Liam Bradley

Senior Data Executive

Operations Team

Photo of Liam Bradley

Liam joined DJS Research in 2015, initially as a telephone interviewer within the CATI department. Owing to his excellent interviewing skills, telephone manner and professionalism, he worked across B2B projects and more complex surveys. 

After assisting the wider team in the CATI department, Liam developed a greater understanding of the processes and workings of a market research company, which paved the way for a new role as Junior Data Services Executive, which he started in 2018.

Liam has a keen interest working with computers and hopes his new role will help to further develop these skills. He is also committed to spending his own time enhancing his programming skills. 

Liam received a well deserved promotion to the position of Senior Data Executive in February 2024 in recognition of his excellent data and project management skills. 

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