Poll Finds Most Britons Against Plans to Introduce Postcode Pay for Public Sector

Market Research Finds IT Investment Boost in UK Schools

Survey Finds Pupil Premium is 'Failing to Raise Standards' in Schools

Market Research Finds 11-Plus Failure Influenced Uptake of Education In Later Life

Market Research Finds Britons Throwing Money Away on Unnecessary Goods

Worldwide Survey Finds Online Freelancers Not Affected by Economic Downturn

Construction Sector Survey Finds Birmingham Outperforming Rest of UK

Survey Discovers UK Smartphone Owners Unimpressed by Mobile Advertising

Poll Discovers UK Student Satisfaction

Poll Finds Fewer Small Scottish Firms Planning to Invest

Market Research Reveals Happiest Times of Life For Britons

Market Research Shows Users Unimpressed By Windows 8

Market Research Shows Emerging Middle Class Gives Hope to US Technology Exporters

Market Research Shows Levels of British Workplace Depression

Survey Discovers Top 20 Places to Raise a Family in the UK

Survey Finds Many Britons Clueless about Shakespeare

Market Research Discovers Smartphones and Tablets Now in Half of U.S Households

Employee Study Shows Late Staff Cost Economy Billions

Poll Discovers Americans Feel Unsafe on the Internet

Market Research Reveals East West Divide in Energy Costs

Global Travel Survey Finds UK Holiday Rentals Ahead of the Curve

Market Research Finds UK Employees Stressed by Increased Workloads

Survey Reveals Gaps in Recycling Awareness for Unwanted Household Items

Market Research Finds Huge Fall in Petrol Sales

Market Research Study Finds Canadians Paying More To Park

New Figures Give Scotch Whisky Industry Reason To Be 'Confident About The Future'

Survey Finds Scottish Older People Housebound, Lonely and Depressed

Market Research Reveals Most Irritating Drivers on UK Roads

Market Research Shows That Fuel Prices Alter Driver Habits in Northern Ireland

Market Research Results Predict Stable Gas Demand In EU For 2012

Global Survey Finds British Small Firms Have Easier Life

Euro Survey Finds British Academics Have Highest Dissatisfaction Levels

Market Research Sees Rise in Younger Generation Taking Holiday Getaways

Market Research Finds Britons Keen to Work From Home More

Survey Finds Britons Dubious About Futuristic Payment Technologies

Figures Show 1.6 Million Still Living With Parents

Poll Shows Britons Want Improved Manners amongst Kids

Survey Sees UK Businesses Keen on Keeping Up with Technology

Market Research Reveals Another Decline for SME in Construction Sector

Poll Reveals Money Worries Means One in Three Students Can Not Sleep

Market Research Finds Britons Putting Social Media over Dinner Romance

Survey Discovers Over 50s in Britain Love Techy Gadgets

Market Research Finds FIFA 13 Guilty of Breaking Up Relationships

Poll Uncovers Steep Rise in Cost of Football Tickets

Survey Sees Drop in UK Crime Rates

Poll Reveals Children Read Fewer Bedtime Stories

Research Discovers Children Want to Know More About Nature

Poll Reveals Nation's Driving Habits

Opinion Poll Finds Britons Want Better Press Regulation

Market Research Discovers Need for Reliable Financial Advice

Global Poll Sees UK Voted Safest Place to Study

Market Research Finds Majority of Britons Keen on Solar Energy

Global Survey Uncovers the Job Benefits that Britons Value Most

Market Research Discovers Key to Telecoms Growth in 2013 is Innovation

Survey Discovers Top Trick or Treating Locations in Britain this Halloween

Opinion Survey Reveals How Britons Feel about Apple Devices

Market Research Shows Britons More Upbeat about Property Prices

Survey Finds Many Britons Being Overcharged by Energy Suppliers

New Report Predicts Difficult Decade For Commercial Real Estate

Poll Reveals Inadequate Business IT Security to Tackle Rising Threats

Market Research Shows Teenage Britons Want Improved IT Education

Poll Finds Most Britons Opposed to Increased Government Snooping

Market Research Shows Chemical Companies Looking To Invest

Survey Highlights UK Businesses Suffer Increasing Costs from IT Downtimes

Poll Shows Career Stagnation Puts Business Progression at Risk

Jamie Oliver Urges Action On New School Dinner Survey Results

RSA Report Shows Commercial Construction Output Has Rapidly Declined Poll Shows Britons Overpaying On Utilities Bills

CBI Research Study Reports Strong Increase In Sales Figures

Research Shows Staff Morale Is Low But Team Effectiveness High

Movember Survey Gives Insight Into Facial Hair In Relationships

Study Shows Supermarkets Battle To Offer Budget Christmas Dinner

Market Research Discovers Britons Flocking Online for Grocery Deals

Survey Shows Residents Opposed To Planned New Housing

Market Research Finds Online Retailers at Risk by Getting Deliveries Wrong

Poll Reveals BMW Crowned As Most Trustworthy Company Car

Study Shows Football Clubs Hit Hard By Financial Difficulties

Poll Demonstrates Customer Feedback is Key to Retailer Success

Study Shows Social Media Becoming Increasingly Important To Small Businesses

Travel Poll Puts Uncovers Most Offensive Plane Experiences Suffered by Passengers

Market Research Reveals What Britons Worry About Most

Study Reveals Shoppers Take Time To Find Best Deals

Sex Education Lacking In Schools, Report Shows

Survey Shows Savile Scandal Lowers Level Of Trust In BBC

Survey Reveals Gadgets Proving Popular With Older Generations

Market Research Sees UK Businesses Worried about Energy Supply

Survey Finds UK Charities at Risk from Dwindling Donation Support

Poll Demonstrates Public Concern over Cyber Security in Britain

Survey Shows 'Call Of Duty Cough' To Spread Worldwide

UK Economy Boosted By Olympic Construction

Market Research Uncovers Worst Gripes of UK Drivers

Research Shows Dads Are Better Drivers Than Mums, According To Kids

Market Research Demonstrates Poor Knowledge Of Building Information Modelling

International Study Sees UK Ranked Best for Online GP Services

Survey Finds Britons Losing Money by Not Being Clued Up on Foreign Currencies

Market Research Shows More Than 1 in 10 Shops Empty

Children Hiding Talents At School To Avoid Bullies

Survey Sees Car Rentals on the Rise as Britons Get Thrifty

Britons are Mad for Telly According to Poll

Schools Failing To Capitalize On Olympic Inspiration

Survey Suggests Elderly Face Tough Winter

Football Managers 'Obsessed' With The Beautiful Game, Survey Finds

Survey Uncovers Paradoxical Attitude to Internet Security amongst Britons

Market Research Finds UK Rental Prices Continuing to Escalate

Research Into New 4G Network Reveals Patchy Coverage

Research Suggests Supermarkets BOGOF Offers Fuelling Obesity

Britain Tops Monocle Magazine 'Soft Power' Survey

Survey Discovers Britons Rate Social Media Poorly for Customer Support

Market Research Reveals Current Pros and Cons of UK Barrister Profession

Social Networking Sites Being Used For 'Grooming', Report Suggests

Market Research Discovers Worrying Trend of Britons Struggling to Pay Bills

Two Separate Polls Conclude Italian Food is Top Pick amongst Europeans

Survey Reveals Scottish Road Markings Amongst Worst In UK

Boardroom Pay Survey Highlights Gender Gap

Global Insight Study Shows Disconnect Between Consumer Intention and Behaviour

Survey Reveals British Facebook Users Care More About Looking Good Than Looking Intelligent

Market Research Shows In Reality British Women Run the Roost

Survey Highlights Harmful Trend of Working in Bed Using Laptops and Tablets

Study Results Show Active Route To School Can Aid Academic Performance

Survey Finds Traditional UK Christmas Overtaken by Digital Devices

Market Research Uncovers How and Where Britons Choose Winter Holidays

Government Survey Finds Majority of Britons Confused about Pensions

Market Research Finds Technology Facilitating Flexible Working

Consumer Study Sees Britons Putting Off Switching to Cheaper Energy Supplier

Market Research Shows UK Property Rental Industry Urgently Needs Regulation

Retail Survey Highlights Consistent Rise in E-commerce Popularity

Global Poll Measures Best and Worst Places for Quality of Living

Market Research Reveals Current Attitudes of Britons towards Plastic Surgery

Survey Finds UK Small Businesses Suffering from Bank Loan Rejections

Market Research Shows Rise in Britons Choosing Counterfeit Goods

Survey Uncovers Escalation of NHS A&E Waiting Times

International Survey Measures Least and Most Corrupt Countries in the World

UK Survey Discovers Welsh Men Most Lacking in Home Gadget DIY Skills

Market Research Sees Banking Staff Continuing to Miss-Sell Financial Products

Many Britons Not Overjoyed about Making Christmas Dinner Finds Poll

Poll Finds Drink Driving During Festive Season Not Completely Stamped Out

International Survey Measures Key Levels of Performance in UK Schools

Survey Finds Britons Keen to Pull a Sickie to Finish Christmas Shop

Market Research Reveals UK Managers Feeling Positive about 2013

International Survey Sees UK Topping List for Online Use

Poll of Major Cities Finds London Rated Second Worst for Friendly Locals

Survey Crowns Top UK Celebrity Christmas Chefs

Study Finds Less than One in Five Brits Are Morning People

Market Research Highlights Prevalence and Cost of Smartphone Damage

Survey Finds UK Business Recruitment Strategies Suffering Strain

Consumer Research Sees Most Britons Still Keen on In-Store Shopping over Online

Study Highlights Many UK Households Struggling with Debt

Poll Discovers Over 55s Keen on Tech Gadgets this Christmas

Market Research Measures Position of UK Businesses on Raising Finance

BBC Suffers Knock to Reputation from Jimmy Savile Scandal According to Poll

Survey Highlights Health Impact of Debt Problems

Xmas Customer Satisfaction Survey Ranks Best & Worst Online Retailers

Market Research Indicates UK Job Growth in 2013

Survey Finds Britons Keenest in the World on Posting Christmas Cards

Study Discovers Many UK Consumers in the Dark about Financial Advice Fees

Britons Underestimating their Weight According to Survey

Survey Shows Changing Face of Christmas Viewing between Now and 1952

Market Research Shows Global Happines Not Directly Associated With Material Wealth

Market Research Reveals Depression, Racism and Match-Fixing All Present In Football

Survey Shows Fleet Leaders 'Cautiously Optimistic' Despite Fuel Challenges

Poll Shows Current Opinions of UK Business Leaders

Survey Finds For-Work Drivers Have Most Bad Habits on UK Roads

Poll Finds Britons Want Wider Internet Coverage not Faster Broadband Speeds

Survey Uncovers Need for UK Employers to Recognise Workforce Wellbeing

Global Study Finds Personal Devices Boost Job Productivity

Poll Indicates Business Travel Market Stable for 2013

Market Research Uncovers Demographic of Britons Least and Most Likely to Speed

Survey Finds Caravanning More Popular Than Ever for Affordable UK Holidays

Survey Finds Britons Increasingly Going Online for Suitable Recipe Inspiration

Poll Reveals Europeans Keen On Green Driving

Survey Sees UK SMEs Feeling Optimistic about Growth in 2013

Survey Reveals Tablet Uptake amongst Young Britons Boosts News Readership

Survey Indicates UK Businesses at Risk by Neglecting Growing Older Workforce

Survey Finds Britons Not Bothered by GM Food Issue

Survey Measures Most and Least Affordable 2013 Holiday Getaways for Britons

Market Research Discovers Hike in Retail Crime and Associated Costs

Europe Wide Survey Finds UK Toddlers Are Fussiest Eaters

Survey Finds Britons Not Bothered About Switching Brands for Better Offers

Market Research Discovers Best and Worst Performing Car Engines

Satisfaction Survey Finds UK Consumers Fed Up with Big Six Energy Companies

Market Research Shows Massive Hike in Cost of Raising a Child

Survey Finds Britons Keen on Sustainable Seafood Labelling

Poll Reveals Traditional Telly Being Outstripped by Streaming Devices

Survey Finds Busy Britons Losing Out on Lunch Hour

Health Survey Shows Average UK Adult Wastes Five Years Fretting

Poll Discovers Majority of Londoners Disenchanted with Living in the Capital

Market Research Uncovers Best and Worst Time for Speedy Broadband

Survey Reveals Main Languages Spoken in England and Wales

Global Survey Finds Poor Cyber Security Info Voted as Greatest Business Risk

Market Research Demonstrates the Best & Worst Performing Medium Cars

Survey Shows Social Media Causing Major Privacy Concerns in the Workplace

Sleep Survey Sees UK Tendency for Poor Night's Rest in February

Market Research Finds SMEs at Risk from Opting for Pirated Software

Annual Global Survey Uncovers Most Expensive Cities in the World

European Survey Finds Businesses Keen on IT Investment to Boost Growth

Market Research Finds Britons Wary About Grocers after Horsemeat Scandal

Poll Measures How Far Britons Will Travel for Love

Survey Shows Brand Marketing is Now Most Valued Sector Skill

Market Research Discovers the New Locked Out Generation in Britain

Survey Reveals One Third of Men Rent or Borrow Items to Impress a Date

Poll Uncovers the Gifts Women Most Despise on Valentines Day

Survey Demonstrates MBA Graduates Earning More than a Decade Ago

Online Survey Sees Many Britons Succumb to Buying Fake Fashion

Survey Finds Drop in Book Reading Amongst Britons

Market Research Uncovers Public Dissatisfaction Over Rail Company Services

Survey Sees Rising Auto Costs Preventing Young Britons from Becoming Drivers

Digital Survey Reveals Worrying Trend of Screenaholics

Poll Reveals Customer Satisfaction Ratings on UK Supermarket Giants

Survey Finds Britons Lack Knowledge about Key Health Foods

Poll Shows UK GPs Lukewarm about Online Patient Record Access

Market Research Indicates Businesses Missing Out by Not Allowing Flexi-Work

Survey Reveals Worst Commute Hotspots in UK

Poll Finds Most Britons Not Bothered about Buying Imperfect Looking Fruit & Veg

Survey Demonstrates Top Brand Popularity Ratings in the UK

Market Research Shows Burger And Ready Meal Sales Hit In Horsemeat Scandal

Pension Survey Sees Britons Not Saving Enough for Golden Years

Market Research Suggests High Street To Continue Suffering As Closures Could Reach 28 A Day

Survey Uncovers Retailers Voted Top for Helping Cash Strapped Consumers

Poll Finds UK Drivers Baffled by Redundant Road Signs

Market Research Reveals Most Popular UK Retirement Spots

Poll Finds Consumers Fed Up with Shabby Customer Service Call Centres

Survey Reveals Young Professionals in Britain Mostly Eat Quick Fix Meals

Market Research Sees Online Customer Reviews Valued Highly by Travellers

Survey Uncovers Importance of Good Leadership in UK Businesses

Opinion Survey Reveals Mothers Day Buying Trends

Market Research Reveals Difficulty of Buying Bigger Second Home in Britain

Global Survey Finds UK Tourism Staff Dissatisfied

Poll Highlights Public Discontent over Government Delay of Fast UK Broadband

National Survey Reveals How Britons Feel about Charity

Market Research Uncovers Top Rated Dream Locations in the UK

Survey Highlights Changing Face of UK Viewing Habits

Survey Finds Many British Motorists Fine with Making False Insurance Claims

Market Research Reveals Satisfaction Levels of Britons Who Travel by Bus

Survey Finds Increased Business Travel with Service Rated over Price

Online Survey Reveals UK Doctors Giving Patients Placebo Treatments

Market Research Sees Many Britons Happier After Relocating Abroad for Work

Survey Sees Majority of UK Patients Waiting Two Days for GP Appointment

Consumer Study Reveals Top Annoyances Suffered by High Street Shoppers

Survey Highlights Major Knowledge Gaps amongst Britons Driving Abroad

Poll Discovers Most Popular UK Family Day Trips this Easter

Happiness Index Survey Uncovers Best and Worst Places to Live in Britain

Market Research Highlights Most Moaned About ISPs

Snack Survey Sees UK Children Eating Too Much Unhealthy Food

Cyber Security Survey Shows UK Companies Struggling to Tackle Threats

Survey Reveals Why Britons Fail to Make Lucrative Claim for PPI Mis-selling

Opinion Poll Finds Small Businesses Unimpressed by UK Political Parties

Market Research Uncovers Current Holiday Trends

Quantitative Survey Sees Britons Keen on Ordering Takeaways over Easter

Survey Shows UK Employers Happy to Pay More for Top Performing Workers

Survey Finds Rising Number of Britons in Debt Due to Soaring Energy Prices

Poll Uncovers Current Social Media Habits of Britons

Survey Finds Lack of Home Buying Knowledge Has Many Britons Owning a Lemon

Market Research Finds Quarter of Britons Endure Problems with their Bank

Poll Discovers Most Londoners In Favour of Making Tube Strikes Illegal

Survey Sees UK Consumers Increasingly Opting for Supermarket One-Stop-Shop

NHS Survey Finds Room For Improvement in Level of Hospital Care Patients Receive

Survey Reveals Dairy Farmers Uncertain about Future of the Industry

Survey Highlights Rise of Games Consoles in UK Households

Market Research Finds Londoners Struggling with Exorbitant Rent Hikes

Market Research Uncovers UK Locations with Biggest Rates of Heart Disease

New Market Research In To Human Resources Points to "Culture of Fear" in UK Management

Security Survey Finds UK Businesses Experiencing Escalating Cyber Threats

Research In To Apprenticeships Suggests Solution to Future Skills Shortages

Travel Survey Sees the UK Enjoying Strong International Reputation

Survey Finds Major Skill Gaps in Certain UK Business Sectors

Poll Sees UK Workers Increasingly Smartphone Gaming during Company Time

Market Research Finds UK Consumers Worried about Smart Meter Hacking

Survey Discovers Best and Worst UK Airports

Crop Protection Chemicals Market to Grow at More Than 3 percent CAGR

Poll Highlights Public Rejection of Government Handling UK Press Regulation

Market Research Suggests Small Charities Lack Certain Expertise

Market Research Finds Charities Largely Unaware of Impact of Localism Agenda

Holiday Survey Sees Britons As Enthusiastic As Ever about Travelling Abroad

Survey Reveals UK Public Often Ignorant about Services that Charities Offer

Market Research Reveals Britons Cutting Back on Building a Savings Buffer

Survey Highlights Health Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes over Traditional Tobacco

Survey Uncovers UK Cities Which Have the Most Rewarding Bosses

Market Research Shows UK Employees Prefer Flexible Working

Education Sector Market Research Shows Private Tuition Booming in UK

Research In To Classic Car Market Reveals Top Twenty Most Endangered British Cars

Study Shows Western Europe's Main Dealer Count Declined in 2012

Electric Car Market Seems Unlikely To Accelerate, Suggests Research

Survey Analysis Shows Pirate Downloaders Also Buy the Most Online Content

Consumer Survey Reveals Highest and Lowest Rated High Street Brands

Survey Sees Majority of Britons Spending Their Summer Holiday Locally

Survey Discovers UK Brands Struggling to Retain Customer Loyalty

Mobile Phone Users Calling For "Sponsored" Bills, Says Market Research

New Research Suggests European Smartphone Users Face Price Disparities Compared to UK

Android and iOS Account For Majority of Smartphone Operating System Market

Automotive Market Research Reveals Top Rated Car Models and Manufacturers

Survey Shows Corporate Charity Activities are Important to Britons

Survey Discovers UK Public Feels Vulnerable to Cybercrime

Poll Finds Decline in UK Parents Saving for their Child to Attend University

Market Research Uncovers Shocking Ignorance about Food amongst Young Britons

Employee Healthcare Costs Rising in EMEA, Finds Survey

Market Research Finds Alcohol Related Hospital Admissions Rise To More Than One Million A Year

Senior Health Professionals Anxious About Future of NHS, Says Market Research

Survey Reveals Latest Trends in Corporate Travel Industry

Survey Finds UK Entrepreneurs on the Rise

Survey Sees Facebook Popularity Drop Plus Public Dislike of Social Media Marketing

Opinion Survey Finds Rise in Consumer Satisfaction with Online Shopping

Poll Highlights Consumer Confusion over Energy Efficiency Technologies

Survey Shows Benefits of Car Rental Trend

Market Research Shows Employers Calling For Graduates With Work Experience

Market Research Shows Efficient Internet Access is Crucial to Britons

Charities in Scottish Carer Support Plea Following Survey Findings

Market Research Finds University Offers Ignore Social Background

Transport Market Research Finds Commuters Annoyed Over London Train Delays

Survey Indicates that Construction Sector Returns to Growth after Six Month Contraction

Market Research Survey Shows that UK Retail Sales Fall at Their Steepest Rate for Sixteen Months

Shocking Levels of Britons Being Overcharged on Bills Revealed by Survey

Survey Highlights Alarming Rise in Phishing Attacks

Market Research Finds Households Overcharged in Utilities Bills Last Year

Market Research Finds Britons Pay More than EU Average for Food and Alcohol

Market Research Study Reveals Child Confusion Over Food

Market Research Survey Backs Call for More Legislation to Cut Adult Smoking Rates

Retail Market Research Survey Uncovers Slipping Consumer Loyalty

Market Research Shows Lack of Knowledge About Construction Sector Supply Chains

Market Research Reports Minnesota Employment Is On The Rise

Research Uncovers Public Perceptions of Museums In Society

Report Gives Broad Forecast of UK Flat Glass Industry

Research Discovers Looming Lack of Graduates For Engineering Profession

Market Research Finds Lack of Consumer Trust in Utilities

Leisure Survey Uncovers Trend of Britons Working While on Holiday

Survey Finds Graduate Hiring at Highest Level Since 2008

Survey Finds NHS Hospitals Losing Half a Billion Pounds A Year

New Market Research Reveals Fastest UK Service Sector Growth for Two Years

Survey Finds UK Landlords Optimistic about On-going Rental Demand

Market Research Discovers Londoners' Trust in the Metropolitan Police Damaged

Survey Highlights Consumer Annoyance over Businesses Making Data Blunders

Market Research Reveals Six Companies Dominate British Electricity

Survey Finds Britons More Tempted to Drink Drive in Summer

Victory at Wimbledon May Boost Global Appeal of Andy Murray

Market Research Reveals Oxbridge Universities Outperformed in Terms of Graduate Employment

Global Market Research Survey Finds Worldwide Corruption Increasing

Survey Suggests NHS To Face Nurse Shortage by 2016

Global Construction Report Predicts Huge Growth

Research Finds Canadian Shoppers Unwilling to Pay Retail Price

Survey Shows Nine in Ten Healthcare Staff Feel They Make a Difference

Survey Highlights Risk of Younger Britons Taking Out Payday Loans

UNESCO Study Shows Affects of Global Conflict on Education

Survey Reveals the Car Accessories that Britons Find Tasteless

Survey Finds Spending Reduction across Care Continuum

Survey Shows Charities Should be Making Better Use of Social Media

Market Research Shows Shard Protest Reached Over Half Of British Public

Charity Pulse Survey Reveals Improvement in Job Satisfaction

Market Research Shows Almost Half of Retailers Would Consider Leaving the High Street

Market Research Finds Housings Starts to Fall by a Tenth in June (US Market)

Survey Sees Rise of Demand for Mobile Data Use over Traditional Voice Calls

Market Research Survey Questions Green Investment Bank on Power to Deliver Lower Carbon Targets

US Market Research Survey Shows Increase in Students Using Digital Devices

Survey Highlights Major Advantages of Flexible Working

Study Finds Toxic Chemicals in Toys Used by Pre-Schoolers

New Market Research Findings Show Petrochemicals Industry Set to Grow to USD 791 billion by 2018

Report Suggests Aerospace Plastics Market Set to Grow To 2018

Market Research Shows Retail Searches on Tablets Up 132% in Q2

Poll Highlights Growing Public Mistrust about the EU

US Market Research Survey Finds Health Care Costs Top CFOs Worries

Market Research Shows Increased Testicular Cancer Survival Rates in the UK

Survey Reveals the UK as Top Shopping Destination in Europe

Market Research: Seven Tenths of People Helping Pay for US College Worried about Financial Burden

Market Research Survey of Primary School Parents Shows A Quarter Pay For Holiday Tutoring

Market Research Study Shows Less than Half of Manufacturers Conduct Energy Audits

Market Research Study Shows Utilities Not Seizing Smart Grid Data Potential

Market Research Survey Indicates Engineering Workers Confidence Reaches Pre-Recession Highs

Engineers Take Charge of Up-Skilling for Career Development

Survey Finds UK Firms Positive about Economy but Sceptical about Government

Poll Shows Consumers Detest Pop-Up Ads on Mobile Devices

More pupils taking GCSEs earlier, says Market Research For Education Regulator Ofqual

New Market Research Shows Number of Zero-Hours Workers Above Previous Estimates

Market Research Shows UK Service Sector Expanding At Fastest Pace for Six Years

New Research Shows Challenges and Opportunities for Global SMP Accounting Industry

New Education Sector Market Research Suggests Students Wary of Costs of Postgraduate Study

Market Research Reveals Levels of Discrimination Against Mothers in The Workplace

Survey Reveals Local Government Leaders Views on Savings Targets

Market Research Shows Cancer Patients Denied Care and Dignity by NHS

Market Research Shows West Midlands Construction Sector Turning a Corner

Market Research Survey Shows Global Consumers Increasingly Willing to Pay Extra for Socially-Responsible Goods

US Market Research Survey Reveals Womens Top Financial Priority is Saving for Retirement

Market Research Survey Shows Consumers Misunderstand Peer-to-Peer Lending

Market Research Survey Shows Financial Constraints Force Many People to Decline Wedding Invites

A-Level Results Show Fall In Top Grades For Second Consecutive Year

Market Research Survey Reveals Patients Fear Long Term Care

Market Research Poll Shows High Number of Students Find Clearing Stressful

Annual Survey Shows Utility CEOs Starting to Partner with Customers and Engage with Employees

US Survey Discovers Parents Like Dining Out With Kids

Survey of Eating Habits in the United Kingdom

Survey Shows Diners Willing to Pay More for Sustainable Meals

Research Shows UAE Construction projects value to exceed $30bn in 2013

Higher Education Statistics Authority Figures Show Rise in Postgraduate Students Taking Foreign Courses

Survey Reveals GCSE Students Want Good Salary Over Career Helping Others

Index Shows US House Prices Are Still Rising

New Zealand Market Research Finds Growing Numbers of People No Longer Think Now is the Right Time to Buy a House

Market Research Shows Lack of Funding and Land is Preventing People from Building their Dream Home

Market Research Shows Four Fifths of Consumers Have Used Reserve-and-Collect in the Past

Research Finds Lack of Healthy Options in Hospital Vending Machines in England

Research Shows Demand for Construction Apprenticeships Rises a Fifth

Market Research Poll: MPs Right to Reject Syria Military Action

Study Reveals Diabetes is Best Fought with Fruit Not Fruit Juice

Market Research Finds Two-Thirds of Nurses have Considered Resigning

Recent Research Shows Few Over 65s Feel Old, Yet Half Object to Ageism

Survey Finds Consumers Failing to Switch to Better Gas and Electric Deals

Market Research Finds Stressed Students Perform Less Well in GCSEs

Survey Reveals Nine in Ten Graduates Found Work Amid Recession

Survey Discovers Heating Bills Concern Four Fifths of UK Population

Survey Shows Independent Retailers Fear Online Rivals

Data Shows UK Industrial Production Holds Steady

Survey Shows Four Fifths of Industrial CEOs Expect the Global Economy to Stay the Same or Worsen

Market Research Survey Reveals Industrial Output Rises in China

Survey Finds Three Quarters of Construction Firms Having Trouble Finding Qualified Workers

Welsh Health Survey Shows High Levels of Obesity, Smoking and Drinking

Survey Finds Utility Investing in Mobility to Boost Productivity

Two Fifths of Irish Companies are Expected to Increase ICT Spend

Survey Shows Wearable Technology Grows in Popularity

Survey Reveals Airline Passengers Would Trade Legroom for Wi-Fi

ASOS Reports Retail Sales Up 47% in Q4

Education Survey Shows School Pupils Denied Breakfast

Survey Shows Tooth Decay Hits a Quarter of Five-Year-Olds

Survey Reveals Public Concerns Over York Council

Irish Survey Finds 64% of Construction Companies Asked To Do a Job for Cash

Survey Finds Complaints against NHS Scotland are on the Rise

CBI Survey Shows Firms Want UK to Stay In EU

Survey Finds Local Compacts are Hampered by Falling Resources

Survey: Can Consumers Trust Banks?

Survey Suggests UK High Street Retail Sales Are Strong

Survey Reveals Why Utilities Consumers Do Not Switch Energy Providers

Survey Reveals Seven Tenths Of Companies Are Concerned Over Social Media Risks

Survey Reveals That Word Of Mouth Is The Best Form Of Advertising Among Filipino Consumers

Research Reveals What Advertisers Really Think About Facebook

Survey Shows Social Workers Are Unlikely To Act Quickly On Neglect Cases

Library Visits Drop by a Quarter in Eight Years Suggests Survey

Stay At Home Parenting Loses Appeal Among Highly Educated

Survey Shows Museums are Cutting Staff and Increasing Volunteers

Research Suggests Fewer Children are Reading in Spare Time

Survey Finds Retail Bosses are Staying True to Stores

Survey Reveals that the UK Bribery Act is Ineffective for Construction

Survey Reveals More Than Nine in Ten Major Energy and Utility Providers See Shifting Role by 2030

Survey Shows Wages Are Set To Rise in Oil and Gas Sector Due to Skills Shortage

Survey Finds Retail Customer Confidence Grows Little In Wales

British Gas Are Set to Increase Prices in Time for Christmas

Canadian Quarterly Retail Commodity Survey Shows Increase of Around 3 Percent

UK Pays Less Than European Average For Gas and Electricity Despite Energy Price Rises

Survey of Financial Directors and CFOs Finds Spreadsheets Still Widely Used

Survey Finds Consumers Have More Confidence in Pensions

Market Research Shows British Bosses Less Likely To Employ Women Not Wearing Make-Up

Shop-able Video: The Next Generation of Retail Channel?

Survey Reveals Upturn in Irish Tourism :: 'The Gathering' A Positive Factor

Survey Conducted by Trivago Shows That Brits Lead Hotel Booking Requests For The World Cup Period

New Market Research Reveals Extent of Christmas Borrowing and Subsequent Debt Hangover

Survey Points To Students Lacking A Sense Of Community - Swapping Partying For Studying

New Research Suggests Positives And Negatives For UK Gambling Industry

"Plebgate" Survey Reveals 26 Percent of the British Public Are Less Likely To Trust The Police

Research Reveals Looking Good As Motivation For Exercise And Attending Gym

Cyberbullying A Part of Everyday Life For Britain's Young People

Survey Finds Confidence Returning To The UK Construction Industry

Holiday Makers Spending More, Growth in Activity Holidays

New Research Highlights Blurred Lines Between Work And Personal Time

Survey Finds Fewer Consumers Will Participate in Halloween Activities

Research Shows Lack of Uptake of Swipe and Pay Technology via Smartphones

New Findings Show Extent of Christmas Rewards Among Employers

Survey Reveals Women Not Talking About Fertility, Feel Judged and Stigmatised

Market Research Reveals Female Pension Planning At An All Time Low

New Research Findings Suggest Curvy Women Are The Happiest

Market Research Shows Tablet Adoption Among Young Children Increasing, Replacing Mobile Phones

Road Rage Survey Suggests Half Of Motorists Have Been Abused By Other Road Users

New Findings Reveal International Appeal of Online Grocery Shopping

UK Leads The Way in European Shopping Tourism; France, Italy and Spain Top For Holidays

Men Catching Up With Women In Terms Of Spending On Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

Smoking Ban in Cars Welcomed By Brits Along With Several Additional Motoring Laws

Survey Finds One In Five Would Use A Pop-Up Shop For Halloween Products

Housing Market Research Suggests Renewed Confidence

Market Research Reveals Working Mums As Prolific Shoppers

Survey Reveals Brits Bin Over 500 Pounds Worth of Supermarket Shopping Per Year

Survey Finds Fewer Than One In Four UK Consumers Would Use Their Smartphone Like A Credit Card

Surveys Find Lack Of Support for HS2 Scheme

Survey Finds Time, Pay and Lack Of Training Are The Main Challenges For Homecare Staff

Mums Making Use Of Technology To Shop Online

Bullying Is Parents Main Fear For Their Kids

Parents In The North West Paying The Highest Premium To Live Near The Best Schools

Over 65s Admit To Being Worried About Staying Warm This Winter

FMCG Accounts For A Fifth of Ad Spending in First Half Of 2013

Survey Finds Job Hunting At Two Year High

Pharmaceutical Marketers Concerned Over Digital Campaigns

Survey Finds One In Ten Brits Close To Breaking Point

Survey Suggests Scottish Children Are Not That Savvy About Sex Education

Survey Finds Devon County Council Ranked Top For Highways And Transport

Survey Finds Third-Party Logistics CEOs Projecting Growth Amidst Slow Economy

Survey Reveals Womens Biggest Fears

Survey Discovers That Wind and Solar Farms Have Been Accepted By Tourists

Survey Finds Many English Councils Plan To Increase Tax

European Commission Failing on Anti-Semitism

Research Finds Britons Are Too Stressed To Sleep

2012 Olympic Games Light The Way For The 2016 Rio Games: Survey

Survey Finds Tablets Favoured By Those Aged 65+ To Book Holidays

Survey Finds Nine In Ten Drivers Would Consider Self-Driving Cars To Reduce Insurance Premiums

Survey Finds First Time Buyers Being Left Confused By The "Help to Buy" Scheme

Survey Finds Consumers Still Worried About Energy Prices

Survey: Shortage of Midwives Leaves New Mums Unsupported

2012 Olympics Was Good News For London Airports: Says Survey

Survey Finds SMEs Throwing Away Money On Off The Road Fleet Vehicles

Utility Market Research Shows Executives Believe That The Benefits of Smart Grids and Smart Meters Will Exceed Industry Forecasts

Survey Finds Digital Technology Is Helping To Boost Performing Arts Audience Figures

Survey Reveals Provocative Pop Stars Dreaded By Parents

Survey Reveals British Travellers Are Still Perplexed By Tipping Standards

More than Two-Thirds Of Professionals See Social Media As A More Reliable Source Of Public Sentiment Than Traditional Focus Groups

Study Reveals That The Elderly Are Frightened Of Care Homes

Survey Finds Arthritis Is Forcing People Into Early Retirement

UK Adults Frightened To Admit Suffering From Schizophrenia: Survey

Survey Predicts Moderate To High Growth For the Food Processing Sector

Survey Finds A Third of UK Adults Are Not Prepared For Financial Emergencies

Survey Finds Consumer Confidence In A Fragile State

Almost One In Four Teenagers Admit To Being In Abusive Relationships: Survey

Survey Finds Home Cooking Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Survey Finds The Business Service Sector Growing At The Fastest Pace Since 1997

Survey Shows One in Four Employers Plan To Take On Seasonal Staff This Christmas

New Research Indicates Holiday Shoppers Avidly Support Small Businesses

Social Media Survey Reveals Top "Life Priorities"

Survey Finds Electronic Methods Favoured To Dump A Partner

Survey Suggests That 131 Million Days A Year Are Lost Due To Sickness

Survey Finds Women Traumatised By Clothing Dilemmas

Customer Service Most Important This Christmas, Reveals Market Research

Britons Turning to Online Shopping to Beat the Christmas Crush

Survey Reveals People 30 Percent More Stressed Since Invention of Smartphones

One in Five Dads Lose Contact With Children When Families Break Up, Says Survey

Lack Of Awareness About The Options Available To Couples Going Through Break-Ups

Research Finds Loneliness a Key Issue at Christmas

Purchasing Managers' Survey Shows Construction Growth Is Accelerating

Survey Shows Foreign Investors Are More Likely To Come If The High-Speed Railway Is Built

Surveys Indicate That Australian Construction And Mining Will Come To A Slowdown

Survey Finds 72 Percent Of Black Friday Shoppers Planning to Shop Online

Survey Finds 85 Percent of US Writers Concerned About Government Surveillance

Government Survey Warns UK Companies Not To Underestimate Cyber Threats

Survey Suggests That Half Of Christmas Shopping Will Be Done At The Last Minute

Survey Suggests That In-Store Sales Will Remain Strong This Christmas

Online Christmas Retail Sales Expected To Reach Five Billion

Market Research Finds In-Store Retail Sales Drop Two Percent in December

Survey Reveals Only One in Ten Teachers Would Vote Conservative

Survey Finds A Quarter of People Attend The Dentist Less Often Than In 2010

Survey Reveals Strong Growth For Construction Sector

Research Suggests People Who Think E-Cigarettes Are Healthy Are More Likely To Smoke Them

Survey Reveals the UK Public Remain Unaware of Support on Offer From Community Pharmacies

Pharmacy Business Survey Reveals Majority Think The PSNC Should Be Doing More

Study Suggests American Teachers Avoid Social Media Use For Classroom Learning

Survey Finds Shoppers Are Being Encouraged To Buy Too Much Food

Survey Finds Half of Kenyans Paying Utility Bills Via Mobile Money

Survey Reveals That The Majority of Tory MPs Think Charities Should Not Be “Political”

Construction Survey Reveals Key Industry Indicators

Survey Finds Rising Demand Boosting UK Construction

Market Research Predicts more than 10% Growth in Graduate Jobs

Market Research Finds 57% of Americans Think Terror Attack Likely At Sochi Games

UK Service Sector Slows But Remains Strong, PMI Survey Says

Research Suggests That The Shop Vacancy Rate Is At Its Lowest For Four Years

Market Research Survey Shows That Almost Two-Thirds Of Adults In England Are Classed As Overweight

Survey Finds Android Apps Developed Faster Than iSO or Windows

Survey: 92% Of Restaurant Chains To Raise Menu Prices In 2014

Survey Finds Restaurants Under Pressure As Energy Prices Rise

Parents Fear Their Children Have Been Exposed to Cyber Threats, Says Survey

Raising The Deposit ‘Main Problem’ For New Homeowners: Survey

Utility Survey Finds A Third Of Smart Meter Customers Saving Up To £75 A Year

Market Research Finds More Happy Couples Than Singles

Survey Reveals Strong Growth In Chemical Management Activity

Survey Finds Engineers Looking To Switch Jobs In 2014

Survey Reveals Most Common Holiday Complaints

Survey Shows Industrial Sector Confident of Growth Over the Next Year

Survey Finds More Travellers Booking Trips With Mobile Devices

Survey Finds British Homes Warmer Than Summer’s Day

Survey Predicts Boom In Chinese Car Rental Sector

Survey Finds Support for High Speed 2 Rail Network Lacking

Survey: 25 Per Cent Of Americans Believe The Government Should Assist Those Who Cannot Pay Their Mortgage

Survey Finds Auto-Enrolment Employees Have More Confidence in Pensions

Annual Automotive Survey Finds Increased Optimism From CEOs

Purchasing Managers Index Finds Wet Weather Hitting UK Construction Activity

Survey: UK House Prices See Fastest Growth In Five Years

Confederation Of Indian Industry Survey Finds Industrial Activity Sluggish In December Quarter

Survey Finds One In Five Britons Expect to Work Until At Least 70

UK Manufacturing Has Made A Promising Start To 2014

United States (US) Survey Finds Small and Midsize Manufacturers Conservatively Optimistic

Survey Finds Retailers Split About 4K and Wearable Technology

Survey: More Than Half The Public Do Not Trust Retailers On Social Media

Retail Survey Reveals Consumers Prefer Personalised Offers Based On Previously Purchased Shopping

IT Survey Finds Skill Gaps, High Demand and Concerns Surrounding Staff Retention Are Driving Pay Rises

Kick It Out Football Survey: More Than Half Subject To Racist Abuse In Stadiums

Survey Discovers Fashion and Function Key to Wearable Technology

Survey Finds Sharp Rise In The Number of Irish Tablet Users

Gay Weddings Survey: A Fifth Of Britons Would Not Attend Same-Sex Marriage

Survey: Majority Of Finance Professionals Regard E-Mail As Best Form Of Business Communication

Half of Internet Users Wary of Expressing Their Views Online

Survey Finds MPs Fear for Free National Health Service (NHS)

Survey Finds British Public Unwilling To Pay For Flood Protection

Financial Services Likely To Benefit From Expo 2020 Dubai

Survey: One in Three Respondents from ‘Near Manchester’

Survey Finds Support for 20mph Zones

Poll Suggests Pharmaceutical Companies are Digitally Failing Patients

Majority of Automotive Companies want the Country to Stay within the European Union

More Than Three Fifths of UK Women Bullied or Harassed at Work

UK Oil and Gas Sector Expects Jobs Growth

Health Survey Suggests That ‘Five a Day’ May Not Be Enough

Poll Suggests UK Roads Are In ‘Terrible Condition’

Survey Finds Email Marketing Most Common For Lead Generation Among SMEs

Study Finds Most Effective Way To Advertise

Survey Finds High Number Of Gyms Failing To Comply With Industry Guidelines

Survey Finds Majority of Gamers Prefer Adverts in Free Games over Paying For Games

Research Suggests Unpaid and Underpaid Internships are Blocking Students' PR Careers

Study Finds One in Five Teachers Abused Online by Parents and Pupils

Survey Ranks UK as Sixth Most Tolerant Towards Homosexuality

Survey: Scotland’s Economic Performance Back to 'Pre-Recession' Levels

Market Research Finds Physical Format Music More Popular Than Digital Downloads

Survey Finds Parents Being Asked to Make Contributions towards Textbooks

Survey Discovers That Children ‘Not Bothered’ About Winning in School Sports

Two Thirds of Global Online Consumers Plan to Buy a New or Used Car in the Next Two Years

Survey: Cash Payments Cost UK Retailers Billions Each Year

Northern Ireland Disposable Income Rises, But By Less Than Half UK Average

Almost 90 Per Cent of Americans Would Make Personal Health Data Available to Researchers

Market Research: Denmark has the Happiest Workforce in the EU

Market Research Finds Drop in Violent Crime

Market Research Finds More UK Students Considering Studying Abroad

Survey - Australians Plan to Increase Travel Spend

Survey - Canada’s Aviation Inspectors Concerned About Aviation Safety

Market Research Finds One Third of UK Adults Struggling to Afford Healthy Food

Eating Greens Will ‘Not Make Children Happy’: Government Survey

US Market Research Survey Shames Airlines with the Rudest Flight Attendants

Survey Finds Dog Bites on the Rise

Survey Finds Rise in E-Cigarette Users

Survey Finds More US Employers Planning to Hire New College Graduates

Survey Suggests Link between Binge Drinking and Overeating

Survey Reveals Potential High Demand for UK Properties

World Cup: Official Sponsorship Important To Young Consumers

Study Of 113,000 Women Shows Correlation In Waistline And Lightness Of Their Bedroom

Recent Evidence Suggests Bilingualism Improves Later-Life Cognition

UK Car Industry Sustains Longest Ever Period Of Growth

Survey Results Show 34% Of US Adults Would Sign Up For Aereo

Central London Retail Rent Levels Reach Record Highs

Report Shows Overall Satisfaction Levels For Most Mortgage Applicants Is Low

Statistics Show Total Commercial Vehicle Sales Have Increased By Over 12%

Survey Shows Over 70% Of Railway Users Think Food Is Overpriced

Study Shows England’s Hopes And Interest For The World Cup Have Reduced

O2 Study Shows Disturbing Disconnection Between Parents And Digital Demands Of The Job Market

Report Shows Consumer Confidence Is The Highest It Has Been In Seven Years

Survey Shows 71 Per Cent Of Global Automotive Executives Are Positive For 2014

28 Per Cent Of US Consumers Say Clothes Or Accessories Is Most Popular Father’s Day Gift

UK Car Export Revenue Doubles In Last Decade

Survey Shows Younger Generations Place More Importance On Career

UK Menswear Market Grows 18 Per Cent Between 2008 And 2013

Study Shows Euro Awareness Levels Are Low

Television Voted As Preferred Channel of Communication For Euro Updates

Survey Shows Knowledge Of Euro Coins And Banknotes Is Weak

Survey Shows Brazilian, UK And US Consumers Are Unclear About World Cup Official Sponsors

Oral Care Market Forecast To Grow 22 Per Cent by 2018

Majority Of The Public Still Class Engineering As A ‘Male’ Profession

Less Than 50% Of British 18-24 Year Olds Know First Verse Of National Anthem

Irish Construction Activity Rose Sharply In May

Small Business Confidence Higher In Scotland Than In England And Wales

UK Business Growth The Highest It’s Been in Over 10 Years

Poor White Children Are Consistently The Lowest Performing Group In England

41% of UK Firms Say Having Foreign Speaking Employees is Beneficial

American Consumers Financially Driven to Demand Response Programmes

Trust Levels for Charities Falls to 56% in April 2014

Survey Shows Female NHS Employees Feel Less Valued and Involved Than Males

Survey Shows Women Are Increasingly Affected by Government Spending Cuts

Global Education Study Shows Teachers Feel Undervalued

Telecoms Survey Finds Mobile Broadband More Popular Than Public Wi-Fi

Aerospace Industry Poll Discovers Encouraging Findings

Survey Shows UK Divided on Government’s Role with the Internet

Worst City for Car Insurance Quotes is Birmingham, says Market Research

Survey Shows Uncertainty About When to Throw Food Away

McDonald’s Ranked Bottom of the ACSI by US Consumers

Survey Shows Almost Half of Parents Plan to Visit a Museum This Summer

US Citizens Fear Oil Companies Will Raise Gasoline Prices Following Iraq Crisis

New Research Shows Europe Divided on Cannabis Regulation

Survey Finds US Voters Willing To Pay More For Faster School Broadband

Survey Shows Cycling is Rising in Popularity in England

Survey Shows Energy Executives Think US Can Be Energy Independent by 2030

Survey Shows Hospital Consultants in Ireland Among Highest Paid in the World

Sleeping Naked Makes You Happier With Your Relationship, Study Says

British Residents Dissatisfied With Their Local Council, Study Shows

London House Prices Have Significantly Increased, Survey Shows

Californians Quote Fuel Savings as Main Reason for Driving Electric Cars

Study Shows Many Consumers Do Not Trust Energy Suppliers

Study Shows Not Paying the Living Wage Could Deter Customers

Charity Given Lowest Spending Priority, Survey Shows

CFOs Confident US Economy Will Continue to Improve, Study Shows

Study Shows Brazilian Industry is Continuing to Struggle with Output

London-based Offices and Re-branding Seen as Wasteful for Charities, Survey Shows

E-retailers Offer Best Customer Service Levels, Survey Shows

Older Americans Less Likely to Visit a Library, Study Shows

Obese Americans Choose Weight Loss Pills and Surgery Over Exercise

Survey Shows Uncertainty Around Mobile Phone Roaming Charges

IPCC Study Maps Out Public’s Perception of the Police

Companies Growing Concerned Over Skills Shortages, Study Shows

WVAW Chemical Spill Knocks Resident Confidence, Survey Shows

Majority of Hong Kong People Not Proud To Be Chinese Citizens, Study Shows

Half of Survey’s Respondents Considering Aesthetic Treatment

Study Shows Increased Demand for Savings, Investment and Borrowing Products

Study Shows Students Have Unrealistic Job Expectations

UK Construction Industry in a Strong Position, Survey Shows

US Healthcare System Under-Performing Despite Being Most Expensive, Shows Study

Research Highlights Frozen Yoghurt’s Upsurge in the UK

Many Britons Not Happy With Their Appearance, Study Shows

Survey Shows Most Europeans are Happy with Urban Public Transport

Study Reveals how UK Construction Companies Handle Skills Shortages

Customer Satisfaction Levels Higher for Smaller Chains, Report Shows

Survey Shows Peer Influence Can Tarnish Telecom Providers’ Reputation

Scotland Divided on Impact Independence Will Have on Charities, Survey Shows

Study Shows Overall University Satisfaction Has Increased

Survey Shows Low Employability Rates for Indian Engineering Graduates

UK Marketing Budgets Remain Elevated, Study Shows

LGB Participants More Likely to Smoke and Binge Drink, Survey Shows

Survey Shows Half of Women Turn into Food Bores When Dieting

Aldi and Lidl Reiterate Budget Supermarket Dominance, Survey Shows

Survey Shows Which Factors Make High Quality Doctors in America

Police Need Warrants Before Searching Mobile Phones, American Survey Says

Survey Highlights Lack of Knowledge on HIV and Aids

UK Graduate Vacancies Expected to Increase, Survey Shows

Survey Shows Retail Sales Rebounded Strongly in July

Practical Skills Favoured Over Academic Qualifications, Study Shows

Survey Shows Chinese Public Not Satisfied with the Nation’s Food Safety

Public Think Charities Spend Unacceptable Amount on Admin, Survey Shows

Survey Discovers Negative Emotional Impacts of Social Media

Spending on Back to School Supplies Set to Increase in America, Study Shows

Survey Shows Support for New Home Construction has Increased

Teachers Most Valuable Source for Information about Drugs, Study Shows

Study Shows Gender Imbalance for Post-Graduate Salaries

Report Shows California is a Prime Car Theft City

Half of Survey’s Participants Don’t Want Britain to Have an Empire

Fewer Younger People on the Mortgage Ladder, Survey Shows

Fewer Britons Consuming Carbonated Soft Drinks, Survey Shows

Construction and Manufacturing Businesses Carrying Heavy Debt, Survey Shows

UK Children Less Informed about the Commonwealth, Survey Shows

Libraries Trying to Keep up with Digital Technologies, Survey Shows

Survey Shows Fewer People Claiming for Compensation

Study Shows Majority of Britons Regularly Consume Alcohol at Home

Few Women Employed in the UK’s Engineering Workforce, Study Shows

Study Shows Parents’ Views on Their Child’s Health

Survey Suggests Australian Athletes Experience a Homophobic Sporting Culture

Apps Downloads Per User Fall

Survey Shows Crime Reduction in England and Wales

Survey Shows English Attitudes to Scottish Independence

Market Research Suggests Doctors Over-Prescribing Antibiotics

Market Research Sends Mix Messages About Scottish Independence

Survey Finds One in Three Victims of Child Abuse is Male

Survey Shows Small Airports Provide Better Service than Large Airports

Anchovies are the Most Hated Food in the UK, Study Shows

Market Research Shows English Children Less Happy Than Those In Developing Countries

Scottish Food Sector Set For Positive Growth Says Market Research

Healthcare Professionals View Coalition’s Health Reforms Negatively, Survey Shows

Poll Shows English Football Fans Want Greater Involvement with Clubs

Survey Shows Fewer People are Baking at Home in Britain

Credit Providers Should Offer More Assistance to Consumers, Study Shows

Many Americans Not Interested in Healthy Eating When Dining Out

Majority of Parents Anxious About Children Starting Primary School, Study Shows

Many Employers Do Not Verify Education Qualifications, Poll Shows

Survey Shows Majority of Britons Support Fracking

Fewer UK Consumers Cutting Back on Holiday Budgets, Research Shows

Local Enterprise Partnerships Need to Represent Small Businesses Better, Report Shows

Voters Express Difficulty in Finding Referendum Information, Survey Shows

Survey Shows Car Crashes are Number One Concern for Parents

London Most Expensive City for Cultural Activities, Research Shows

Market Research Shows More People Are Volunteering in Britain

Britons See Seat Reclining During Daytime Flights as Unacceptable, Survey Shows

Majority of Britons Concerned About Food Fraud, Survey Finds

UK Construction Industry Posts Strong Growth Across the Board

UK Younger Generation Smartphone Users Glued to Their Devices, Study Shows

Survey Shows Lack of Skills in the Engineering Industry

Almost One Third of Tenants Dissatisfied with their Landlord, Market Research Reveals

Study Ranks Countries To Find Cheapest Country for Public Transport

Majority of Brits aged Over 50 Want Their Funeral to be a Celebration, Survey Finds

Survey Shows Majority of Midwestern Americans Support Renewable Energy

Unwanted Sexual Advances Common in Universities, Market Research Finds

Identity Should Remain Anonymous in Sexual Abuse Trials Unless Guilty, Brits Say

Fewer Americans Avoiding Health Insurance, Survey Finds

Survey Shows Small Businesses are More Confident Than Ever

MPs Split on Whether Charities Should Challenge Government, Study Shows

Survey Finds Arguing and Loud Voices Top Neighbour Nuisances

Media Professionals Consume Most Caffeine, Market Research Finds

Market Research Survey Outlines Top Reasons for Buying a New Car

Sports and Energy Drink Market Research Shows Brits Use Them To Combat Tiredness

Chemical Industry Embracing Sustainability, Study Shows

Research With Senior Decision Makers in Energy Companies

Malaysians Becoming Increasingly Socially Engaged, Study Shows

Majority of MPs Think Generous Salaries are Unacceptable in Charities, Survey Shows

Heathrow Airport Viewed Positively by Most, Market Research Shows

Majority of Brits Support Labour’s New Policies, Poll Shows

Survey Shows Oil and Gas Industry is Benefitting From Rising Salaries

Digital Advertising Revenues Remain Elevated for UK Publishers, Study Shows

Charities Falling Behind in Modern Technology Advertising, Shows Research

Majority of Brits Support ISIS Air Strikes, Market Research Survey Shows

Retail Sector Continues to Post Solid Growth Figures, Survey Shows

Fewer Pupils Smoking and Drinking than 10 Years Ago, Market Research Shows

Savings Accounts and ISAs Come with Complicated Rules, Research Shows

Thai Internet Users Embrace Mobile Technology, Research Shows

Insurers Pay Out Over £450 Million a Day, Figures Show

Survey Outs England’s Most and Least Popular Tourist Attractions

One Third of Brits Have Not Exercised in the Past Year, Study Shows

Study Reveals Strains Among Scottish Police and Chief Superintendents

Drink Driving Research Finds Women Unsure About Legal Limit

Majority of Brits Want a Better-Balanced Economy, Research Shows

Survey Shows Uncertainty Around Energy Issues Among Brits

Mobile Phone Apps Increasing Number of Female Video Gamers, Study Suggests

LinkedIn Users Most Charitable with Time and Money, Research Shows

Study Shows More Britons are Turning to Home-Made Pet Food

TV stars blamed for irresponsible borrowing, says market research

Fast-food outlets used most frequently by Londoners, market research shows

Football’s cheapest tickets have risen by 13% since 2011, research finds

1 in 13 do not own a smoke alarm despite safety risks

Research shows that post-op pain management has improved over the past ten years

Difficult year to come for UK food and drink production

Research finds top 20 chocolate-loving nations of 2014

Worryingly, a third of teenagers meet up with their online ‘friends’

59% of people are confused about how much fruit and veg they should consume

Concerns surrounding living in Leeds are unveiled by readers of Yorkshire Evening Post

High street shopping provides an escape from isolation 72% of the North West believes

Research from Waitrose unveils what we are consuming in 2014

Sales of Halloween products are predicted to reach £240 million this month

Scotland’s retail sales figures plummet in September

Scottish survey shows declining landline use

Should kids risk their career, 50% of women would consider not having any

Slower growth in domestic and export sales has impacted Scottish manufacturing firms

Survey suggests that 17,500 men in Northern Ireland pay for sex each year

To fund their studies, 61% of students are working during term time

Wider price gap developing between healthy and unhealthy foods

Research shows that 1 in 8 Australians aren’t able to pay their electricity bill

Infotainment systems are damaging the reliability of cars, reveals consumer report

Research finds profound lack of trust between the public and charities

15 per cent of homeowners in the UK think their house is haunted, Halloween poll finds

Coventry crowned trick-or-treat capital, research finds

Young drivers more likely to drive uninsured

Manufacturing industry is slowly improving, research finds

Hundreds of children are harmed after consuming laundry detergent pods, study shows

Australian survey shows a six-year high in business conditions

Retail sector confidence builds in run up to Christmas

Opportunities for PR and marketing professionals adopting multi-channel sales platforms

Drowning is amongst the top ten causes of childhood deaths worldwide

Recruitment on the rise this year, LinkedIn survey finds

97 out of 100 top paid Android apps hacked, survey finds

Construction of office space fallen by 17 per cent in six months

Research shows that just 13 per cent think Ed Miliband is capable of being Prime Minister

Survey finds the most dangerous cities for women using public transport

Survey reveals parents’ opinions on vocational qualifications

Motorists refer to motorway fuel prices as ‘a rip off’, RAC survey finds

The Bible is humanity’s most valuable book, survey shows

Email, Viewbooks and Non-Personalised communications need to be scrapped, claim the iGeneration

Social media engagement with TV drives higher +7 viewing figures

Research highlights the extent of mental health stigma

Emotional training needs to be considered when encouraging people to make healthier choices of food

Annual utility costs and council tax underestimated by an average of £770, survey suggests

Alcohol may have harmed more than 12,000 children, research shows

Research shows that over 30 per cent of children feel at risk when they’re at school

60 per cent of 9 to 11 year olds think it’s ok to drink to forget your problems, survey shows

Households in the UK are growing more confident as the economy recovers

UK patients receiving poor healthcare in 1 in 6 doctor’s surgeries

20 per cent of crimes reported to the police go unrecorded

Engineering industry predicted to grow in 2015, survey shows

Canary Islands are the cheapest winter getaways, research finds

Singapore has been the best place to do business for seven consecutive years

Christmas adverts are most viewed online, survey finds

Half of customers will take advantage of Black Friday, research finds

Research identifies Activia’s World Cup ad, featuring Shakira as the most shared advert of 2014

Access to the internet is considered a “basic human right”, survey finds

FMCG jobs more appealing to business students than careers in banking, research finds

Transgender youths attempting suicide at a rate of 50 per cent, Pace study finds

London is the most popular destination for a New Year getaway, TripAdvisor survey finds

Pleas from peers make social media users more likely to donate to charity

“Frozen” merchandise more desirable than Barbie dolls this Christmas, survey finds

Empty homes need filling, survey finds

Labour takes the lead in national opinion polls after Rochester by-election

Popularity rising for supermarket own-brands, survey finds

Success for Mondelez’s Dairy Milk share bags, market analysis shows

Drivers rank texting as the biggest distraction, survey finds

Country with the most international work experience is Ireland, research finds

Laos opiate output is relaxing, the UN finds

Google is the best place to work, Glassdoor survey finds

More people in Europe choose to travel by car rather than public transport, survey finds

Large proportion of drivers do not know core road traffic signs, survey finds

More than 1 in 6 boys use text message language at school, research finds

24 per cent of men think Christmas Eve is the best day to propose, survey finds

Parking wardens are becoming ambassadors for our communities, survey finds

Less growth than anticipated for the UK manufacturing industry in 2015

Motorists want in-car traffic updates, not the facility to watch films, survey finds

Meat consumption has decreased in the past year, survey finds

The average male buys Christmas presents for just three people, survey finds

Survey discovers which aspects of the Christmas story Americans believe

Revised Canadian polymers approach document released by government

The Interview: Sony Pictures’ most successful online film

Only 24 per cent of SMEs have made the change to energy efficient lightbulbs, survey finds

Half of NHS nursing staff do not know how to deal with Ebola patients, survey finds

Britons more likely to ignore diet recommendations from overweight doctors, survey finds

Top health related New Year’s resolution in America is drinking more water

People would rather give up alcohol than the internet, survey finds

One in five construction workers feel their safety is compromised by employers, survey reveals

UK construction industry growth at its slowest rate for 17 months, December index shows

More than one in three people are considering finding a new job this year, market research finds

A&E waiting time in England is the poorest in ten years

Businesses should remain assured despite survey showing fall in confidence, banker insists

Nearly three in five people in London don’t want Scotland to influence English decisions

Survey shines light on bullying within Local Government

Survey highlights the impact of stress on social workers’ performance at work

New Year’s resolutions to impact bakeries, FMCG research finds

Charities Aid Foundation finds under-40s are more likely to become social investors

Just one per cent of parents see their daughters becoming engineers

Jews in Britain do not see a future in the country, research finds

Sainsbury’s performed best this festive period, figures show

Black Friday caused Christmas sales to suffer, figures show

Industry survey shows optimism amongst UK retailers

Less hiring in oil and gas forecasted for 2015

Pharmacists trusted less than other health professionals, survey finds

One in three undergraduate females experienced sexual assault at university

50 per cent of young Scots unsure if high interest on loans is positive

Research discovers how people use their mobile devices whilst travelling

Protein supplement sector experiencing a rise in interest, survey finds

Just 10 per cent believe that MPs want the best for the UK

Half of patients would travel 100 miles to evade hospital-acquired infections

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals Technology Capacity Expected to Soar in 2018

More cars being bought out of desire, as opposed to need, AutoTrader finds

VNAs are becoming a favoured method for medical image sharing, survey reveals

A sharp decrease in young homeowners is identified by official statistics

At-home X-rays gaining popularity, research finds

Customer satisfaction with rail journeys has fallen, survey reveals

Global powered surgical instrument market expected to have grown by 2019

A quarter of graduates are recruited after a work placement, research finds

Teachers worry their pupils know more about computing than they do

A quarter of teachers refused a salary increase, market research discovers

Advertising unhealthy food should be regulated, British Heart Foundation claims

Average American spends just $8 when visiting an Art Museum

Energy providers more unpopular than banks, survey reveals

Just 7 per cent of workers are given paid time off to volunteer

Nearly 3 in 5 American adults believe GM food is unsafe

1 in 5 showbiz professionals are affected by mental illness, survey finds

American art museums largely rely on donations not sales

Manufacturing in China falls for the first time in two years, research finds

Growing numbers of orders for British manufacturers expected to level out, survey finds

Business outlook improving within America’s industrial manufacturing industry

60 per cent of youths admit to cyberbullying others, survey shows

Asking prices increased by £5,000 in February due to a lack of houses, Rightmove says

Businesses remain confident in the wake of the general election, survey reveals

Local councils planning to raise and introduce charges

95 per cent of energy customers could save money if they switch providers, finds CMA

Nearly half of engineers are looking for new employment, survey reveals

Consumers believe that supermarket chains treat their customers fairly, survey reveals

2014 was a record year for UK tourism

Retail sales decelerated in February, CBI finds

Confidence in the housing industry at its highest level in three years

Majority of British Muslims oppose attacks against those who publish Muhammad cartoons

Public divided on whether driverless cars are trustworthy

Lexus named the most dependable auto

NHS staff becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their employer, survey finds

Children afraid to cycle due to road safety worries, Brake finds

Nearly 3 in 5 people prefer their groceries to be packaged in paper-based materials

Construction industry grew in February, survey finds

10 per cent of children are obese by the time they start primary education, figures show

Over half of family doctors expect to leave healthcare by 60

Majority of UK people view the news on social media, survey finds

Scotland are the ‘world-leaders’ of the oil industry, survey finds

The typical British tourist is looking for a cultural experience, ABTA finds

Household incomes returning to pre-recession levels, research finds

90 per cent of construction companies said costs increased in 2014, survey finds

1 in 7 councils in the United Kingdom are paying a ‘fair’ price for homecare

47 per cent of drivers are delayed by traffic accidents once a month

Donors trust charities more if they encourage complaints, survey finds

Businesses in the North West fear they may have to shut down

US teens most likely to use more than one tobacco product, survey finds

Over three quarters of sports viewers may change their TV provider, if certain sports channels were no longer featured, survey says

58 per cent of small businesses hire young people, CIPD survey finds

Teaching named top career choice for teenagers, survey finds

University IT departments are behind the times, survey finds

Female authors do better when they self-publish, survey finds

Survey examines Generation Y’s online behaviour

Some cereal bars do not live up to their ‘healthy’ image, Which? finds

Housing should be the main priority for the next government, Newsbeat finds

Labour supporters most likely to reject their child for being gay, survey finds

UK house prices impacted by lack of homes, survey finds

Pressure mounting on engineers, survey finds

UK manufacturing industry will see further growth in 2015, survey finds

1 in 6 Android users plan to upgrade to the iPhone 6, survey finds

The public would pay higher taxes to protect public services, survey finds

Global electricity system may be 70 per cent renewable by 2050, survey finds

Average annual cost of lunch is £667, research finds

South Yorkshire’s police force has the lowest morale, survey finds

Survey reveals how energy experts feel about falling oil prices

Stores do not provide customers with what they desire, survey reveals

Car dealers are getting quicker at responding to online queries, survey finds

UK companies regret 1 in 10 recruits, survey finds

Marketing and IT at pharma companies should collaborate to increase digital presence, survey finds

Man City’s Champions League campaign not good enough, survey finds

Mental health problems in schools on the rise, survey finds

An individual child is estimated to have received £56 worth of Easter gifts this year

High street sales fell in March, survey finds

Consumers use more than one on-demand video service, survey finds

The positive impact of tenant involvement is often ignored, survey finds

Construction workers want more emphasis placed on the dangers of dust

Beer is America’s favourite alcoholic drink, survey finds

Cost of purchasing generic drugs putting American pharmacies at risk

95 per cent of drivers unaware some prescriptions fall under drug-driving laws

Half of males do not donate to charity, survey discovers

Mobile and online banking favoured by most, survey finds

The plastics industry wants improved resins, survey finds

Financial issues at home impact children’s education, survey finds

1,400 per cent return for property buyers in 1996, survey finds

Just 30 per cent of Brits are religious, survey finds

IoT the most strategic technological initiative says transport and logistics industry

Employers value experience over qualifications, survey finds

Survey finds what voters think of UK politics

Almost half of developers don’t have a computer science degree, survey finds

More than half turned their heating off last winter to reduce bills

Support for an extra council tax band revealed by survey findings

Three quarters of oil and gas workers considering employment abroad, survey finds

Engineering graduates most desired by US employers, survey finds

Survey reveals the concerns of cyber security professionals

Many consumers pay more than they need to for their handset

Survey finds a desire for energy drinks to be taxed

Least reliable car manufacturers are Bentley and Porsche, survey finds

SMEs concerned by new shared parental leave rules, survey finds

Parkinson’s sufferers experience rudeness towards their illness, survey finds

A quarter of care workers administering medicine untrained, survey finds

A quarter of businesses have had their systems hacked for more than a fortnight

Brits find holidaying abroad less expensive than UK breaks, survey finds

UK manufacturing industry steadies, survey discovered

Crime rate falls to the lowest it’s been since 1981, survey finds

London UKIP voters least proud to admit support for the party, survey reveals

Survey reveals what Brits lie about on social media

Survey reveals what consumers want from milk

Estate agents caused 88 per cent of Londoners to have bad experiences

Many pensioners ‘giving while living', as opposed to leaving an inheritance

Most recognised voluntary qualification is the DofE, survey finds

Girls believe construction careers are for boys, survey finds

Hardest working professionals are lawyers, survey discovers

Surveyors affected by skills shortages, survey finds

With just two days to go, Labour and Conservatives are in a deadlock

Most popular Scottish tourist attraction is the National Museum of Scotland, survey finds

Less than half think CEOs of charities should be paid, survey finds

Commuting in Europe is as frustrating as moving house, survey discovers

Renewable energy industry failed by political parties, survey finds

Voluntary sector feels left out of party election manifestos, survey reveals

Apprentices more loyal than other recruits, survey finds

Businesses prefer Labour’s policies, blind survey shows

Almost a half of UK is unsure about fracking, reveals survey

Time with service users inferior to meeting targets, social care survey finds

Most popular party amongst youths is Labour, survey discovers

Motorists sceptical of repair costs, survey finds

Impact of stress on barristers highlighted in survey

Brits drink two bathtubs of tea per year, survey reveals

Technology is making British people unhappy, survey finds

Estate agents warn fracking is affecting property sales in the UK

Broadband is more favoured than chocolate and alcohol, survey finds

Discount supermarkets becoming increasingly popular, survey finds

Consumer behaviour influenced by ethics

Half of UK adults think the drink drive limit needs lowering, survey finds

Survey finds links between political stance and holiday destinations

Rise in exports during first quarter of 2015, manufacturing survey shows

Survey indicates an increase in spending at the cinema

Survey finds consumers trust supermarket meat over restaurants’

Holiday essentials up to 22 per cent cheaper in Europe, report highlights

Personal finances in Yorkshire are improving, survey finds

Migrants avoid medical attention due to fears of being arrested, survey finds

Chemicals in e-cig flavours can be harmful, study reveals

Energy bills not understood by 1 in 5 business people in the North

Survey explores what fundraising methods are most annoying

Councils need to put more effort into combatting benefit fraud, finds survey

Brits lead unfulfilled lives, survey finds

Survey finds strong public support for renewable energy in the UK

Survey explores the dangers of overtaking

Slow drivers frustrate lorry and truck drivers, survey finds

SMEs not as confident under the new Conservative government, survey finds

Under 65s more willing to try alternative cancer therapies, survey finds

Survey finds a sharp decline in US Christians

73 per cent of fresh supermarket chickens contain campylobacter, FSA finds

Teachers work 11 hours over time per week, survey finds

Female engineers need celebrating, IET says

4 in 5 people are victim to road rage, survey finds

Following the Conservative's general election victory, 43 per cent of teachers are less likely to stay in education

More than half of British armed forces suffers from low morale

Scotland’s internet connectivity is not as good as the rest of the UK, survey reveals

Rising number of children reading for fun, National Literacy Trust survey finds

Children’s charities impacted by Government cuts, survey finds

Election has had a positive impact on the construction industry, PMI finds

Tenants back the idea of a dedicated minister, survey finds

British brands preferred by Brits, survey discovers

Bananas top supermarket impulse purchase, survey finds

British people lack community spirit, survey finds

Disabled people underrepresented within TV industry, survey finds

Strategic focus for the future lies within innovation, manufacturing executives say

58 per cent of Welsh adults overweight or obese, survey finds

Young females don’t think they can work their way to the top in finance

75 per cent of people don’t know who their local MP is, survey finds

Female SME owners more modest than men, survey finds

Most charity workers work more than their contacted hours, survey reveals

26 per cent of Brits lie about their exercise habits, survey reveals

Majority of the world supports carbon tax, survey finds

Using synthetic cannabis found to be more risky than skunk

Experience working or studying abroad most common business leader characteristic

85 per cent of fathers want their children to watch the cartoons they used to

Over 50 per cent of students agree university is worth the cost, survey finds

Survey reveals which in-car infotainment features consumers do not use

More Welsh people are consulting their GP, survey finds

Price of renting in London soaring, survey finds

More job cuts for U.S petroleum industry, Government data indicates

Manufacturing SMEs needs to improve productivity to achieve growth targets, research finds

Most UK companies have been hacked, survey finds

US retailers lost 44 billion dollars to shoplifting and fraud last year, survey finds

Western Europe largest market for North West engineering companies, survey finds

Age is relevant to shopping habits, survey finds

Just half of Australians know their neighbours, survey reveals

One third of Scots want to leave the EU, survey finds

Many motorists don’t trust used car dealerships, market research finds

Funding cuts impact jobless youths, research discovers

2 in 5 consumers thinking about multiplay upgrade, survey finds

Survey findings reveal half of divorcees had doubts before saying ‘I do’

Lincolnshire water is confirmed ‘clean and safe’ by Anglian Water

Research Reveals What UK Dog Owners Know About Pet Hydration

One third of world population lacks access to toilets

Skills shortages affecting construction and manufacturing the most, survey finds

Business expansion highest since 2011, survey finds

Survey finds high demand for accountants

Visitors to English museums rose in the last decade, survey finds

Prescriptions rise and average cost falls, figures show

Two-thirds of Brits would reconsider visiting Turkey, following ongoing threat from ISIS

Survey finds which celebrities the public would like as a housemate

Millennials most likely to use ad blocking software, survey finds

Survey finds oil and gas firms need to be protected from financial risks within supply chain

Survey reveals what transport industry SMEs would like from the Government

Research reveals the annual cost of sending a child through private education

UK footfall one and a half per cent lower in June 2015 than June 2014, figures show

June saw the highest retail sales in 18 months, figures show

Survey finds Britons want more information on food labels

No approval sought for animal testing, survey shows

Around 50 per cent of workers go to work ill, survey finds

Most junior lawyers are satisfied in their role, survey finds

Survey reveals that just under half of engineers in the UK consider switching jobs

Less young people are experimenting with alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, survey finds

UK factories see slowest order growth in two years

Survey finds most Brits don’t care about the ethics behind their food

Survey finds the amount of people volunteering has not improved

IT security within local government is sub-standard, survey reveals

Survey finds many Brits are not monitoring their pension pots

Workload increasing for Scottish construction workers, survey finds

Survey finds Wi-Fi in many UK homes is sub-standard

One in six police officers plan to leave their role within two years, survey finds

Number of children visiting libraries is falling, survey finds

Survey finds most Brits concerned about global warming

August 1st is the date parents reach ‘breaking point’ with their children

Many UK tenants worried about rising rent, survey finds

Survey finds one in five children aren’t aware that bacon comes from pigs

A quarter of teens don’t know what to do after compulsory education, survey finds

Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device to access the internet

Support for fracking is at a new low, Government survey shows

More students than ever working to fund university, survey finds

Report shows SME loans aren’t always risky

Teachers too optimistic when predicting grades, survey suggests

Logistics industry may come to a standstill due to driver shortage, survey finds

Consumers opting for marketplace over retail websites, survey finds

US doctors do not realise the risks of prescription painkillers, survey finds

Survey finds fundraising methods have become more aggressive since 2010

Research discovers that 1 in 7 consume more alcohol than water

DJS Research explores why teachers switch exam boards

Survey finds many parents offer teens incentives for good A-level grades

Attractive people more likely to generate charity donations, survey finds

DJS Research reveals attitudes towards tap water

Survey finds a car’s image is more important to young drivers than safety

72 per cent of people are against council mergers, survey finds

American Press Institute survey explores the views of journalism, communications graduates

40 per cent of homes bought under the Right to Buy scheme are now rented privately

Wessex Water finds 6,570 litres of water is wasted in SW England

Survey explores why few women drink beer

British Skin foundation warns young people to avoid black henna, following survey

Survey reveals homophobic culture within the construction industry

Half of gay men with depression have thought about suicide, survey finds

Survey finds primary schools favour coding language, Python, over French

Survey reveals why touring partners are important

Record number of graduates in jobs since the recession, figures show

Survey finds 18 to 25 year olds prefer phones to reading whilst on holiday

Engineering businesses difficult to recruit for, survey finds

Oil and gas sector salary increases fell rapidly, survey finds

Survey finds fast broadband important for people moving home

Employees want stricter guideline on dress codes, survey reveals

Research finds charity supporters want to be updated after donating

Young home buyers don’t spend enough time at viewings, survey finds

Survey finds many underestimate the effect advertising has on newspaper funding

Study finds Mini is the most reliable used car

Industrial orders are looking up, CBI finds

Two thirds believe Corbyn won’t lead Labour to victory in 2020 election, survey finds

Few young people write letters, survey reveals

Survey finds female bosses work 57 days unpaid due to gender pay gap

Survey finds that nearly half of people renting fear they will never own their own home

Survey finds 1 in 3 Britons have started their Christmas shopping

Top consumer annoyance is unhelpful staff, survey finds

60 per cent of construction workers do not have a contract, survey finds

Brits find Rugby laws confusing, survey finds

25 per cent of parents relocate to send children to their choice school

Survey finds cars are still the most common mode of transport

Police are taking longer to charge suspects, survey finds

Commercial construction at its highest rate since March, survey suggests

Survey finds nearly three quarters want non-stun meat labelled

Survey finds big six lose 660,000 annually to independent suppliers

Research finds fidgeting whilst sat down could be healthy

Pensioners more likely to travel the world than relax into retirement, market research finds

Council bins should be hidden, survey finds

Survey shows building of new houses slowing due to ‘lack of skilled contractors’

‘Breakthrough drug’ may not mean what the public think, survey finds

US truckers open to reserved parking but not paying for it, survey finds

Survey finds UK businesses cannot control printing costs

Survey finds increasing number of under-fives using tablets and watching TV

Millennial solicitors are quitting law faster than past generations, survey finds

73 per cent of charity employees are female, survey finds

Survey finds just 45 per cent of companies hit the GHS’ compliance deadline

Engineering and technology skills shortage threatens UK growth, survey finds

Survey discovers Brits check their phone more than 1bn times per day

Market research highlights levels of arts participation

Survey finds media agencies may be used less by 2020

Survey finds traditional banking threatened by alternative lenders

Survey finds majority of the public support renewable energy

Voters believe Boris Johnson will replace David Cameron as Conservative leader, survey finds

UK tenants are positive about renting, survey finds

Survey finds amount of heavy online shoppers is increasing

Survey finds 50 per cent of teachers are considering quitting

Survey finds majority prefer to buy cars online

Survey finds women take more time off sick than men

Survey outlines why construction workers take time off work sick

Survey reveals skills shortages hold back South West England manufacturers

Survey finds majority of council staff haven’t heard of G-Cloud

Survey finds majority of public think fire-fighters contribute most to society’s wellbeing

Survey finds a fifth of households bin a loaf of bread before opening

Survey finds a quarter of Brits have not been away in last 12 months

79 per cent of employers think work experience is key for young people

Doctors believe the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t understand them, survey finds

Survey finds haulage decision makers feel Brexit would affect the sector

A third of people were not aware charcoal is made from wood, survey finds

Survey finds 7 per cent less spent on museums by local authorities

Survey explores the ways people are saving for retirement

Ticket prices for football fans declining and stabilising

1 in 5 lawyers would quit their job to be on The Apprentice

Survey finds a household rigid plastic recycling rate of 44 per cent

Marketing budgets are increasing, survey finds

Survey finds 1 in 3 Brits would struggle to be offline for 24 hours

Survey finds Forth Bridge is Scotland’s favourite example of engineering

A third of women suffer from symptoms of antenatal depression, survey finds

North South divide impacts poorest students, research finds

Survey finds 74 per cent of people feel ‘bombarded’ by charity appeals

Many solar companies in the UK are threatened by FiT cuts, survey finds

Survey reveals what men and women look for when buying a new home

Electric car drivers are wealthy, educated people, survey finds

Two thirds of retailers with CCTV want mobile access, survey finds

Half of Brits think Cabinet should be able to lobby for or against Brexit

Survey finds Brits drink the most alcohol

Survey discovers Brits waste money on employing tradespeople for simple jobs

Survey finds salaries have increased amongst local council planners

Survey finds UK companies are too passive about data security

40 per cent don’t believe Jesus was real, survey finds

Survey finds health workers support transparency on payments from pharma companies

Survey finds less people intend to go on a foreign holiday next year

Survey finds UK is the best EU country to start a company post economic recovery

Smaller percentage of families offered a place at their first choice secondary school

Survey finds more people are travelling to London airports by public transport

More than 1 in 3 vegetarians consume meat after drinking alcohol, survey finds

Survey finds UK public has significant reservations about fracking

Survey finds UK exports are plummeting

Small businesses don’t view lawyers as cost effective, survey finds

Information on non-financial risks desired by investors, survey finds

Charitable workplaces sought by Brits, survey finds

Survey finds the public support the BBC’s online journalism

Survey reveals little demand for Sunday doctor's appointments

Survey finds majority of public would encourage youngsters to get into engineering

Survey explores how the public perceives chemistry

Survey finds Brits want energy subsidies to be spent on reducing energy waste

Figures reveal that telecom provider complaints rise by a third

Majority of people think Volkswagen is not alone with emission cheating, survey finds

Christmas trading confidence rising amongst retailers, survey finds

The cost of renting in London is rising, survey finds

Sexting on the rise in St Helens' schools, survey finds

Call for Government to support logistics apprenticeships

Champagne is good for the brain, research finds

Local government considering e-invoicing, survey finds

Fears of cowboy builders result in £6bn avoided work, survey finds

Survey finds that many SMEs would not survive if their founder left

One fifth block online advertisements, survey finds

52 per cent of Scots plan to vote SNP in 2016, survey finds

Survey finds Aldi’s Christmas ad is the most effective amongst mums

Public’s trust in charities is declining, survey finds

Survey finds 25 per cent of Britons didn’t take a holiday in 2015

Report suggests oil and gas executives are not hitting innovation targets

Survey finds more atheist people believe there is a conflict between faith, science

Survey finds 1 per cent of UK TV shows have a BAME director

Male bankers earn 40 per cent more than female bankers, survey reveals

Regular coffee drinking associated with a lower risk of death, research finds

50 per cent of expert witnesses received more instructions this year, survey finds

£78m spent on keeping pets warm, survey finds

Survey reveals 5 year olds consume their body weight in sugar every year

Budget cuts in English schools resulting in redundancy, survey finds

French manufacturing increased in wake of Paris attacks, survey finds

Diversity needs to be promoted in engineering, report suggests

More than half of Northern Ireland is taking prescription drugs, survey finds

Survey two thirds of Brits will own a smartphone within 3 years

Survey finds 52 per cent of Brits want to see a Brexit following the Paris attacks

Over 50s struggle to see a doctor, health survey finds

Survey discovers confusion surrounding non-emergency police number

Number of Brits going for meals in December triples, survey discovers

Survey finds little desire for driverless cars made by tech companies

Survey finds those in North and North East Yorkshire struggle with house prices

Scottish public want council tax to be replaced with an alternative, survey finds

Survey finds students return the most goods

Building contractors declining half of bidding opportunities, survey finds

November saw worst retail sales growth since 2011, UK survey finds

Apple Macs supported more than PCs in the office, research report reveals

Survey reveals the top 50 most irritating office lingo

Parents are more concerned with raunchiness in films, rather than violence

Survey reveals the extent of library closure during 2014 and 2015

Jobs in UK oil industry are falling at a rapid rate, survey finds

Survey finds rugby is gaining popularity within girls’ schools

Few baby boomers choose to volunteer, survey finds

Most employees want finance training, survey finds

Just a quarter of Brits believe legal system is fair, survey finds

Own-brand champagne and mince pies top blind taste test

Utilities survey finds elderly have to choose between food and heating

During higher education white students develop fewer skills than BME students

Pharma research finds correlation between antibiotic prescriptions, patient satisfaction

Survey finds household broadband was anticipated to be affected on Christmas day

Maternity care has improved since last year, health survey reveals

Survey finds digital skills gap present in UK Government

Survey finds children are reluctant to switch off devices

Nearly half of British drivers claim their spouse is the most irritating passenger

More than a quarter worry about housing costs, survey finds

Shortage in HGV drivers may slow online deliveries, survey reveals

Some students willing to pay £23k tuition fees, survey finds

NHS survey reveals men drink double the amount of alcohol as women

Survey find retailers were worried that millions of people would return unwanted gifts

Survey finds 109 journalists were killed in 2015

55 per cent of SMEs have no ethics policy, survey finds

Australian mine managers anticipate growth in mining tech, survey finds

Report reveals that house builders own enough land to build 615,000 new homes

Many Brits would not know how to help in an emergency, research shows

Recent survey finds that over 50% of public have concerns about autonomous cars

Survey reveals social media could save local government money

Survey shows nearly 3 million women inspired by new get fit campaign

Government internet surveillance now supported by over 60% of Brits

Buyers getting cold feet results in a quarter of property sales failing

Northerners twice as likely to end up in A&E due to being involved in an attack

Survey reveals the 2016 parenting trends

Museums run by councils hit by cuts to public funding, survey finds

Survey reveals many have substituted prescriptions for cannabis

Survey finds all-inclusive holidays only attract 15% of the British population.

IT professionals are losing faith in their cyber-security, survey finds

Survey finds business chiefs are at their most pessimistic for three years

4 in 5 young people would rather their parents divorced than were together for the kids

Survey finds positive parental influences on financial issues stay with children

Half of engineers and manufacturers will look for a new job in 2016

Survey finds 1 in 3 Brits are unaware of their local charities

Survey finds non-alcoholic beer is growing in uptake

Survey finds people who worry about global warming use the most energy

Smoking hookah tobacco for one session delivers 25 times the tar of one cigarette

Survey finds small businesses are impacted by slow broadband

Organic food is more expensive than non-organic, survey finds

Apprenticeships won’t solve the construction skills shortage, Skills Group warn

House prices increasing faster than salaries, survey finds

NFL Super Bowl 50 ads considered entertainment, not marketing, survey finds

Survey finds Wrexham has the highest rate of homelessness in Wales

Most teachers know pupils who come to school without having breakfast

Recent survey finds a quarter of a million car buyers not test driving before they buy

75 per cent of council websites are good for seeking local tips

Survey reveals not enough done in schools to protect pupils’ mental health

Survey reveals 20 per cent of UK individuals have misused over the counter drugs

Rise in buy-to-let pushes up house prices

33% of 18-24 year olds scared to check their bank balance

Survey finds a shortage of engineers in the water industry

Oil and gas employees are loyal to the sector, survey finds

Research finds Europe’s ‘hottest’ locations for logistics

Health concerns expected to boosts sales of ‘free-from’ food, survey finds

Survey finds more than half of Scots would support independence after Brexit

Survey reveals the role sport has in people’s lives

Children ignoring age limits on social media, survey finds

Increasing number of solicitor vacancies across England and Wales

Survey finds recruitment processes put young people off

Survey finds small charities worry about effect of Fundraising Preference Service

Survey finds best supermarket for online shopping

Survey finds British media is most biased and right-wing in EU

Survey finds 50 per cent of businesses plan to recruit an IoT officer

Survey finds extended Sunday trading could mean small retailers lose out

Survey finds inadequate sex education is failing school children

Survey finds smart meters save customers energy and money

Survey finds engineering vacancies hard are to fill in manufacturing sector

Survey finds skills shortages are still rife in construction sector, despite growth

Survey reveals arts dominated by the middle class

Research finds popular outerwear brands use carcinogens

Survey finds local councils need to start charging for services to balance books

Survey finds women feel patronised by car manufacturers

Survey finds holding a tarantula is more appealing than going to the dentist

Millennials are most worried about tax season, survey finds

Starter homes won’t solve affordable housing crisis, survey finds

Survey finds UK’s manufacturing growth has slowed

Visa survey reveals increased spend on holidays and leisure

Businesses lose £88 billion per year as a result of online distractions

Survey finds more than 50 per cent of violent crimes are not reported

Survey finds reputation of pharma is improving

Market research finds 30 per cent growth in transport sector

More people oppose to fracking than support it, survey reveals

Survey reveals small businesses were disappointed with 2015’s budget

Survey finds changes in UK food preferences

Survey finds UK is the top tech hub

Employers most confident recruiting through word of mouth, survey finds

Record number of rich Brits donating at least 1 per cent of wealth to charity

Survey finds Brits want to retain ‘Easter’ on chocolate egg packaging

Greater ROI for programmatic advertising, survey finds

Survey finds online shopping is to be defined by customer experience this year

Survey finds support for superfast broadband service

Education survey reveals a crisis within secondary education

There are too many law practices in Scotland, survey finds

Survey finds one fifth of home appliances use more energy than they advertise

Survey finds most chemical engineers want to stay in Europe

Survey explores why apprentices are so important to construction

Stoke-on-Trent is the worst affected English cities for library closures

Survey finds councils worry about Government housing reforms

50 per cent of drivers support truck platooning, survey finds

Millennials prefer cash over digital payments, survey finds

Approximately 50 per cent of Brits support cannabis legalisation, survey finds

Calls for schools to drive engineering careers

87 per cent of manufacturers hope to invest in productivity, research finds

Market research uncovers what kids look for in their dream holiday

Just 10 per cent of men in Britain would use a male contraceptive, survey finds

Report reveals tube journeys take four times as long for those in a wheelchair

A quarter of oil and gas companies are not prepared for increasing legal risks

Survey finds 2 in 3 banks fear the Brexit

Killings in England and Wales increases by 11 per cent, figures show

Survey finds employees are willing to blow the whistle on unethical employers

NSPCC survey uncovers the most dangerous social media for youngsters

Figures shows the number of UK gin distilleries have doubled

Research shows Brits are consuming more junk and drinking less tea

Survey finds British film industry will be affected by Brexit

Charity survey uncovers the media’s impact on fundraising

April saw largest decline in sales since 2014, retail figures show

Survey finds exam stresses push primary school pupils to suicide

2 in 3 Brits would not consider a job in construction, survey finds

Survey uncovers best broadband providers in the UK

Survey finds 60 per cent of Brits are still finding energy bills confusing

Survey finds touring exhibitions do not make a profit

Report reveals legal aid cuts are increasing DIY defence

Survey finds fast food exposed people to harmful chemicals

Survey finds a quarter of motorists would nap in an autonomous car

Survey finds 50 per cent of parents borrow from their kids’ savings

Survey finds majority are worried about saving for house deposits

Government’s Right to Buy extension costs local councils millions

American girls surpass boys in engineering, tech and literacy tests

Survey finds SME manufactures have experienced another decline in export orders

Transport survey identifies feet on train seats as an irritant to many

Survey finds the public believe there’s no place in politics for religion

Survey finds 2 in 3 youths who consume legal highs will ignore future ban

Majority are happy with their experience of Boccia, our research revealed

NHS leaders feel Brexit will be bad for Health Service, survey finds

More could be done to improve corporate social responsibility, survey finds

Brits and Scandinavians most adventurous with food, survey finds

PR, media and marketing suffering from a mental illness epidemic, according to CIPR

4 in 10 Brits do not know when the Battle of the Somme happened

Charity market research reveals latest donation trends

Badger cull consultation reveals concerns about public safety

We need clearer labelling for cheese and sausages, say MEPs

Survey reveals British consumers’ favourite shops of 2016

Our research finds majority of students want universities to review their digital strategies

Oil and gas operators planning job cuts, survey finds

Survey finds visitors of museums and galleries are not from diverse backgrounds

Construction output at the lowest level in three years, survey finds

US survey reveals consumers opinions of driverless vehicles

Children are mistaking laundry detergent capsules as sweets, figures reveal

Survey finds gender pay gap prevalent in pocket money amounts

Survey finds local councils have not improved user experience

Survey finds 3 in 5 under-45s are on hold because of housing crisis

Just 6 per cent of Scottish engineering companies want a Brexit, survey finds

Survey reveals £811 million spent annually on needless phone charges

Four Fifths of Teachers Want to Remain in the European Union

Survey finds 59 per cent favour Scottish independence following Brexit

Survey finds those who voted for Brexit are more likely to be against clean energy

New survey reveals that education may be widening the gender gap

Survey finds average Brit spends £700 a year on car maintenance

Recent survey reveals an increasing number of people are turning away from religion

Survey finds family households to be the most common

Recent survey highlights Brits’ terrible table manners

Survey suggests 42 per cent of Brits would pay more tax to help NHS

New survey shows access to social media in the workplace is high priority for students

Survey reveals art students work harder than law students

The growth in the UK male skincare market is coming to a halt

Journalists worry that website content is being ‘dumbed down’, survey finds

Research reveals that parents are hypocritical when it comes to their children's social media use

Property developers struggle to access council land, survey reveals

Survey finds June saw low consumer confidence

Survey finds public would support fracking more than waste plants

Survey finds construction sector was hit hard in the run up to the EU ref

Survey finds engineering in Scotland affected as oil price weighs

Survey found Brexit damaged business confidence

Microbeads phase out in cosmetics is in disarray, research reveals

More than one million British people want their own business, research reveals

Research reveals sex education inadequate for smartphone generation

UK manufacturers hit by weaker pound, survey reveals

BBC survey finds Olympics are dampened by doping scandals

Fleet vehicles being off the road costs companies thousands, survey finds

Millennials more interested in switching to renewables than older generations

Survey finds the average child owns a mobile at seven

Report encourages female students to go for top graduate schemes

16 year high for car manufacturing, but Brexit causes concerns for top businesses

Survey finds house prices in London have dropped post-Brexit

Many pharmacists are not satisfied at work, survey finds

Poll uncovers Donald Trump has lost supporters since his convention

Survey reveals price promotions target predominantly unhealthy food

More fixed-fee legal services emerging, survey finds

EU Commission holds public consultation on ePrivacy

Survey suggests older generation can indeed learn technology skills

Survey discovers 1 in 8 patients wait over a month for scan results

The decline in Christianity is slowing down, survey finds

Survey finds most Brits believe immigration puts pressure on public services

Data suggests half of online spend is with online only stores

Survey reveals 31 per cent find on-site metal health problems difficult to manage

Survey reveals under-30s are unwittingly ruining their credit rating

Decrease in junior engineers’ pay, survey reveals

Brits spend less time packing than organising entertainment for their holiday

Research finds another potential carcinogen in e-cigs

Decline in blood donors in the last decade

UK could see a rise in fruit, vegetables from Africa following Brexit

Research with recruitment, training and development professionals within STEM companies

Recollection of bad charity PR has decreased, survey finds

Government should prioritise logistics sector, FTA claims

Survey finds two thirds of Wales want all electricity to come from renewables

Majority of SMEs are optimistic despite challenges, survey finds

55 per cent of motorists between 25 and 34 use devices at the wheel

UN survey discovers E-government is an effective tool

British parents among least likely to save for their children’s tuition

Only half are confident about the housing market, survey finds

Survey predicts Black Friday will overshadow Christmas spending and January sales

PRs are not up to the job, journalists claim

Brexit vote causes factories to rein in investment plans, survey finds

Doctors believe drug shortages are causing patients harm, survey finds

Parents wish they had not given their children a smart device, survey finds

Survey finds few adults are embarrassed of their food waste

Survey finds that parents want their offspring to be computer games designers

Local councils do not sufficiently assist disabled children’s parents, survey finds

Survey finds entry fees do not impact museum visitor diversity

Just one third of the public would be in favour of local fracking projects

Survey says retail brands need to refine their marketing channels

Alternative providers are a threat to the law profession, survey finds

Dangerous chemicals in household cleaners heighten risk of lung damage

Survey finds many people hit 40 with no retirement savings

Survey finds Coca-Cola bottle is the most iconic packaging

Dentistry should be portrayed more positively in the press, survey suggests

Survey finds 60 per cent have witnessed homophobic abuse in sport

Decrease in charity shop volunteers, survey reveals

Construction sector starting to recover, survey finds

Survey finds cyber security is the number one threat for the transport industry

Pay gap in engineering narrowing, survey reveals

Survey finds 1 in 3 drivers hog middle lane of motorway

Ofgem survey finds poor customer service drives customers away

Many UK CEOs considering moving their HQ overseas following Brexit

Survey finds three quarters want parks to be a statutory duty for councils

Government’s sex and relationships material is not being taught in Scottish classrooms

More money to be spent on social advertising, survey finds

Property prices increasing at a slower rate, survey finds

UK broadband consumers want quicker upload speeds

Dangerous workplaces are rife within manufacturing, survey reveals

Public do not believe the Government can secure personal data, survey finds

One third of parents unaware of the free nasal vaccination for children, survey finds

Food survey finds one sixth of youngsters eat takeaways twice a day

Survey finds the older generation is more secure online

Survey finds council pension funds membership numbers are increasing

Terrorism cited as one reason museum footfall is down

Survey finds Southerners most likely to bring own plastic bags to avoid 5p charge

Survey finds Brexit likely to affect compliance costs in chemical industry

Survey finds junior lawyers struggling to meet billing targets

Survey reveals 2 in 3 unlikely to buy a property near a fracking site

Survey finds Iceland and Lidl are home to the best value Christmas dinner

25 per cent of care home beds are in jeopardy

Survey finds record number of people visited Spain in wake of terrorist attacks

Survey finds charity trustees are quitting as a result of mounting pressure

Survey explores how tech will drive logistics this Christmas period

Survey reveals construction is one of the least female-friendly industries

Unfriendly workplaces described by female engineers, survey finds

Number of companies struggling financially has fallen since Brexit vote

60 per cent of marketers are not being sufficiently trained in media

Survey finds one fifth have less to give as inheritance than they expected

Survey finds some students consider illicit means of funding university life

Survey finds majority of company car owners would consider an electric vehicle next

Personalised energy experience desired by consumers, survey reveals

Majority of estate agents have not got a Brexit contingency

Survey finds factory bosses are putting off investment plans

Survey finds young people do not understand Article 50

50 per cent of Brits expect to eat more than one Christmas dinner, survey finds

Survey finds 50 per cent of UK’s R&D spend is within pharma

Research reveals 13 million functioning computers thrown away since 2011

Survey finds 90 per cent of councils will take action against floods

Survey finds museum cafes are not serving children vegetables

Manchester United highest ranked football team in the Global Sports Salaries Survey

BT survey finds UK workers met by business mobile issues

Air pollution claims tens of thousands of UK lives per year

Survey reveals which oil and gas companies are the best to work for

Scottish Government dismissed new stop and search powers following public consultation

Survey finds majority of consumers are open to alternative delivery methods

Survey finds it now takes an average of ten years to make partner

Volume of Scottish exports falls following a slump in engineering sales, report reveals

Survey finds 30 per cent of contractors are happy with architects’ work

Survey finds more than half of women desire ‘green’ beauty products

Survey finds young people are not likely to talk about mental health

Survey finds 50 per cent would be satisfied with charity donations instead of Christmas presents

Survey finds British businesses more worried about Brexit than European companies

Survey reveals that one third of working families find paying energy bills difficult

Survey finds demand means advertisers are working 70 hour weeks to keep up

Survey finds most estate agents have not been impacted by Brexit

Poll reveals half of Brits believe Government has done a ‘bad job’ of Brexit

Survey finds Brits’ bad money saving habits affecting Christmas budget

Survey finds Brits would put jobs in jeopardy to get a Black Friday bargain

Survey reveals what the UK loves to eat on Christmas day

Survey finds Brits waste a day per year waiting for PCs to load

Survey finds local councils do not have the facilities for sufficient elderly care

Survey finds parents worry faith will alienate their children

Survey reveals around 25 per cent drive whilst tired

Survey explores what makes a happy hotel guest

Survey finds smaller broadband providers give the best customer service

Just one third of plastic packaging is recycled, survey finds

Manufacturers reported the best month for orders in November since Brexit vote

Survey uncovers a vast amount of jobs have been lost in oil and gas sector

Survey finds logistics employees feel that KPIs are their biggest challenge

Home Ownership at Record Low for Under 25s

Glaring differences in education and working progress between ethnic groups

Children are going on more foreign holidays than ever before, survey finds

Survey reveals what drivers worry about when it comes to servicing

Many middle age Brits need to change their unhealthy lifestyles

Obama will leave the White House at the peak of his popularity, survey finds

Survey finds SMEs are predicted to borrow more than £50 billion this year

Research finds half of public would not visit pharmacy for minor illnesses

£13bn worth of food wasted annually, figures reveal

Researchers warn that toxic air pollution is leading cause of premature death

Survey finds construction companies are positive about Brexit and UK economy

Survey finds cyber-attack worries have hiked up the price of insurance

Few charity CEOs are from a BAME background, survey finds

Survey finds retailers are shunning the UK because of high business rates

20 per cent of consumer media consumption is influencer content, survey finds

Costs reduction is the main priority for majority of the logistics industry

Survey finds half of oil and gas professionals expect to vary their businesses

Survey reveals waste reduction is a key trend this year

73 per cent of engineers have faced gender discrimination

Survey reveals the main priority for the government’s industrial strategy

Increase in council tax will not affect the social care crisis, survey suggests

Survey finds most British people in favour of smart meters

Survey suggests a class pay divide is prevalent amongst accountants

Survey finds more information on e-books is needed from councils

Tired drivers take risks, survey reveals

40 per cent of adults do not exercise enough, survey finds

Body image more important than health for women, survey suggests

Survey finds women MPs are treated badly by the public

Survey reveals that 25 per cent of managers struggle with admin every day

Price is less important than service, food shoppers reveal in survey

Rising salaries in IT and data analytics, survey finds

Survey finds cancer charities are the most popular charitable cause

Survey reveals many teachers would feel more secure wearing a bodycam

The retail sector receives more complaints than any other, survey finds

Survey reveals there is a shortage of construction workers in Ireland

Clean Air Act backed by 65 per cent of Brits, survey finds

Figures show house price increase is at the slowest rate since 2013

Majority cannot differentiate between fake and real news reports, survey finds

Many senior oil and gas professionals want to expand business outside the industry

Survey finds rising cost of food concerns consumers

Small businesses not prepared for tax digitalisation, survey finds

Survey reveals the key objectives and challenges for the logistics sector

Number of people who believe climate change is happening is increasing

Figures show library usage has plummeted

Visits to British museums and galleries have dramatically declined

Councils uncertain whether their area can cope with 30 hours free childcare

Survey reveals how much sport English adults partake in

Survey finds judges are worried about their personal safety and salaries

Survey finds manufacturers’ optimism is quickly rising

Survey finds STEM subjects are building in popularity

Survey finds a distinct lack of knowledge about car parts

Survey finds few pregnant women, new mums get specialist mental health care

UK businesses are already being negatively affected by Brexit, survey finds

Estate agents should divulge broadband speed, home buyers say

10 per cent of lawyers born overseas plan to leave UK soon, survey finds

Parents stressed by childrens’ exams, survey finds

Survey finds financial service providers are more optimistic

American survey finds an increasing demand for outdoor kitchen construction

Fruit juice considered healthy by European millennials, survey finds

Survey finds some foods are saltier than seawater

2017 could see a decline in the private rental sector, survey finds

Survey finds UK manufacturers have seen a spike in orders post-Brexit

Scottish technology companies are optimistic about future, survey finds

Majority of councils to increase council tax this April, survey finds

Media needs an overhaul, survey suggests

Top ten UK visitor attractions revealed

More Brits oppose fracking than support it, survey finds

Survey finds the pharma industry has been impacted by drug prices

A public consultation is launched on the future of Police Scotland

Survey finds retailers are recruiting more staff despite Brexit

Recent polls uncover how eSports affect children’s health in the UK.

A recent study shows that 66 percent of adults are eating three, or fewer servings of fruit and vegetables a day

Survey finds that Save the Children has the most effective management in the voluntary sector

Recent reports reveal MPs may have an extra-long holiday

Latest research states that the construction industry seeks to see a rise in housing production

A recent Markit PMI survey reveals that the industrial sector continues to drive global economy

Recent monthly energy review reveals that renewable energy is increasingly contributing to US energy production and consumption

Top UK universities fail to reach TEF targets

Survey finds universities’ ‘value for money’ is falling according to students

Relaunch of PlayStation game, Crash Bandicoot, saves further decline of retail sector

Recent polls reveal outlook on mental health services during England’s NHS Five Year Forward View

Recent update on how the UK Sports plan to tackle elite performance funding and cuts

Teachers face one percent pay cap for the seventh year running

A new NHS survey reveals that more than 50,000 lives are saved, due to organ transplants

End of month statistics for May 2017, estimate a decrease in UK retail sales

New report reveals UK charity resources may be strained, due to public sector cuts

New plans for energy supply estimates to save UK customers and businesses up to £40 billion by 2050

Recent statistics reveal that Northern Ireland’s construction output is higher than last year

Latest research reveals that heatwave helped increase sales for UK retail sector

Insurance sector behind in customer service, suggests poll

New research states 80 per cent of UK customers prefer charities to only contact them after giving consent to use their personal data

Latest UK PMI report reveals weakest construction performance since August 2016

A level results reveal that students continue to achieve top grades, despite changes to exam papers

Students prove GCSE predictions wrong, despite a fall in the number of top grades

Workforce survey reveals how employment legislation has increased business costs

Over three quarters of British adults are proud of the work they do, survey says

Poll reveals upselling food and beverage products aids weight-gain

Drinking water safety is a top concern for US water infrastructure, according to a Google survey

Government survey reveals that a third of respondents are against fracking

Utilities survey reveals that over one third of people prefer bottled water to tap

Recent survey reveals US drinking water has the highest contamination rate

Recent statistics reveal that the UK film industry is the fastest growing sector

Survey reveals finance jobs to be moved out of Britain as a result of Brexit

Report reveals 72 per cent of Scottish manufacturing and engineering firms struggle to recruit staff

Survey finds that 34 per cent of manufacturing businesses have seen an increase in profits over the past six months

Survey finds that around a third of engineers feel included in their profession

Around one quarter of adults engage in moderate exercise, survey says

Around one third of shoppers in Britain and Europe use their mobile phone to save money on grocery bills

Bad press has increased negative perceptions of Uber, according to recent survey

Latest results reveal Asian car manufacturers dominate customer satisfaction survey

Recent survey shows that young women are more likely to struggle financially

Survey finds Millennials prefer looking for discounts in-store, as opposed to online

New poll reveals that around three quarters of Scots are against the proposed air tax cuts

New report reveals why FMCG products significantly contribute to discount store growth

Survey finds that due to a shortage of school funding, 61 per cent of teachers paid for classroom resources

New survey reveals what challenges most retail store managers face

Survey reveals chocolate is in high demand in countries across the Asia Pacific

Over half of children feel less confident because of social media posts, survey says

Survey reveals Londoners lack knowledge of the London Assembly

Survey reveals consumer opinions regarding customer service

New poll reveals possible financial implications for NFL, following 'Take A Knee' protest

Singapore's food waste increased by 40 per cent in the past decade, survey says

High housing costs contribute to homelessness figures, recent report finds

Survey reveals Brits are in favour of social housing builds

Poll finds 65 percent of Australian voters support Finkel’s clean energy target

Survey reveals why consumers are not switching their utilities supplier

Housing survey finds US homebuyers are less likely to use online sources to obtain housing information

Majority of US corporations aim to convert to renewable energy, survey finds

Over one third of charities do not have an ethical investment policy, survey finds

Two fifths of Brits think businesses should do more for charity

Around three quarters of UK adults support the ban of unpaid internships

Older tech workers worry about losing their jobs, survey finds

82 percent of Indian IT leaders worry about outdated IT infrastructure, survey finds

Men outnumber women in IT engineering jobs, survey finds

McGraw-Hill Education survey shows that digital learning technologies are helping students perform better

Over half a million people suffer from work-related stress, anxiety or depression, survey finds

New housing infrastructure ranked lowest in terms of quality, according to Brits

New survey reveals why some customers feel embarrassed about using reusable bottles

Drivers more annoyed by cyclists than speeding or dangerous overtaking

Research reveals museums becoming clearer on digital

Parents are increasingly suffering from postpartum depression, according to a new survey

Construction workers spend more hours consuming tea than any other worker, according to a new survey

New poll reveals public opinions on Hereford Museum

Radio is classified as the UK’s most trusted news source, according to new survey

Fewer teenagers are applying for part-time jobs, new research finds

Young people are increasingly exposed to fake news, according to recent research

Modernising opera may attract more visitors, according to recent survey

Sheffield would rather spend more money on better healthcare than staffing, despite GP shortages

New survey reveals lack of libraries are affecting children’s literacy levels

Survey reveals why business owners are in a dilemma over social media

Dieters are opting for online slimming pills, instead of advice from their GP

Black Friday helped boost retail sales, according to recent ONS report

UK recognised as the country most fixated on Christmas

18-24 year olds said to be the most generous over Christmas

Majority of UK adults think the Government is focussing too much on Brexit

New survey reveals top 20 fitness trends of 2018

Poll shows Republicans divided by energy policies

Engineering survey finds lack of diversity and skills are slowing recruitment drive

New research reveals if car buyers are underestimating the current development of electric vehicles

Over half of Americans believe that driverless cars are unsafe, according to recent survey

New survey shows 80 percent of Londoners believe rail fare rise is unfair, despite TfL’s response

Retail market research reveals consumer trends of 2018

Majority of the chemical industry will offer sustainable versions of chemicals, according to recent survey

Majority of Brits back Government’s plastic-free aisles proposals

Research regarding BAME coaches helped implement new Rooney Rule

New survey reveals the top sectors to work in

UK crack down on extra time in exams, according to Ofqual

Less than half of construction businesses have a digital strategy, recent survey finds

The number of EU nurses leaving their job outnumbers the amount joining the NHS, according to recent statistics

Recent survey reveals predictions for the food industry in 2018

Middle age US consumers are most likely to turn to IoT devices to save money on energy bills

Children from developing countries are more likely to aspire to have STEM careers

Brits are cracking down on their personal finances, according to recent survey

80 percent of charities are unhappy with their interest rates, according to latest research

Research suggests UK manufacturers are in demand overseas, despite on-going trade negotiations

Nine in 10 Brits are concerned about the consequences of plastic waste, research finds

Marketing professionals call for more diversity, according to recent survey

Millennials staying in the same sector due to fears of starting a new career, survey suggests

Four-fifths of teachers have thought about leaving the profession, reveals poll

Many school children taught in overcrowded and inadequate buildings, survey of teachers reveals

Cultural engagement has risen in Scotland, survey reveals

Ninety per cent of councils cutting services aimed at preventing illness

Healthcare Assistants taking on additional roles often without training

New research sheds light on misconceptions of cancer causes

People facing retirement still supporting family members, survey finds

Want to sell more goods? Offer free water to customers, a survey suggests

Retailers losing out on £18 billion a year due to shoppers abandoning online baskets

March sees 6% slump in high street shoppers – the largest drop since 2010

Expect 9,828 bad cuppas in your lifetime

More than half of female MPs polled have faced discrimination

Half of self-employed ‘seriously concerned’ about pension

Pensioners have an average of £3,500 in credit card debts, survey reveals

Millennials in support of GM crops, a survey reveals

Survey reveals food diet myths Britons live by

EU students less interested in UK study since Brexit, survey reveals

Drugs delivered faster than pizza, Global Drugs survey reveals

Support for renewable energy is at an all-time high in UK, reveals government survey

Survey reveals people in London are least likely to change energy suppliers

12 million energy customers have not changed providers in 5 years

Survey reveals impact of cost savings in UK schools

Modern activities being chosen over traditional sports such as cycling and swimming

More than half of Brits planning to holiday in the UK this year, survey reveals

Visits to Scottish Islands up 22% with scenery cited as premier reason for trip

71% of journalists say public has lost trust in media, survey reveals

People in Europe with populist views trust news media less, survey suggests

Beauty marketers choosing social media 'influencers' over celebs, survey reveals

Unison survey reveals more than half of local government staff want to leave

Only 10 percent of UK local councils score 4-star rating for their websites, survey reveals

Councils fear being unable to deliver balanced budgets in 2019-20, survey reveals

National taxation is needed to fix adult social care, says nine out of ten councils

EFL fans want a choice when it comes to safe standing at matches, survey reveals

The British Water Survey 2018: Northumbria Water rated top by suppliers

More than half of young people would support a political party if they tackled air pollution, survey finds

Almost one in two people in UK worry their water is contaminated, survey finds

Just a quarter of charities give feedback to Trustees on donor experience, survey finds

A quarter of UK local charities fear for their survival, survey finds

Public trust in charities at all-time low, survey reveals

Water quality in English rivers and lakes worse than in 2010, survey reveals

People in the South East and London most engaged with the arts, survey finds

Museum quarter tops the poll of tourist attractions favoured by Hull residents

Small business owners use smartphones for most of their business needs, survey finds

UK Customer Satisfaction Index: most telecoms providers fail to make top 50

Global broadband speed table shows UK slip to 35th place

Decline in accounting and professional services work experience opportunities, survey shows

The great bottle swap: over half of Londoners plan to use reusable flasks instead of single-use plastic, survey finds

Traditional sweeteners preferred by consumers, survey finds

Plastic manufacturers struggling to recruit workers

Seven out of 10 consumers happy to use a 'lawbot' instead of a lawyer, survey finds

42% of finance workers put off pursuing roles due to negative first impressions, according to survey

Which! survey reveals best to worst supermarkets for recyclable packaging

Survey reveals one in three construction workers fail to check asbestos registers

Stress affecting 78% of construction workers in the Midlands, survey finds

Construction companies feeling the impact of Brexit up 9%, according to survey

Electric Dreams: over half young people in UK would like an electric vehicle, survey finds

Revealed: the cars least likely to let you down, according to major user poll

Survey of parents calls into question effectiveness of PFAS school uniform coatings

Car dealer survey reveals confusion over WLTP

UAE grads see engineering as one of the most attractive industries, according to survey

Engineers around the globe feeling increased pressure in the workplace, according to survey

Engineering survey reveals which sectors have the happiest workers

Survey finds majority of older people want single storey properties

Letting agents refusing accommodation to benefits recipients, reveals report

84% of renters are ‘satisfied’ with their accommodation, survey finds

A fifth of grandparents have given up work or reduced hours to help with childcare, survey finds

Most reputable retailers revealed in UK consumer survey

Retail sales growth slows as the hot weather cools, figures show

69% of Scottish people are ‘satisfied’ with public transport, reveals survey

e-bike uptake would be greater if Cycle to Work cap was raised, suggests survey

Half of road users have experienced damage to their vehicle or personal injury caused by potholes, survey finds

72% of oil and gas leaders think long-term attractiveness of gas will improve over coming decade

Survey reveals GPs unlikely to believe patients about alcohol intake

Survey reveals changing consciousness of consumers, with 44% believing they will no longer use supermarket by 2030

Sexual health survey finds pupils in Scotland want more information in schools

Survey finds one in 20 UK adults have not eaten green veg in a month

Fear caused by food allergies stopping young people from eating out, survey reveals

Children prefer being in banded classes rather than mixed, according to survey

Just 15% of Brits think Government has managed immigration ‘competently and fairly’, survey reveals

Survey suggests low oil price is impacting safety in gas and oil industries

Government survey reveals barriers to arts engagement

Survey of support staff reveals the effect of cutbacks in UK schools

Survey finds 35% of logistic companies have not prepared for Brexit

UK adults spend eight times longer watching TV than doing exercise, survey reveals

Only 15% of Brits are willing to share data with pharma for AI projects, survey reveals.

Over half of Brits willing to share personal data with NHS to improve services, survey finds

Happiness levels have declined for girls and young women, survey finds

72% of football and gaming fans prefer playing e-sports to the real thing, survey finds

Survey reveals the happiest and most friendly cities to live in the UK

Fifth of drivers ready for electric or hybrid vehicles, reveals survey

Majority of Scottish companies believe climate change poses threat to business

Survey reveals UK museums and attractions serving the healthiest and least healthy food for kids

Majority of UK drivers would switch to public transport, reveals survey

Workloads increase for construction industry as Brexit approaches, according to latest survey findings

Millennials in Europe prefer big FMCG brands to local, survey finds

Poor budgeting reason most people fall behind with debt, survey finds

Half of drivers admit their road knowledge is poor, reveals survey

A third of people do not have a pension, survey finds

Mortgage applications are third greatest fear of homeowners, survey finds

Survey reveals majority of Scottish people in support of renewable energy

UK businesses more focussed on domestic ventures than global aspirations, survey finds

Survey reveals 35% of UK businesses expect a decline in profits due to Brexit

Survey reveals 84% of charity workers are looking for a new job

Energy debt in the UK up 24% since last year, according to survey

A third of UK businesses now producing their own electricity, survey reveals

59% not in support of wet wipe ban, according to survey

Survey reveals charities most likely to receive legacy gift from supporters

30% of charities say property is a barrier to charitable objectives

Just 15% support fracking, government survey reveals

New survey reveals 82% of road users in England are satisfied

47% of building professionals expect to make majority of construction projects green by 2021, reveals survey

UK water infrastructure rates highly in global survey

Majority of consumers aged 18-35 buy clothes they never wear, survey finds

Survey finds kids more likely to be obese if their parents are

Best and Worst ISPs revealed in customer satisfaction poll

Survey reveals cheapest and most expensive broadband around the globe

Fear of poor broadband is stopping people moving to a rural location, survey finds

More people opposed to second referendum on Brexit than in support, survey reveals

Less than 20% of kids getting recommended amount of exercise per day, survey finds

Workplace injuries result in 130,000 days off for construction workers each year, survey finds

60% of Brits admit to ruining the Christmas dinner, reveals poll

72% of teachers know colleague who has quit over pupil bad behaviour, survey reveals

60% of young people Google symptoms before making GP appointment

'Embarrassing' symptoms cause 1 in 4 people to delay visiting GP, survey finds

Results from survey identify dream job for marketers

9 out of 10 consumers want multisensory shopping experiences, reveals global survey

Survey suggests smartphone shopping to increase by £10bn this year

Half of oil and gas professionals fear industry skills shortage, according to survey

EuPC survey gives new insight into use of recycled plastics materials

British households spend 9K annually on goods they won't use, reveals survey

70% of medical students go without basic essentials, reveals survey

Term-time holidays for primary pupils backed by two in five, reveals survey

Survey reveals rail passenger satisfaction at 10-year low

Survey finds under 30s visit museums and galleries to de-stress

Two-thirds of young people make their own music, finds survey

Majority of UK ports not prepared for Brexit, according to poll

Chocolate is top food Brits miss when following a healthy diet, survey finds

Survey reveals confusion over origin of everyday fruit and veg

Two-thirds of consumers cutting down on single-use plastics

Contradictions about digestive health benefits of foods revealed by survey

'Big Six' beaten by small energy suppliers in latest Which? survey

Brits planning to save £1600 by reducing spending in 2019, reveals survey

Attitudes towards data and privacy revealed by survey with only 17% saying personalised ads are ethical

Over-40s more adventurous with holiday choices, reveals survey

6 in 10 Brits feel the EU has been harsh during Brexit negotiations

Two-thirds of police officers do not feel valued, survey reveals

Survey reveals most local authorities planning council tax rises in 2019-20

Six in 10 Brits polled fear the high street will be gone in a decade

The biggest obstacle to getting a job is age discrimination according to survey respondents

A third of SME employees have called in sick due to work-related stress, survey finds

Half of US pharma execs think UK will be less attractive for clinical research post Brexit, according to poll

One in three UK firms considering relocating due to Brexit, survey finds

Survey finds 4 in 10 motorists want age cap for elderly drivers

Nearly half UK adults would do something ‘daring’ for charity, survey reveals

Majority support empty shops being taken over by charities or community groups, survey finds

Almost half UK manufacturers have taken action to prepare for EU exit

Build homes for all ages and abilities say 72% of UK adults

A quarter of engineers looking to change industries in 2019, according to poll

75% of charity workers in Scotland expect the sector's financial situation to worsen, according to poll

Consumers and marketers on different pages when it comes to brand authenticity, according to research

Energy company satisfaction ratings fall for second year running, reveals uSwitch poll

Three-quarters of new young voters would support Remain in second referendum, reveals poll

Over a quarter of UK consumers planning to stockpile ahead of Brexit, reveals survey

Survey reveals rise in professional blogs - now more popular than those written for personal reasons

One in six home buyers have pulled out of sale, according to poll

Survey reveals top mistakes made my first-time buyers and what they will do differently next time

Latest YouGov Brexit poll reveals increase in support for 'People's Vote'

A survey has found drivers still using mobile phones when driving

Maintenance of local roads is top concern of motorists, reveals RAC survey

Industrial Trends Survey shows manufacturing activity continues to weaken

Third of consumers replace faulty devices rather than getting them repaired, reveals survey

Over half motorists believe video games encourage dangerous driving, according to poll

Survey reveals smart meter problems faced by over half customers when switching energy suppliers

Visitor figures reveal most popular museums and exhibitions around the globe in 2018

Nine in 10 chemical company CEOs confident about growth prospects for year ahead

9 out of 10 school workers say poverty is affecting children's learning, according to NEU poll

Public satisfaction with NHS at lowest level since 2007, according to survey

Nation’s favourite supermarket revealed in annual Which? survey

A fifth of charities experienced cyber security breach in last year, finds survey

Nearly half of teachers in role for under 10 years plan to leave profession

Survey reveals best and worst broadband speeds of providers in UK

Survey reveals moving house is most stressful life challenge

More than half of British elite sportswomen polled have faced gender discrimination

9% rise in visitor numbers at UK attractions, according to research

Pupil poverty on rise at secondary schools across England and Wales, according to poll of headteachers

Survey of senior oil and gas professionals reveals optimism for year ahead

More than half NHS staff considering leaving their role, according to survey

Less than half patients aware of right to choose hospital when accessing NHS treatment, according to poll

Plastic usage top concern for 8 out of 10 Brits, finds poll

8 out of 10 respondents in support of renewable energy, according to poll

Charities not using tech to maximise donations, survey finds

Only a third of Brits feel in control of their finances, reveals poll

45% of SME employees have left a job because of their boss, reveals survey

65% of young construction workers say the industry was never suggested to them by career advisers

58% of allergy sufferers have had reactions after eating restaurant and takeaway food deemed ‘safe’, according to poll

Margaret Thatcher voted Britain’s greatest post-war Prime Minister in poll

Survey reveals the most popular causes supported by runners ahead of the London Marathon

Half UK consumers open to paying more for products with eco-friendly packaging, finds poll

Gender pay gap narrows in the construction industry, shows recent survey…

Italian cuisine is world’s most popular food, whilst British food is ranked 16th according to recent survey…

82% of Londoners have changed or plan to change how they travel through the city in response to new ULEZ charges

Oil and gas production is rising, according to report

Support for renewable energy has reached a record high of 85%, reveals Government poll

Brexit affecting headcount in manufacturing, reveals poll

No summer holiday for 1 in 5 UK families this year, according to poll

The number of people donating to charities has fallen, according to CAF poll

More engineering employers feel new tech will help workforce grow rather than lead to job losses, finds survey

Survey reveals UK's best and worst mobile phone providers

Survey reveals we spend 50 days a year looking at smartphone screens

Pharma sector has role to play in NHS prevention agenda, say 79% of MPs

Sports fans spend one and a half years watching their favourite sports at the pub, finds poll

A quarter of parents may leave estate to grandchildren, finds survey

Home broadband speeds rise above 50Mb for first time in UK, according to latest report

Just 9% of patient groups rate pharma industry positively in terms of fair pricing policies, according to report

Workloads fall for SME construction companies for first time in six years, according to research

Almost half students aged 16-24 not getting recommended amount of exercise, finds poll

Britons get drunk more frequently than people in 35 other countries, according to survey

Brits in the dark about key UK inventors of some of the world’s most important creations, finds poll

Three in 10 people in their 20s have no savings, finds poll

Salary and work-life balance most important to employees, reveals poll

UK's most reliable car brand revealed in survey of car owners

Public support for fracking at its lowest ever level, according to latest Government poll

Men are more likely to think about what a brand says about them than women, suggests poll

40% of SMEs have not engaged in basic measures to help cut plastic waste, reveals poll

Two thirds of parents believe exam stress affects children’s mental health, reveals poll

Nearly half UK lawyers are using tech that does not meet their needs, finds survey

More than half UK retailers have no Brexit plans in place, reveals survey

Homophobia in sport is a problem say nine out of 10 LGBT people in EU poll

More than half of prison staff have been exposed to psychoactive substances, with 39% feeling ill as a result, according to poll

More than a third of UK news consumers are actively avoiding the news, reveals poll

Two thirds of students support universities sharing mental health crisis concerns with parents, according to university poll

Renters are less likely to have life insurance than homeowners, reveals survey

One third of UK shoppers have left a negative review online, reveals poll

Survey finds UK consumers buying more British and local produce

Women leading way when it comes to cutting down on plastics, according to poll

Survey reveals fall in levels of satisfaction among NHS hospital inpatients

Survey suggests landlords in the UK are confused over new letting rules

Majority of MPs believe dementia care should be funded by the state, according to poll

Salaries for professionally registered engineers are higher, finds survey

87% of mining businesses say their cyber-security could be stronger, according to poll

British Chambers of Commerce survey points to manufacturing slowdown

Cost of products 17% more expensive in Duty Free, according to poll.

Cost of technology is top challenge for healthcare organisations, according to poll

31% supply teachers cite workload in permanent posts as top reason for switch, according to poll

58% of museum front-of-house staff feel undervalued, reveals poll

64% of FMCG shoppers open to trying a new brand, reveals survey

Government should pay TV licence for over-75s, according to three-quarters of voters polled in survey

58% of Conservative Party members in favour of death penalty for certain crimes, reveals poll

Eight in ten housing association workers have experienced work-related stress, according to poll

Less than half parents polled are aware physical activity can boost self-confidence in kids

43% of primary schools ‘unconfident’ in their approach to online safety, according to poll

A quarter of GP appointments taken by nurses, reveals poll

Horniman Museum and Gardens voted South London's top 'hidden gem' picnic spot.

No-deal Brexit will negatively affect two thirds of UK plastics companies, according to BPF poll

Water Matters Survey finds 'gulf' between customer satisfaction for services and fairness of charges

Majority of CMOs plan to maintain or increase in-house digital in next two to three years, reveals poll

A quarter of UK students find money management at university stressful, according to poll

Survey reveals waiting times for GP appointments have exceeded two weeks for first time

Survey reveals top 50 things that Brits value most

One in 10 SME business owners have not been on holiday in half a decade, reveals survey

Same-sex couples recorded as living together increased by 50% since 2015, according to latest ONS data

Tate Modern is top visitor attraction in England, according to survey

Number of young people who think going to university is 'important' falls, according to poll

Half of non-gym users find the idea of going to one ‘scary’, according to poll

Interest in STEM subjects in decline amongst school children, suggests survey

Survey finds low public support for relaxing UK fracking rules

Retail sales plummet at fastest rate since 2008, according to latest survey

UK has healthiest packaged foods, according to new global study

Three-quarters of marketers say video is top priority, according to poll

42% of consumers not aware how much sugar they consume, reveals poll

69% of UK motorists put off electric cars due to fears over charging points, reveals survey

Nearly a quarter of Brits need parents’ help to fund house deposit

More than three-quarters of UK motorists say owning a car is ‘essential to everyday life’, according to poll.

Survey of engineers finds fewer than half are 'very' or 'completely' likely to stay with their current employer beyond the next five years

Student support for the Labour Party has fallen, according to poll

Survey of school governors and trustees reveals funding is top issue

Art galleries are the least visited heritage attraction for families, finds survey

Three in ten middle-aged people would be willing to drink lower strength alcohol, according to poll

69% of people with long-term health issues would like to be more active, reveals survey

4 out of 5 MPs think social media has negative impact on politics, reveals survey

One in four UK shoppers are reducing the amount of fast fashion they buy, reveals survey

4 in 10 UK adults distrust local recycling services, according to poll

Third of smart meter owners report problems with devices, according to poll

One in three charities rely on single source of funding, reveals survey

87% of Scottish survey respondents in favour of fireworks ban to the public, reveals survey

70% of charities seek to connect with younger fundraisers, reveals poll

Two-fifths of patients do not have visitors during hospital stay, suggests survey

NHS chosen by British consumers as UK’s most relevant brand

Nearly half UK adults pour oil and fats down the sink, reveals survey

Number of people in the UK who vape has risen, reveals poll

Poll reveals top pastimes of today's kids

Two thirds of bone specialists say osteoporosis is a 'neglected condition', according to survey

Brits confused about CBD and its effects, according to recent poll

Number of UK patient groups saying pharma has 'good' or 'excellent' reputation has fallen, according to survey

Nine out of 10 people would do more to tackle air pollution if they knew how, reveals poll

Just a quarter of UK motorists would trust driverless cars, reveals survey

Two thirds of people in UK think Brexit deal is unlikely to be agreed by October 19, according to poll

Survey reveals top 20 features homebuyers look for when buying a house

8 out of 10 UK pharmacists expect medicine shortages to get worse in the event of no-deal Brexit, reveals survey

54% of utility professionals expect a cyber attack on their company’s critical infrastructure in the next 12 months, reveals survey

More than a third of UK employees believe their boss 'does not care' about their mental health, reveals poll

Revealed: Top five signs you've reached 'financial maturity' according to poll

7 out of 10 US oil and gas companies rely on single data source for analysing risk management and asset performance, reveals poll

WhatsApp considered the most ‘indispensable’ app in the UK, according to survey

Professionalism is 'most important' factor when choosing an insurance broker, according to survey

57% of Londoners would pay more for sustainable fashion, reveals survey

Biggest ever Brexit poll reveals majority are in favour of leaving the EU

Construction professionals asked about their hopes for new construction minister in industry poll

Food safety taken for granted by more than three quarters of Brits, according to poll

Eight out of ten university students worry about making ends meet financially, reveals poll

Older employees more likely to adopt cyber security best practice, than younger generations, reveals research

More than half charities affected by fraud over last two years knew perpetrator

Survey reveals top complaints of UK shoppers and what they want from shopping experiences

FMCG brands make up over 20% of the top 100 Most Connected Brands 2019, reveals survey

Two thirds of fashion bosses think hazardous chemicals will 'likely' be phased out of industry within six years, reveals survey

Front of house staff at 4 in 10 cultural venues are paid less than real Living Wage, finds survey

Almost two-thirds of UK beauty consumers take action after viewing an online beauty or skincare ad, reveals poll

43% female internet users would pay more for sustainable beauty products, reveals global poll

8 out of 10 business leaders polled see cyber risk as top five concern for their organisation, reveals survey

8 in 10 shoppers buy additional items when collecting Click & Collect orders, reveals survey

Survey reveals top concerns of motorists, with road rage on the increase

More than half the people polled in Brexit survey think EU departure will lead to UK break-up

Third of mobile phone users say they 'don't need' 5G, reveals survey

SMEs hire accountants more than any other professional adviser, according to poll

AI has the potential to transform financial sector, say 67% of finance workers

One in four migrants working in the cultural sector are considering leaving the UK, reveals poll

Majority of Americans believe US fossil fuel extraction on land and at sea should be decreased or stay the same, according to survey

Royal Society of Chemistry survey reveals salary growth across the industry

Packaging company survey reveals consumers would pay more for food products with less plastic

59% of Brits trust NHS and healthcare providers most when it comes to trust over data

The number of American people earning a master's degree has doubled in the last 20 years, reveals survey

Journalists most effective at impacting consumer behaviour, according to survey of marketers

89% NEU members polled say school funding levels are a barrier to SEND pupil support

More than half Brits polled say political uncertainty will not affect their festive spend this Christmas

82% shoppers think plastic packaging needs to to be reduced 'drastically'

7 out of 10 people in the UK would prefer housing development on brownfield sites, according to survey

Third of people report WiFi blackspots in their homes

Half the oil and gas firms surveyed are working to reduce their carbon footprint

Almost half GPs polled have thought about leaving profession due to personal wellbeing concerns, finds survey

Aftermath of Brexit the greatest challenge facing the financial services sector in 2020, according to industry poll

Disabled candidates sought after and welcomed by just 53% businesses polled

Survey sheds light on office brew-round etiquette

61% of people have concerns about the environment - yet just 9% see it as a priority when doing their Christmas shopping, reveals poll

More than half smart meter owners polled have not changed their energy usage, reveals survey

Four in ten WhatsApp users say they can’t live without the messenger this Christmas, reveals poll

More than half the school children in England are not doing enough exercise, reveals poll

Size is more important to home-buyers than location, reveals survey

When it comes to communications, customers want to contact businesses by telephone, reveals survey

43% of GPs advise parents to seek private care for children in need of mental health services, according to survey

University ranking top reason why international students choose to study in the UK, reveals poll

Affordability still the number one issue facing students seeking rented accommodation, reveals annual poll

Survey finds working in an office can cost £1,716 per year

Courses to boost digital skills the most desirable training for SME leaders in 2020, reveals survey

52% of people would be less likely to consume a product if it was revealed to be genetically modified, reveals survey

Renewable energy is top choice for investors in 2020, reveals survey

Survey reveals most annoying driving habits of motorists

Just over half the UK business owners polled say they are fully using technology to their business advantage, according to survey

UK ranks second from bottom in global trust survey

Fewer than a fifth of farmers have access to super-fast broadband

Wealthy Britons would rather have more time than money or fun

Survey finds more young people open to career in engineering

Survey reveals best and worst paid sectors for marketers

Nearly three-quarters of meat eaters believe veganism is ethical (but many also find it inconvenient and not enjoyable)

Americans are visiting the library more than the cinema, finds poll

More young people are owning their homes, reveals survey

85% of manufacturers see it as their duty to promote staff wellbeing, reveals survey

6 in 10 LinkedIn users say just a fifth of their connections are valuable, according to survey

Heathrow Express scores highest rating for overall satisfaction in latest National Rail Passenger Survey

Two-thirds of fans say football is less enjoyable with VAR

6 in 10 UK employers plan to invest in digital health

A quarter of Brits feel 'uncomfortable' with online banking, reveals survey

Survey of cancer patients finds that the possibility of taking part in clinical trials was not discussed with 43% of respondents

A third of UK employees experience 'Sunday Night Fear', according to survey

Young people spending less on weekly food shop because of food-to-go trend, finds survey

Sainsbury's was the cheapest supermarket of 2019, according to Which? poll

7 out of 10 oil and gas professionals expect to increase or maintain low-carbon energy investment, reveals survey

Octopus Energy retains top spot in Which? customer satisfaction survey

Almost half 8-17 year-olds feel it's important to 'fit in' online, reveals poll

Survey reveals public support for regulated drone industry, with 4 in 5 Brits in favour

Survey reveals the charitable causes supported by world's wealthiest families

Almost nine out of ten UK film and TV workers have experienced a mental health issue, reveals poll

Six in 10 adults in England and Wales have experienced a legal issue in last four years, reveals poll

Citizens Advice Scotland survey reveals a quarter of Scottish adults find it ‘difficult’ to make ends meet on their current salary

More than half Brits polled say that their job impacts their overall happiness 'a lot'

Almost a fifth of social landlords say there is 'room for improvement' when it comes to managing their estate, reveals survey

Almost a fifth of social landlords have an energy strategy in place for becoming carbon neutral, reveals survey

Nearly two thirds of Brits fear their home smart devices could be hacked, reveals survey

Concerns over climate change have doubled amongst UK adults since 2016, finds survey

69% of MPs believe the NHS should focus on prevention rather than funding new treatments, reveals poll

Just 1% of 50+ drivers believe new cars are designed with them in mind, according to survey

A quarter of consumers may avoid shopping destinations if the coronavirus situation worsens, reveals poll

Survey reveals majority of SMEs believe Government not doing enough to help businesses with sustainability

80% of arts workers fear voicing controversial opinions could negatively affect their career, according to survey

TikTok app worries parents most when it comes to online safety, reveals survey

Substantial green improvements have been made to logistic operations, say almost half transport managers polled

7 in 10 creative freelancers worried they won't be able to pay bills due to coronavirus crisis, according to survey

18% of Britons admit to stockpiling food since coronavirus outbreak, reveals poll

75% of those who feel negative about their household finances are 'worried' about the further impact of coronavirus, according to survey

Three-quarters of Brits 'strongly support' latest government measures to prevent coronavirus spread, reveals survey

5% of Brits have lost employment already due to coronavirus, according to survey

Fifth of architects say their entire office is working from home due to coronavirus, according to survey

7 in 10 people are using news outlets as their main source of coronavirus information, according to poll

93% of engineering firms are concerned about coronavirus impact, reveals survey

YouGov poll shows 60% of Britons left the house on Mothering Sunday - despite government advice to stay indoors

88% of PR professionals say consumer and brand campaigns have been hit by coronavirus, according to a survey.

Number of people playing online bingo once a week has fallen since last year, reveals survey

83% of young people with mental health needs say the COVID-19 pandemic has made their condition worse, reveals poll

45% of UK consumers have concerns over food safety at restaurants and takeaways, according to poll

93% of construction industry workers are concerned about their company's financial position due to COVID-19

Three-quarters of parents feel the coronavirus outbreak will affect their child's education, reveals poll

45% of people working from home due to COVID-19 finding it difficult to connect to meetings due to poor internet connection, according to survey

65% of parents are 'nervous' about shopping at the supermarket during the COVID-19 pandemic, reveals survey

Almost half UK parents believe that the current coronavirus restrictions do not go far enough, reveals poll

Two-thirds of Brits think the government has handled coronavirus testing badly, reveals survey

44% of UK firms plan to furlough at least half employees due to COVID-19, according to poll

One in four employers expect to make permanent redundancies due to COVID-19, reveals poll

Voluntary income for charities expected to fall by 48% due to COVID-19, according to IoF survey

Manufacturing in UK declines at fastest rate in eight years, due to COVID-19

Five London museums and galleries in top ten chart of social media followings, reveals survey

Pharmaceutical industry survey finds that 95% are concerned about coronavirus impact

42% of Timber Trade Federation members say COVID-19 is a high threat to their business, according to survey

Majority of private sector members of ITS UK say initial impact of COVID-19 'has not been too severe', according to survey

Two-fifths of Brits have bought specific hygiene products since COVID-19 outbreak, reveals survey

Royal Society of Chemistry survey results to inform future development and professional support

Zen Internet awarded best broadband provider in annual survey of users

81% of councils have a seen rise in residual waste due to coronavirus pandemic

A quarter of UK businesses have closed temporarily due to COVID-19, reveals ONS survey

COVID-19: 98% of teachers asked to attend school during Easter holidays, according to poll

Nissan Leaf is UK's most recognised electric car, according to survey

One in five UK adults 'unsure' about getting COVID-19 vaccine, according to survey

Survey reveals 35% of Brits are drinking less alcohol during lockdown

57% of Brits think charities should continue to fundraise throughout the pandemic, according to poll

Survey of construction workers reveals insight into impact of COVID-19, with 55% saying governnment interventions have made situation worse

Watching live sport is what young males miss most during COVID-19 pandemic, reveals poll

93% of engineering employees have no back-to-'normal'-work timeframe, reveals survey

45% of UK adults are cooking more since COVID-19 lockdown began, reveals poll

Survey reveals changing shopping habits of consumers due to COVID-19

Research reveals the Google searches we’re making during COVID-19 lockdown (as well as those we’re not…)

People around the world are trusting government ahead of media when it comes to COVID-19, reveals survey

Two-thirds of UK manufacturers saw order books halved in March due to COVID-19, reveals survey

Survey reveals 47% of 11 to 19 year-olds know 'little' or 'almost nothing' about what engineers do

86% of employees working from home due to COVID-19 say the arrangement is having a negative impact on their health, reveals poll

HR managers fear lockdown may lead to more mental health absences for staff, according to survey

Consumers using new payments methods since COVID-19 lockdown began, reveals survey

Seven in 10 UK workers say their company has taken steps to address mental health during COVID-19 pandemic, reveals survey

OGUK fear up to 30,000 industry jobs could be lost, according to latest report

More than half UK shoppers would switch retailer if digital experience was poor, finds survey

Museums suffer large fall in income due to COVID-19, according to survey

Almost a third of people polled said they will avoid public transport until they feel safe, due to COVID-19 fears

64% of people taking part in COVID-19 survey do not have personal insurance in place

Number of footballers with symptoms of depression has doubled during COVID lockdown, reveals survey

Pharmacists struggle to get continuous supply of PPE, reveals survey

Survey reveals most parents do not want kids to go back to school immediately after lockdown measures lift

Air pollution reductions due to Covid-19 steering more drivers towards electric cars, according to poll

Three-quarters of consumers plan to switch to a more healthy diet due to COVID-19 fears, reveals survey.

One in five working people fear losing their jobs in the next six months due to Covid-19, reveals survey

Two-thirds of SMEs polled have applied for Government schemes to help navigate COVID-19 crisis, reveals survey

Third of IT experts believe Government's COVID-19 tracing app will not be useful in containing virus, according to survey

Desire to book and go on holiday on the up after COVID-19 restrictions, according to poll

M&S research reveals what people are buying more of in COVID-19 lockdown

39% of working parents balancing full-time jobs with homeschool, finds survey

IFS survey reveals insight into home learning and how children are spending their time in lockdown

Survey reveals insight into how children are spending their time in lockdown

90% of private landlords have responded positively to needs of tenants during COVID-19 crisis, reveals NRLA survey

53% of people who attempted to make contact with their ISP in last month faced difficulties, revealed survey

Government survey reveals regions leading the way with solar energy powering homes

Global survey reveals 50%of consumers are shopping with health in mind, due to COVID-19

COVID-19 survey reveals experiences of consumers in trying to access essential items

Many councils not certain that schools can reopen on 1 June, according to survey

18% of parents support children continuing school work throughout the summer holidays, reveals survey

45% of FMCG brands report sales being negatively affected by COVID-19

55% of UK voters think latest government guidance around COVID-19 is unclear

CAF survey reveals the greatest fears of charities over coming weeks, with managing social distancing on top

Around two-fifths of disabled fans say absence of live sport has 'significantly' impacted their mental health

95% Britons say UK should maintain existing food standards in any future UK-US trade deal

Majority of European survey respondents want better EU cooperation following coronavirus response

Lack of property images in listings is cause of most concern for house hunters, reveals survey

Survey reveals most common communication and tech challenges for SMEs during lockdown

27% of parents are comfortable visiting clinics for vaccinations due to pandemic safety fears, reveals survey

44% university students 'satisfied' with delivery of support services throughout COVID-19 lockdown, reveals survey

Survey of lawyers reveals shift in attitude when it comes to working from home

RAC survey reveals where drivers are planning to stay overnight when lockdown rules change on July 4

One in five chemical companies say cost is main barrier to adopting circular economy, according to poll

‘Time’ and ‘cost’ revealed to be leading causes of conflict in international construction projects, according to research

68% of BAME charity staff have seen, heard or experienced racism, reveals survey

A quarter of Scottish museum visitors say they will return when restrictions are lifted, reveals survey

79% of recycling services in England now operating without disruption, according to survey

Two-thirds of construction companies have used new technology during lockdown, according to survey

Consumers place John Lewis at top of satisfaction survey

Low carbon liquids and gases seen as primary role for oil and gas companies by 2050, according to survey of energy professionals

90% of energy professionals think UK is not on track to hit net zero emissions by 2050, reveals survey

Survey reveals huge rise in the number of parents home educating their children

Travel, refund and cancellations survey reveals best and worst firms for Brits

93% of visitors to motorway service stations are satisfied with their experience, reveals poll

Two-thirds of charities have changed the way they communicate with supporters during COVID-19 lockdown, reveals survey

60% of engineering firms polled report loss in revenue due to COVID-19

Half mortgage applicants in 2020 turned down despite having an 'agreement in principle' in place, reveals survey

34% of Brits said they would feel 'comfortable' visiting an indoor museum or exhibition post lockdown, according to poll

28% of private renters struggle to pay rent, according to survey findings

Six in 10 manufacturing professionals expect the sector to recover by mid 2021

60% of Brits are fearful of autonomous AI, reveals poll

Survey reveals 54% of construction companies still recruiting as sector shows signs of recovery

53% manufacturing firms are planning to make redundancies in next six months, finds survey

Smart meter owners may have saved almost £270m in energy bills during lockdown, according to survey

Accountants rated most approachable service provider for SMEs during COVID-19 lockdown, survey finds

Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated take-up of online GP consultations, according to research

Research reveals attributes of companies considered ‘future ready’

One in five parents do not have parental controls set up on their child's smartphone, reveals survey

More people comfortable sharing health data with pharma companies since COVID-19 outbreak

57% of UK public are comfortable sharing health data to help develop new treatments or vaccines, reveals poll

TV most popular source for news, according to new Ofcom UK survey

29% of students feel supported by their university during COVID-19

56% of female journalists report increased gender inequalities due to Covid-19, according to global survey

Seven out of 10 journalists reporting on pandemic are suffering mental health issues, according to survey

More than half UK consumers are happy to shop for groceries in-store following easing of COVID-19 restrictions, according to survey

Majority of UK IT professionals disagree that restrictions on using 5G Huawei equipment will cause long-term damage to networks, according to poll

More than a quarter of UK adults avoiding using cash due to COVID-19, reveals survey

83% of engineers say they devote considerable time training themselves in new tech and techniques, according to poll

More than half house hunters polled said a 'fast reliable internet connection' is a priority when buying a new home

Two-fifths of Britons are likely to use the Government's 'Eat Out to Help Out’ discount initiative before the end of August, reveals survey

More than half the pharmacists polled in survey said they worked overtime during the peak of COVID-19, yet 62% said they were not paid for the extra work

Eight out of 10 housing association employees are satisfied with home working, reveals survey

Workers on furlough three times more likely to have missed payments in last month, according to survey

More than half Labourlist readers believe the next government will be Conservative, according to survey

95% of energy customers cite 'price' as the main driver for switching suppliers, according to survey

Just over a third of buy-to-let landlords have had a request for a payment holiday due to the Covid-19 pandemic, reveals survey

One in six parents have 'seriously' considered not sending their child back to school due to Covid-19 fears, reveals survey

78% of elite British sportswomen are conscious of their body image, reveals survey

A third of Brits believe that office workers pose higher risk of spreading coronavirus than children back in school, reveals poll

Survey of Brits reveals more than half have tried to diagnose their own symptoms rather than visit their GP, due to Covid-19

88% of consumers would be happy getting remote advice from their financial advisor, reveals survey

Survey reveals more than than a third of fans think VAR has 'worked well' in the Premier League - up since the last poll in January

Over half UK adults feel the Government has not handled coronavirus pandemic well, according to survey

69% of doctors surveyed in DAUK poll are 'more likely' to leave the NHS due to the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic

44% of motorists think they will not be ready to own an electric vehicle by 2035 deadline, reveals survey

Research reveals the impact of Covid-19 on art market

Nearly three-quarters of banks have become 'more innovative' due to Covid-19, reveals survey

16% of supermarket ready meals are plant-based - a significant increase from just two years ago, reveals poll

80% of SMEs are 'confident' they will recover from impact of Covid-19, reveals survey

Almost half young people polled in Good Energy survey would like careers in green economy

A third of homeowners who have remortgaged have used extra cash for home improvements, reveals survey

44% of shoppers buy products that have less impact on environment - even if they cost more, reveals survey

Nearly three-quarters of Brits support part-time furlough scheme, reveals survey

44% of UK workers are worried their job is not secure due to Covid-19, reveals survey

Four in five UK adults believe it is important to have close relationship with EU despite Brexit, reveals survey

One in five shoppers say they have adopted more environmentally friendly habits during the coronavirus pandemic, reveals survey

Survey reveals 4 in 10 workers are relying on new loans, credit cards or overdrafts to make ends meet due to pandemic

Survey reveals that car buyers still keen to visit dealerships despite Covid-19

90% of European employers have brought in measures to support mental health, finds survey

82% of teachers feel they are not getting enough support during the Covid-19 pandemic to do their job effectively, according to survey

6 in 10 SMEs fear they will not be paid due to customer insolvency as a result of Covid-19, reveals survey

Survey reveals the most stressful aspects of driving for motorists, with driving in the snow on top

51% of engineering firms have halted new hires, reveals survey

Almost half charities have significantly reduced activity, due to financial challenges brought about by Covid-19, reveals survey

Seven out of 10 of teachers are more prepared for offering 'hybrid' learning as a result of Covid-19 pandemic, reveals survey

61% of UK adults are cooking with leftovers every week since COVID-19 lockdown, reveals survey

More than half the UK adults polled think the government should have locked down the UK in September, reveals poll

Journalists say Facebook is the leading spreader of disinformation in new ICFJ survey

Three-quarters of public sector data leaders have had to cut their in-house data team due to Covid-19, reveals survey

93% of countries worldwide have seen critical mental health services disrupted or stopped due to Covid-19, finds WHO survey

Survey reveals Germany to have the best response to Covid-19 in Europe

More than a third of consumers say that sustainable packaging affects product choice, reveals survey

Covid-19 lockdown was the cause of 'unprecedented' decline in physical activity, reveals survey

72% of British public believe we need to use more solar energy, according to poll

Nine out of 10 museum freelancers enjoy working within the cultural sector, finds survey

Three-quarters of respondents say maintaining existing food standards is 'very important', according to survey

63% of oil & gas companies are investing in green hydrogen, reveals global survey

Nearly two-thirds of SME house builders have seen fall in growth projections due to Covid-19, reveals survey

A third of SME leaders concerned that they will be out of business within 12 months, reveals survey

Number of Europeans with 'bad state of mind' has tripled during Covid-19 crisis, finds survey

85% of FMCG companies say their brand has been negatively affected by an 'influencer'

46% of UK female runners have been harassed while out running, reveals survey

Female leaders in logistics are rated higher than male counterparts in six key areas, according to survey

85% of young people living in rural areas of the UK believe Covid-19 will impact their future, according to survey

Survey reveals one in five travellers believe it is 'safe to travel' despite Covid-19

Nearly 4 in 10 UK adults keep 'money secrets' from friends and family, reveals survey

Two-fifths of charities and community groups report worsening financial situation, reveals survey

Seven out of 10 software developers believe digital transformation 'more of a priority' since Covid-19, reveals survey

67% of UK consumers are planning to buy Black Friday deals this year, reveals survey

A third of secondary school pupils polled in survey say they have been bullied during the Covid-19 pandemic

Half Brits polled say housing crisis is one of the 'main issues' facing UK

Almost a third of manufacturing businesses looking to reshore activity to UK, according to poll

60% of museums and galleries are worried about survival, reveals Art Fund poll

60% of UK shoppers expect to finish Christmas shopping by the end of November, reveals survey

63% of UK charities are expecting donations to be lower than usual this Christmas due to Covid-19, reveals survey

64% of UK adults are happy to receive coronavirus vaccine, reveals survey

52% of regular match day football fans would return to watch their team before Covid-19 vaccine available, reveals survey

Survey reveals shoppers' main concerns when it comes to shopping in-store during pandemic, with 'crowds' in top spot

3 in 10 engineering services businesses are unclear about the implications of Brexit, reveals poll

Seven out of 10 construction firms not ready for changes to IR35 legislation, reveals survey

82% of UK business decision makers are planning transformation projects in the next 12 months, reveals survey

More than half British public do not trust the Government to manage Covid-19, reveals survey

Public trusts local councils more than Government when it comes to Covid-19, reveals poll

Survey reveals number of apprenticeships being offered to young people has further declined due to Covid-19, despite government incentives

Six out of 10 UK adults say they are unlikely to take up a plant-based diet in 2021, according to survey

38% of people using screens more during Covid-19 pandemic say their eyesight has worsened, reveals survey

Nearly a fifth of UK adults have meat with every meal, reveals poll

One in five less advantaged families say lack of food at home makes home learning harder, according to survey

40% of charity-funded early career scientists have considered leaving research due to pandemic, reveals survey

Consumer confidence up, reveals survey, as 20% of in-market car buyers look to buy car in the next four weeks despite Covid-19

8 out of 10 adults in England plan to modify their lifestyle in 2021, according to poll

7 out of 10 of SMEs are feeling more optimistic about 2021 due to Covid-19 vaccine, reveals survey

Fall in travel tourism is top reason given for decline in museum visitor numbers during summer reopenings, reveals survey

Half adults polled say Covid-19 has had a negative impact on their mental health, according to PHE survey

61% of UK adults think the Government is handling the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines 'well', according to survey

One in five parents do not permit their child to take part in sports outside of school, reveals survey

61% of regular overseas holidaymakers expect to holiday abroad in summer 2021, according to poll

73% of students are concerned about how they will manage financially as the country goes into lockdown again, reveals poll

5% of SME companies could shut their doors for good this year, according to FSB poll

A third of UK households are on a green-energy tariff, according to poll

Two-thirds of museums in Nemo poll have received emergency government funding, reveals survey

Which? research reveals best and worst energy companies, following annual satisfaction survey

Over half UK adults intend to eat more British produce following Brexit, reveals survey

1 in 5 Brits do not recycle takeaway packaging, reveals survey

44 players in Professional Cricketers' Association survey have seen or experienced racism in the game, according to poll

Attitudes towards Covid-19 vaccine improving, finds global survey

41% of construction firms looking to increase skills of British workers, reveals survey

Just half of UK engineering firms believe they will achieve net-zero by 2050, according to survey

One in 10 UK adults aged 18-34 years believe it is too late to stop the worst effects of climate change, according to survey

60% of UK adults would rent an electric vehicle on holiday to reduce their carbon footprint, reveals poll

A quarter of young people believe that the coronavirus pandemic has 'destroyed' their career hopes, according to survey

A third of UK adults have travelled by train instead of a plane to their holiday destination to reduce carbon footprint, reveals poll

A third of UK shoppers have stopped buying goods and services from EU since Brexit, reveals survey

43% of charities say mental health and wellbeing will be a challenge in 2021, reveals survey

Cars will continue to be first transport choice for around half journeys post-Covid, finds survey

Survey reveals greatest challenges faced by SMEs due to Covid-19

71% of women do not fully follow their fitness regime during menstruation, reveals survey

Property issues are barrier to delivering objectives for 45% of charities, according to poll

67% of retailers that have invested in BOPIS services report increased sales volume last year, finds poll

Over half Brits polled think teachers deciding pupil grades in 2021 due to Covid-19 is 'fair'

A third of UK manufacturing companies predict a challenging 2021 due to COVID and Brexit, finds poll

More than half UK adults will miss aspects of lockdown, reveals poll

Six in 10 in-market car buyers are ready to buy in April, finds survey

User generated content plays significant role in purchase decisions, reveals survey

FMCG no longer the best paid sector for marketers, reveals poll

Survey reveals top average salaries of marketing professionals, with entertainment on top

Payment practices in the construction industry are not getting better, according to poll

Nearly half manufacturing companies looking to improve cybersecurity around IoT, according to survey

Three in 10 councils in south east England are not ruling out a section 114 notice over coming year, finds poll

Three-quarters of tech talent would work for a start-up in 2021, according to poll

More UK customers have a streaming subscription than traditional cable or satellite service, reveals survey

75% of consumers would rather see UGC than professional imagery when shopping online, reveals survey

73% of tech employees would consider joining a start-up in the next year, according to poll

Almost two-thirds of Brits against the UK becoming a republic following Duke and Duchess of Sussex interview, finds poll

Survey reveals one in seven adults are worried about becoming homeless due to Covid-19 pandemic

Seven out of 10 people who enjoy 'immersive holidays' say culture, arts and history are the top experiences they want, reveals poll

Survey reveals top goals of oil and gas leaders and investors in 2021

46% of network carriers behind schedule with 5G deployment plan, according to poll

Job security is most important when considering staying with an employer, finds survey

More than half UK adults do not trust financial advisers, reveals survey

Three-quarters of survey respondents would not buy a new home with poor local internet connectivity, finds poll

30% of Brits admit to skipping a meal or shower to play video games during lockdown, reveals survey

61% of managers have experienced burnout as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, reveals survey

Logistics is most pressing issue for timber trade due to new Brexit protocols, finds survey

Nearly one in five Scottish charities no longer operational due to Covid-19, finds survey

Three-quarters of clinicians are concerned about 'ticking timebomb' of cancer patients waiting for diagnosis or treatment due to Covid-19, finds survey

Reducing contamination of recyclable waste is main focus of local authorities communicating with residents, reveals survey

Number of motorists forgetting MOT test has tripled during lockdown, finds survey

84% of consumers eager to try new brand experiences when restrictions are lifted, reveals poll

Seven out of 10 reporters are aware of discrimination towards women journalists, finds poll

Museum visits around the world fell by 77% in 2020, according to global survey

69% of broadband users suffered connectivity issues in 2020, reveals survey

Coding revealed to be top skill learned during Covid-19 lockdowns, according to poll

27% of recent homebuyers say saving during lockdown has helped them get on property ladder

Engineers in Energy and Renewables sector are most satisfied with their pay, finds survey

More than half engineers working in Chemicals and Pharma sector are happy in their current job, finds survey

Six out of 10 engineers working in manufacturing sector are happy in their current job, finds survey

Oil and Gas engineers found to have highest salary in industry survey, yet 29% are not satisfied

Two-fifths of people are concerned about pressure to socialise post lockdown due to financial restrictions, finds survey

Survey finds that more people are smoking due to Covid-19 stress

Survey reveals improvements UK public want to see to public transport in order to use it more frequently

Bike sales nearly doubled over last 12 months due to lockdown restrictions, reveals survey

A third of social media users don’t trust apps with their data after concerns about data security, reveals survey

Survey suggests climate change activism presents a significant legal risk to oil and gas companies

Three in 10 UK adults think about impact on the environment when buying food, finds poll

42% of companies in chemicals sector have been affected by supply chain disruption, finds survey

Six in 10 plastics firms believe sales turnover will increase in the next 12 months, according to poll.

Six in 10 pharma executives anticipate COVID-19 will ‘greatly improve' business outlook, reveals survey

Two-thirds of managers concerned about employee wellbeing following return to office, reveals poll

Survey reveals 80% of UK adults are open to trying 'cultivated' meat

Three in 10 people say Covid-19 lockdowns have caused their fitness to decline, according to poll

Two-thirds of students would prefer all lessons to be in classrooms rather than online post pandemic, reveals survey

Three-quarters of Britons are in favour of vaccine passports to travel abroad, reveals survey

Half of The UK Population Have Participated in Home Workouts Since March 2020

Nine out of 10 parents said they would act on their children's advice around sustainability

Research finds end of life care for children in the North West is a 'postcode lottery'

Half of local government representatives polled believe Covid-19 pandemic will have a positive impact on climate change

Nine out of 10 parents surveyed by Ofsted believe their child's school handled Covid pandemic, 'well'.

Environment and climate change revealed to be in top three concerns of UK public, according to poll

Seven out of 10 companies believe that negative social media is the most damaging content for their business reputation

Survey reveals what workers are dreading most about office return, with commute on top

Nearly a third of teachers felt 'undue pressure' when issuing exam grades last year, finds poll

DfE survey reveals cost of repairs or replacements needed to update schools

Online gambling industry expected to grow by 11% in the next year with cryptocurrency and esports expecting similar growths, reveals survey

63% of shoppers prefer shopping locally, according to poll

17% more graduates expected to be taken on in the construction industry this year, reveals survey

77% of UK adults believe the Government should ensure imported food meets UK environmental and welfare standards

Complaints about online shopping up 138% in the last year to over a quarter of a million cases, reveals survey

Almost a third of motorcyclists would quit riding if electric-powered motorbikes replace petrol, reveals survey

Eight in 10 football fans do not trust the sport’s governing bodies to run national games, reveals survey

65% of diners polled in survey are concerned about the environment, up from 47% pre-lockdown, reveals survey

Over 90% of SMEs say environmental sustainability is an important issue for their business, finds suvey

Over 50% of employed 18-25-year-olds are considering handing in their notice, reveals survey

Contractors predict oil and gas industry will contribute to 68% of their activity by 2025, according to survey

Just 15% of children and young people say they write in their free time, finds survey

Nearly four in 10 businesses reported cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months, reveals survey

69% of UK adults had issues with loss of broadband connection in the last 12 months, reveals survey

32% of British adults are more concerned about damage to the environment than violent crime, reveals survey

A third of people more likely to enter a shop or restaurant when Covid restrictions are lifted if mask wearing is still in place, finds survey

60% of charities now have digital strategy, up from 49% last year, reveals survey

More than a third of Brits trust the news most of the time, finds poll

40% of heritage sector organisations have no volunteering strategy, reveals survey

Government housing survey reveals social renters are the most anxious

Half of 18 to 24-year-olds believe their employer views them as 'disposable', according to poll

21% of potential first-time home buyers say the coronavirus pandemic has delayed their plans, reveals survey

Nearly half employees polled admit to sharing workplace passwords, reveals survey.

Just two in five charity offices plan to reopen after the final lockdown restrictions are lifted, reveals survey

Three-quarters of people in the UK rate the NHS highly for trust and confidence, reveals survey

Six in 10 UK citizens believe the legal requirement to wear face masks should remain, reveals survey

47% of patients have spoken to a GP over the phone in 2021, up from 10% in 2020, reveals survey

One in four teachers grading exams report feeling pressured by parents to change GCSE/A-level results, reveals survey

41% of UK car buyers would prefer an electric vehicle, reveals poll

One in five Brits are confident they have enough equity for retirement, reveals poll

30% of disabled fans feel unable to attend certain sports or venues due to lack of accessibility, finds survey

93% of Federation of Master Builders members have experienced an increase in the cost of materials, finds survey

Seven out of 10 charities rate the Charity Commission’s service as ‘good’, finds report

Survey reveals majority of consumers plan to continue shopping online

Research reveals that during pandemic, museum engagement amongst disabled people has improved

Most popular solution to anticipated fuel tax loss is a new EV tax, according to survey

A fifth of people polled in UK survey say they no longer post photos without editing them first

More than half charity leaders believe employees are under 'increased pressure' due to pandemic

Mental health of employees is top challenge for PR industry over coming 12 months, according to poll

Work-life balance more important than wages when it comes to making a career change, finds poll

Museum research compares visitor numbers in the month from reopening in 2021 to the same period pre-pandemic

Journalists respond to just over 3% of story pitches finds survey

Driver shortages soar in 2021, according to latest industry survey findings

EPC ratings improve over last decade but more needs to be done to reach net zero target, finds survey

96% of British manufacturers have faced difficulties due to rising supply chain prices, finds survey

Use of online legal services more than doubled since 2012 to 44%, reveals survey

Fewer young adults and teenagers report hesitancy towards getting the vaccine, reveals survey

43% of Britons would be highly interested in embedded property insurance, reveals survey

50 of the world’s largest chemical firms post a 7% decline in sales in 2020, reveals survey

Four in 10 Brits are concerned about the amount of plastic packaging in their food and drink items, reveals survey

Two thirds of UK engineering design firms believe there is a problem in recruiting and retaining staff, finds poll

Job vacancies estimated at nearly one million for the first time since records began in 2001, reveals survey

Over a third of English councils support plans that could increase carbon emissions, reveals survey

Scottish Engineering survey reveals challenges for the sector

High levels of racism found in civil engineering industry, according to ICE survey

41% of UK workers would not tell employer about health issue, reveals survey

83% of businesses did not know about an upcoming plastics tax expected to be introduced in 2022, reveals survey

Three in 10 construction professionals say that half of their data was 'bad' in 2020, according to survey

Just 9% of construction professionals always incorporate project data into decision making, finds poll

Electronics manufacturers are struggling to hire enough workers, with 80% expecting the situation to continue, finds survey

Order books hit record high, whilst manufacturers struggle to meet high demand due to supply chain challenges, finds survey

Survey finds that the pandemic has driven IoT adoption in oil and gas sector

Nearly two-thirds of Brits think that lenders don’t consider if an applicant has received help from the furlough scheme, reveals survey

Over nine in 10 female doctors experienced some kind of sexism in the workplace, reveals survey

54% of parents give children their first mobile phone whilst they’re still at primary school, reveals survey

Business confidence has increased to 36%; highest figure since 2017, reveals survey

Nearly half (47%) of Brits disapprove of Boris Johnson’s overall job performance, reveals survey

56% of global chief executives admit their supply chain has been under increased stress since the start of the pandemic, reveals survey

Survey reveals that the majority of shoppers have not had difficulty with supermarket stock

Nearly two-thirds of Brits believe that lenders don’t consider whether an applicant has had help from the furlough scheme, according to survey

Survey reveals what borrowers expect lenders to consider when reviewing a mortgage application

96% of engineering employers say a skills shortage amongst workers has negatively impacted their business, survey reveals

Seven out of 10 consumers prefer 'Buy Now Pay Later' to credit cards, finds survey

International logistics is top concern for logistics industry, finds poll

43% of world’s population are not using mobile internet, finds poll

Order books, sales and margins improve but supply chain issues getting 'acute', finds CBA survey

Eight in 10 students want in-person higher education when they study abroad, finds global survey

Pharma companies 'not doing enough' to reach out to LGBTQ communities, finds survey

Ofcom publishes most complained about ISPs in new report

8 in 10 local authorities report they are engaged in provision of housing, survey finds

Eight in 10 charities believe they have a responsibility to consider climate change, finds poll

Three-quarters of healthcare workers have considered leaving the NHS in the last 12 months, finds survey

Banks believe cyber attacks will have greatest impact on UK financial system, according to survey

87% of rugby league fans say they have not been consulted about significant changes to the club they support, according to survey

Women are 60% more likely to falsely acquire prescription drugs from their GP than men, reveals survey

Just 25% of Brits trust food from the US, reveals poll

Almost three-quarters of UK adults incorrectly identified the value of a used car, reveals survey

Two thirds of people admit to buying at least one item online using their mobile phone each month

A quarter of children polled say they see gambling ads on social media every day, survey finds

Museums across Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean fear for their survival due to pandemic, according to survey

Annual food and drink survey finds 41% of people are more adventurous when cooking as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns

Nearly three-quarters of women are concerned about finding a job due to discrimination

Over nine in 10 charities and non-profits report being affected by the pandemic, reveals survey

82% of Brits say they would struggle without a car, the highest amount since 2006, reveals survey

Seven in 10 UK energy and chemical companies say they have public plans to reduce their impact on the climate, reveals survey

Three in 10 STEM professionals who have returned to employment in STEM industries have found the transition 'difficult' or 'very difficult', according to survey

58% of people polled in January 2022 said they had been affected by rising food costs

Gaming equipment is lockdown purchase most commonly regretted, finds survey

Just three in 10 parents believe schools are doing enough to prepare children for real life, reveals poll

Half of British households expect to find their energy from more sustainable sources in the next year, reveals survey

Two-thirds of UK and Irish office workers are reluctant to return to the office, finds survey

83% of people polled in industry-wide energy survey believe fossil fuels will still have a role to play in next decade

Cost constraints of projects is most cited barrier to delivering sustainable buildings, finds survey of architects

29% of homeowners reveal they used private renters for their mortgage payments, reveals survey

Four in 10 UK adults are not aware of the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the water pipes, survey reveals

66% of British public recognise that trains are a greener form of transport than cars, reveals survey

Approximately 45 million UK adults report receiving a suspicious message to their landline or mobile, reveals survey

Eight in 10 journalists experience threats, abuse or violence whilst working in the UK, survey reveals

Just Co-op and Morrisons have stopped supplying plastic bags at tills, finds survey

One in 10 Northerners believe the Government’s ‘levelling up’ plans will not make improvements locally before the next general election, reveals survey

55% of British women report concerns about personal finance, work stress and mental health because of the pandemic, survey reveals

One in five people surveyed said they have had to perform their own dentistry during pandemic

45-54-year-olds are more likely to never trust Black Friday deals, reveals survey

Six in 10 office workers say they are left to make their workplace eco-friendlier, survey reveals

Over two in five accountants state they ‘never’ or ‘rarely’ have optimism for the future, reveals survey

Double the amount of female English football fans have experienced unwanted physical attention at a match since 2014 reveals survey

Almost one in 10 UK motorists say they had to call 999 after hitting a pedestrian who was using their smartphone, reveals survey

41% of UK citizens satisfied with the Government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, reveals survey

63% of manufacturing executives say their organisation’s business model has changed, reveals survey

Four in 10 UK adults say they are not saving enough money for a comfortable retirement, survey reveals

More people have trust in their local council than the Government to make decisions about their area, survey reveals

86% of people would trust museum curators to tell them the truth, reveals survey

Manufacturing industry sees growth in output increase to its fastest pace in last quarter of 2021

Over half of manufacturing firms have used 3D printing for more than five years, survey finds

Almost half the care homes in England cannot accept new admissions, finds survey

Two-thirds of Brits, who took early retirement, report increased happiness since making the decision to leave employment, reveals survey

One in 10 employees in transport and logistics sector have left their jobs due to stress, finds survey

Nearly two-thirds of Brits who rent their homes are worried about affording energy bills, finds poll

Gaming equipment is the lockdown purchase most commonly regretted, finds survey

Subscription and membership is the top priority of commercial publishers, finds media survey

Just a quarter of young journalists from underrepresented communities say they are 'financially stable', finds poll

7% of parents admit to ‘playing the system’ to get their child into a better school, reveals survey

29% of teachers are ‘completely comfortable’ talking about LGBT+ topics in the classroom:

Almost half of British office workers recognise a boost in their wellbeing when around others in a workplace

Survey suggests that state schools have more Covid absences than private schools

A quarter of the English population report finding it either 'fairly' or 'very difficult' to pay their housing costs, finds survey

Frontline workers say technology can help reduce their stress, reveals survey

Two-thirds of practicing chemists believe there is a skills gap when it comes to 'green jobs', according to RSC survey

Eight in 10 young people see climate change and sustainability as a priority for the chemistry curriculum, reveals survey

Two-thirds of educators teaching science and chemistry to 11 -19 year-olds believe the curriculum should include more content around climate change and sustainability, finds survey

45% of employees have no plans to leave their job in 2022, finds survey

UK manufacturing firms report feeling more positive about growth outlook going into 2022, according to survey

52% of women watch sports monthly in the UK, finds survey

Six in 10 families say their children have been snacking on more unhealthy foods since pandemic began, according to poll

A third of Brits in Conservative constituencies across the North and Midlands believe Boris Johnson has done a 'good job' dealing with Covid-19

Only 30% of the UK population think lab-grown meat is safe to eat, finds poll

Manufacturing Survey

mental health survey - SME

Almost eight in 10 UK adults want companies to do more to promote sustainable packaging, reveals survey

A third of plastics firms report scaling back production in response to staff shortages due to Covid-19, reveals survey

Business Support

Two-thirds of practising chemists believe there is a skills gap when it comes to 'green jobs', according to RSC survey

94% of small and medium-sized businesses report planning permission delays as a major obstacle to housebuilding, according to poll

Sport, leisure, tourism

Customer expectation is the greatest driver for SMEs improving environmental sustainability, finds survey

coding tech survey - global

Technical recruiters are hiring more software developers from non-academic backgrounds, finds global survey


Best and worst hotels

Half UK companies are seeking to hire more IT professionals, finds survey

FMCG retail increased by 8% in 2020, with lockdown allowing for 78% of markets to grow, reveals survey

Over four in 10 UK workers would like to start their own business, survey reveals

Supply delays fall by 13 percentage points for construction firms, finds survey

Car buyers prefer reputation for quality over environmental credentials when selecting a car, finds survey

7 in 10 UK parents believe esports can play a positive role in schools, finds survey

54% of small businesses said they expect to grow over the next 12 months, survey reveals

Nine out of 10 retailers are in favour of the introduction of an online sales tax, finds survey

A third of SMEs have debt levels of more than 10 times their cash balances, finds poll

Around three-quarters of job-hunters have ghosted an employer in the last 18 months, finds survey

58% of people polled in January 2022 said they have been affected by rising food costs, finds survey

Premier Inn ranks top hotel chain in Britain, with an average customer score of 79%, survey reveals

68% of businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry say they have recently been in financial difficulty, survey reveals

41% think that research and development will benefit most from digital transformation, survey reveals

Just 8% of electric vehicle owners said they would consider purchasing a fossil-fuelled car in the future, reveals survey

Overseas visitors to DCMS-sponsored museums and galleries fell by almost 100 percent during 2020/21, due to pandemic

57% of manufacturing leaders are not comfortable with making their business fully digital, reveals survey

58% of shoppers are planning to give up fast fashion this year, finds survey

Nine out of 10 teachers say their job has "adversely affected" their mental health in the last year, finds poll

M&S is nation's favourite in-store supermarket, according to annual Which? poll

Almost a third of Americans believe the US should completely phase out the use of fossil fuels, finds poll

One in six people are prepared to pay for private healthcare instead of waiting for NHS, finds survey

Typical charity experienced a 15 percent real-terms reduction in income in first months of pandemic, finds research

97% of organisations experienced supply chain delays in 2021, finds survey

Four-fifths of manufacturing firms planning price increases in next three months, finds survey

Nearly one in five charity donors plan to leave a gift in their will, finds survey

Cutting back on holidays was top answer given by UK parents who are trying to adjust to rising cost of living, according to poll

27% of people in UK struggling financially as a result of rising cost of living, finds survey

'Fear of being judged’ found to be one of the top reasons why girls disengage with sport during their teenage years:

Seven in 10 parents bought a brand new phone for their child in the last two years, finds survey

56% of UK adults believe they have a healthy diet, with women less likely to be happy with their eating habits, survey reveals

39% of tradeswomen say they're not taken seriously in the trades industry because of their gender, survey reveals

67% Brits are eating food which has exceeded its expiry date, according to survey

61% of financial service organisations are using AI, or plan to in the future, survey reveals

Three-quarters of English and Welsh adults say they have been enjoying more time outside since the beginning of the pandemic, reveals survey

Rising energy bills are the biggest financial worry for UK parents, finds survey

Survey finds almost a quarter of tenants cannot afford housing association rent rises

Almost half respondents in building engineering survey say their biggest challenge is attracting 'the right calibre' of workers

79% of senior tech decision makers are planning to increase MACH investment, finds survey

Public trust in pharma has increased by just 12% post pandemic, reveals survey

58% of consumers would be open to using smart tickets when travelling by train, finds survey

Natural History Museum was the most visited indoor attraction in 2021, finds survey

Windsor Great Park was top ALVA visitor attraction in 2021, finds survey

56% of British engineers have received an increase in pay over the last year, survey reveals

90% of British adults think it is up to manufacturers and retailers to take responsibility for recycling plastics, survey reveals

One in five millennials have changed their diet in an attempt to help the climate, survey reveals

Two thirds of students are 'extremely worried' about the rising cost of living, finds survey

7 in 10 UK adults said they would encourage others to walk or cycle over driving their car, survey reveals

8% of NHS workers have experienced discrimination from patients, relatives or other members of the public while at work, survey reveals

Two-thirds of university and college educators are likely to leave the education sector within the next five years, survey reveals

42% of homeowners leave doors and windows unlocked when they are at home, finds survey

42% of Brits have an unused internet router in their homes; leaving around 22 million redundant ISP routers in the UK, survey reveals

The more time teenagers spend on social media, the less likely they are to be satisfied with their life, survey reveals

Survey reveals nearly half of senior decision makers at UK companies have felt regret after hiring new staff in haste

Generating income and financial sustainability is top challenge for charities, according to poll

Nine out of 10 charities polled have been affected by cost-of-living crisis, finds poll

One in eight trainee GPs are not planning a career in general practice, finds survey

A third of businesses in rural areas rate their broadband quality as poor, reveals survey

Seven in 10 logistics firms report increases in cost of transporting goods, according to survey

88% of adults in England engaged with the arts last year, according to survey

Researching local history online was top activity amongst people who engaged with heritage sites online, according to survey

Two-fifths of adults own and use a voice-activated personal assistant or smart speaker device, finds survey

Ofwat survey reveals more than half households in England and Wales will struggle to pay their utility bills this year

Government participation survey reveals low awareness of major UK events

More than half adults polled in survey took holiday in England in last 12 months

Government survey reveals awareness of 5G is strong

58% of drivers are 'uncomfortable' with the idea of using a self-driving vehicle, finds survey

Engineering roles are the most difficult to fill, according to survey of industrial companies

Half of social landlords are concerned 'to a large extent' about the impact of rising energy costs on their organisation, reveals survey

Increasing inflation and the cost-of-living crisis having effect on sustainable shopping, survey reveals

The UK ranked as the fourth best nation to be a software engineer, behind America, Switzerland and Canada, survey reveals

10 UK art museums ranked in the top 100 most visited art museums in the world, reveals survey

Six in 10 Americans would support exporting large quantities of natural gas to Europe, according to survey

7 out of 10 Brits believe the UK should stop using Russia's oil and gas

More than 8 in 10 automotive bosses say that since Covid they have struggled to fill vacancies for skilled workers, reveals survey

Survey reveals that 72% of MPs' staff find their job 'emotionally draining'

87% of councillors are in support of moving to hybrid model of online and in-person council meetings, finds survey

46% of logistic and coach businesses are satisfied with England’s motorways and major roads, finds survey

Seven out of 10 IT employers are finding it difficult to recruit staff with adequate digital skills, finds survey

47% of local council executives confident in meeting net zero targets, finds survey

55% UK adults approve of the decisions made by Boris Johnson when it comes to the Ukraine crisis, finds poll

Tower Bridge named as the most popular place to take social media photos in the UK, survey reveals

Two-thirds of primary school teachers feel confident in supporting children with LGBT+ matters, survey reveals

72% of business leaders say their companies have started to use mobile technology and cloud, reveals survey

77% of UK SMEs either do not have or are unsure of their strategies to decrease their carbon emissions, survey reveals

27% of GP partners said they have thought about handing their contract back over the last year, survey reveals

Half of finance professionals say lack of automation is costing them money each month, according to poll

More than half of food and drink manufacturers expect to see increase in orders in next 12 months, finds survey

Half UK adults with high-cost loans make minimum payment each month, finds survey

Number of cyber-attacks has increased amongst UK based environmental firms, survey reveals

79% of Brits believe that UK trains are clean, with Great Northern being deemed the cleanest, survey reveals

Three-quarters of UK shoppers would abandon a retailer if they had a bad online experience

Six in 10 UK consumers buy some of their groceries online, reveals survey

Most students believe one or more political groups should be banned from speaking at HE institutions, according to survey

Three-quarters of HE students think universities should 'get rid of' memorials of potentially controversial figures, finds poll

8 in 10 of students overall gave positive responses about quality of university teaching in National Student Survey 2022

Survey reveals that consumers are drastically underestimating calories in food

45% of under-18s say they have seen electric cigarettes promoted on TikTok, reveals survey

Almost half of UK SMEs have switched to at least one domestic supplier in effort to combat climate change, finds survey

Just 27% of local authorities in England have enough holiday childcare for full-time parents this year, finds poll

Chemical manufacturers' investment in digital transformation expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% over next decade, suggests survey

Half of secondary school teachers say they did not go on a school trip in the last academic year, survey reveals

68% of girls in the UK fear they will be judged if they participate in sports, survey reveals

A quarter of 18-24-year-olds plan to spend more on travel products and services over the next year, survey reveals

FMCG prices have risen in excess of 7.5 percent according to latest figures

38% of adults polled say they are more likely to purchase a product if they have seen advertising on social media

35% of young people get their news from social media sites, including YouTube and TikTok, survey reveals

53% of people who wanted a same day appointment with their GP were successful, reveals survey

Three-quarters of medical trainees rate the quality of the teaching they have received as 'good' or 'very good', reveals survey

Free or subsidised food and drink could help entice workers back to the office, finds survey

53% rise in contamination of European fruit by the most harmful pesticides in last nine years, finds survey

23% of UK consumers would only reduce their personal water use if it saved them money, finds survey

FMCG prices have continued to rise across Europe with perishable goods the most affected

Customer satisfaction with energy companies at all-time low, reveals survey

Satisfaction with sewerage services falls significantly in 2021, according to latest survey findings by DJS Research

18% of British adults consider donating to charity as ‘essential’, reveals survey

Lancaster ranked as the third best English city to give birth, behind Gloucester and Plymouth, survey reveals

96% of PR and communications professionals say they advise clients on the climate crisis, finds survey

Seven in 10 businesses say their digital marketing has improved as a result of the pandemic, reveals survey

Trust in charities fell at the beginning of 2022, reaching lowest level since 2019, finds survey

71% of older people say sharing pictures and videos with family members helps alleviate loneliness, finds survey

13% of respondents polled in CAF Giving Survey said they may consider cutting back on charitable donations due to cost of living crisis

Three in 10 teachers spent 10 or more extra days preparing students for GCSE exams, survey reveals

Children who are eligible for free school meals do worse at school, even at five-year’s-old, finds survey

Children who are eligible for free school meals do worse at school, even at five-years-old, finds survey

A quarter of construction firms have fallen victim to fraud over the last year, survey reveals

88% of UK employees would support a four-day working week, reveals survey

23% of Britons will not turn their heating on this winter, survey reveals

Seven in 10 UK businesses are either using or plan to use 5G services in the near future, reveals survey

Two-thirds of nursing and healthcare educators say that staffing issues are among the greatest challenges they face, according to survey

87% of senior council managers believe Autumn Statement will have negative impact on residents, finds survey

Listening to music is a better solution to reducing stress for women than comfort eating, according to survey

York ranked as the best large UK city to take a domestic holiday, according to poll

Fewer than half the senior employees working for new build home developers say their organisation is at an advanced stage of planning for the 2025 Future Homes Standard

On average, young adults and teens spend more time on TikTok than they do watching TV, survey reveals

82% of students are worried about making ends meet at university, finds survey

38% of Universal Credit claimants state they have gone a whole day with little or no food due to money, according to survey

Survey reveals the average rise of essential costs is £145 per month for UK households since start of 2022

Almost all the football clubs polled in Fair Game survey say they are 'concerned' about the cost of living crisis

Three-quarters of organisations have taken steps to improve employer brand in the last 12 months in order to attract talent, finds survey

Three-quarters of senior mining professionals believe mining CEOs have not made provision for a digital strategy, finds survey

BPF member survey reveals that businesses are predicting profit margins will be hit hard in next 12 months – the most pessimistic predictions in a decade

72% of patients had a 'good' experience of GP practice in latest GP Patients Survey

Survey finds that around a third of people in the UK give more in charitable donations than they did pre pandemic

Computer misuse in England and Wales increased by 89% over the last two years, survey reveals

77% of over 55-year-olds say they will not purchase an electric car due to cost, reveals survey

38% of trips made by those aged 16 and under did not involve vehicles, reveals survey

93% of Scottish tech start-up companies believe Scotland is a good place to start a business, survey reveals

A quarter of construction professionals believe 'better career advice in schools' would help fix the skills shortage gap facing the sector, according to survey

32% of UK manufacturers state their energy bills have more than doubled in the last year, survey reveals

Just 11% of people in Scotland 'entirely trust' the financial advice of the UK government, finds survey

More than eight in 10 households are contaminating their recycling unintentionally, finds survey

UK consumers planning to do a third of their Christmas shopping locally this year, finds survey

More than half of UK consumers expect to reduce spend on non-food items over retail’s ‘golden quarter’, finds survey

32% of UK manufacturers state their energy bills have more than doubled in the last year, survey reveals

Three in 10 Londoners state they are making fewer calls to businesses than they were three years ago, reveals survey

A third of British adults are not confident they know what 'full fibre' broadband is, finds survey

46% of Human Resource professionals frequently have dreams filled with stress or anxiety, reveals survey

63% of Brits say they regularly read, making it the nation’s most popular form of physical art engagement, reveals survey

Leeds has the most electric vehicle charging bays but ranks ninth on the list of best UK cities for parking, survey reveals

Over a quarter of Brits said they are less likely to cook a Sunday roast due to rising costs, survey reveals

35% of manufacturing SMEs in northwest England are focussed on survival for the year ahead, finds survey

79% of adults in Northern Ireland engaged with culture, arts, heritage and sport in last year, finds survey

45% of adults in Northern Ireland participated in sport at least once in the last year, finds survey

36% of Welsh school pupils say they do no additional 'frequent' sport outside of the curriculum, finds survey

Summer 2022 saw 38% less rainfall than the average over the last 20 years, study reveals

27 percent of technical and business professionals believe that they are “advanced” in their digital transformations, survey reveals

Three-quarters of UK drivers would be happy for noise cameras to be fitted in local area, finds survey

65% of ground engineering firms expect to see an increase in workload over the next twelve months, finds survey

30% of companies struggled to hire software engineers, data scientists and DevOps professionals in Q3, finds survey

Almost half UK adults finding it difficult to afford energy bills, reveals ONS data

A third of people would be happy to have fracking site in their area, finds poll

Nearly two-thirds of EU citizens believe transition away from fossil fuels should be accelerated, finds poll

55% of Brits feel 'unfavourable' towards oil and gas industries, finds poll

One in five UK heritage sites have made ‘no improvement’ in online access