Becky Coffey

Operations: Senior Field Executive

Operations Team

Photo of Becky Coffey

Becky joined DJS in 2013 as a field assistant. She was promoted in 2014 to Field Executive, and again in July 2017 to Senior Field Executive. 

Becky mainly manages the quantitative field projects, including hall tests, product tests, exit interviews, door to door and on street fieldwork worked on both CAPI and paper. She also helps with qualitative work, including depth interviews and focus groups. She has worked across a number of sectors including:

·         Utilities (Severn Trent Water, Northumbrian Water, United Utilities, CCWater, UKWIR and Yorkshire Water)

·         Retail (East of England Co-operative Society, Central England Co-operative, Bargain Booze)

·         Arts and Culture (Roald Dahl Museum)

·         Health (Whitehill and Bordon Healthy New Towns Programme)

·         Government (Department for Work and Pensions, Greater Manchester Police, Trafford Housing Trust)

·         Environmental (Kent County Council, HW Martin)

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