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Local Government Market Research

Below you will find the latest local government market research insights, local government news and research findings. The most recent local government articles can be found at the top.

The local government market research findings have been sourced from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Please note that the research projects contained in these articles may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd.

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Scottish public want council tax to be replaced with an alternative, survey finds

14th December 2015 12:13

According to the findings of a recent survey of Scottish people, council tax should be removed and replaced with an alternative charge, based on income, to protect less well-off Scottish people. The nationwide survey interviewed around approximately 4,500… Read more...

Local government considering e-invoicing, survey finds

17th November 2015 10:47

A recent survey by iGov, an organisation which provides critical professional and IT support services to the government, has revealed that 39 per cent of local councils are considering investing in e-invoicing in the next year. The iGov survey was conducted… Read more...

Survey finds salaries have increased amongst local council planners

3rd November 2015 10:59

A recent survey within local councils, planning consultancies and private sector employers has revealed that in 2015, the most common salary bracket for local authority planners was £35,000 to £40,000, as opposed to £30,000 to £35,000… Read more...

Survey finds majority of council staff haven’t heard of G-Cloud

13th October 2015 10:29

According to the findings of a recent local government survey, more than 75 per cent of council employees have not heard of the G-Cloud framework. The survey – which was commissioned on behalf of cloud computing supplier, iomart – has revealed… Read more...

Council bins should be hidden, survey finds

28th September 2015 17:25

A nationwide survey has revealed that wheelie bins and recycling boxes should be hidden away, as the public find them unsightly and feel that they ruin the aesthetics of their homes. Conducted by the world’s largest outdoor storage company, Keter, the… Read more...

72 per cent of people are against council mergers, survey finds

17th August 2015 11:36

Results from an online survey have revealed that 72 per cent of people are against NSW local government reforms, meaning that they do not want their council to merge with others. Conducted as part of an Upper House inquiry into NSW local government reforms,… Read more...

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