Julie Ellison

Research Manager

Research Team

Photo of Julie Ellison

Julie has a BSc Hons. Biology and an LLB (Law) and began her career as a business analyst where she developed project management skills that she has brought into her research career.

Julie is an experienced researcher, specialised in industrial research.  She works across a range of different sectors including chemicals, construction, utilities & energy, oil & gas and food.  Research topics have included pricing, branding and new market entry amongst many others.   These projects have covered Europe, USA, Japan and Asia Pacific and involved working with internal project teams, external partners and other agencies.

She is familiar with a range of research techniques including for example technical B2B interviewing, desk research and advanced analytic approaches. Julie is adept at researching complex markets with technical subjects and has developed good technical knowledge of elements of the construction and food industries specifically.

Julie has developed relationships with a number of large, global clients including DuPont, Victrex, Veolia Group and the British Council.

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