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International market research is a field in which we are particularly experienced, having carried out insight projects on a global scale for both public and private sector organisations on almost every continent. Many of these projects have involved carrying out market research for companies looking towards international expansion, and have focused on understanding the business context and demand for a single international market, whilst others have been completed on behalf of major multi-nationals looking to ensure their workforce feels part of something international - market research can help understand the key barriers and enablers in both situations.

In addition, we also have experience conducting global market research projects in several countries simultaneously. This is useful for large multi-nationals wishing to standardise their offering across several different marketplaces, or to understand the differing expectations of consumers or clientele who are located at different points around the world.


Since 2001, we have completed research in over 80 countries, some of which are listed below. We also have experience conducting international market research with hard to reach respondents – such as diaspora communities and minority groups.

We have particular experience of carrying out international market research in a number of localities, both in Europe and further afield.

These projects have included:

  • Research on behalf of a major cultural and educational charity in to the international use of social media with classrooms and the contexts in which the internet and social channels can be utilised for more effective learning, continued professional development and a number of other key issues for teachers.
  • A number of international market research projects for a major producer of chemicals and chemical-derivatives. These projects have looked at an array of sectors, including laundry, feeds, enzymes and plastics; as well as more over-arching business issues such as international brand recognition, market research to gauge customer views on a global scale and employee safety.


In addition to the above case studies, Alasdair Gleed (Research Director), has also given a presentation on international market research - specifically, the challenges and considerations which come with research which is being carried out in a number of languages.

In order to provide the best quality international market research service for all our clients, we have vetted and approved a number of partners based around the world. Where necessary, one or more of our senior researchers will also attend to observe or carry out elements of the research process. In addition, where telephone or online methodologies are required, we have an in-house team of foreign language speakers covering most major European and non-European languages.

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