Dan Thompson

Senior Research Executive (FaDS)

Operations Team

Photo of Dan Thompson

Dan initially joined DJS Research as an interviewer within the CATI unit in June 2013 and then progressed to Junior Operations Research Executive, Research Executive and then to Senior Research Executive, dealing with clients and managing a range of projects for the business. 

In his role as an interviewer, Dan worked on B2B projects and moved to focus solely on interviewing corporate respondents for EON. After being recognised for the professionalism conducted on this project, he progressed to Senior B2B interviewer; enabling him to work on more complex projects. 

Dan took a year out to work in Australia in 2015 and returned a year later as a Team Leader within the CATI unit. In this role he was responsible for supporting interviewers on B2C, B2B and international projects, and managing a team of 25.

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