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  • DJS Research Appoints Four; Bolsters Research and Operations
    Thu, 24th Jul 2014
    DJS Research Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of four full-time, permanent members of staff. Callum McCulloch and ...... Read More

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  • Fewer Britons Consuming Carbonated Soft Drinks, Survey Shows
    Wed, 30th Jul 2014

    Recent research has discovered that fewer Britons are drinking carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) than they were six months ago, ......Read More

  • Fewer Younger People on the Mortgage Ladder, Survey Shows
    Wed, 30th Jul 2014

    The number of young people who own a mortgage has decreased in the last five years, according to figures ......Read More

  • Half of Survey’s Participants Don’t Want Britain to Have an Empire
    Tue, 29th Jul 2014

    A study conducted with more than 1,700 British adults discovered that almost half of its respondents do not want ......Read More

  • Report Shows California is a Prime Car Theft City
    Tue, 29th Jul 2014

    Nine of America’s top 10 worst car theft cities belong to California, according to a report released by the ......Read More

  • Study Shows Gender Imbalance for Post-Graduate Salaries
    Tue, 29th Jul 2014

    There is still a gender imbalance when it comes to post-graduate salaries, according to data collected by the Higher ......Read More

  • Teachers Most Valuable Source for Information about Drugs, Study Shows
    Mon, 28th Jul 2014

    Teachers are seen as the most useful source of information when it comes to talking about drugs, according to ......Read More

  • Survey Shows Support for New Home Construction has Increased
    Mon, 28th Jul 2014

    Findings from the latest British Social Attitudes survey show that the number of people who oppose new homes being ......Read More

  • Spending on Back to School Supplies Set to Increase in America, Study Shows
    Mon, 28th Jul 2014

    According to research conducted by Proper Insights & Analytics, families in America will foot steeper bills this summer when ......Read More

  • Survey Discovers Negative Emotional Impacts of Social Media
    Fri, 25th Jul 2014

    A recent survey has brought to light the emotional impact social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, has ......Read More

  • Public Think Charities Spend Unacceptable Amount on Admin, Survey Shows
    Fri, 25th Jul 2014

    According to a recent survey, the British public tend to overestimate how much charities spend on fundraising and administration, ......Read More

Market Research Insight Panel : Paid Focus Groups & Surveys

13th January 2013 21:59

Market Research Insight Panel : Paid Focus Groups & Surveys

We have launched the DJS Research Insight Panel which is an online group of people who have agreed to help us, and our clients, by providing feedback and comments about various products, services and ideas.

We randomly select people to take part in market research but we are interested to hear from people who are willing to help us with our research projects.  As a thank you we sometimes give respondents incentives (either cash, vouchers, prize draws or donations to charity).

For further information about the DJS market research insight panel please visit: DJS Research Ltd Market Research Insight Panel

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