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Senior Research Executive

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Mark graduated in 2013 with a 1st (BA Hons) in History from the University of Manchester. During his studies, Mark developed an interest in public affairs and communications, writing his dissertation on propaganda and persuasion in the Japanese Empire. 

After graduating, Mark became a telephone interviewer, interviewing social housing residents on a variety of issues from repairs to anti-social behaviour.  He has developed a sensitivity to how respondents are likely to engage with surveys and has since applied this experience to designing questionnaires.

Mark joined Ipsos MORI in London as a Graduate Research Executive in 2016, designing and managing consumer-based quantitative research projects for a wide range of private and public sector clients.  It was here that Mark applied his interest in communications to help in the design of a research project for Roche, a leading healthcare provider.  The resulting data was used as part of an event hosted by Roche on trust in healthcare providers and was presented by Ben Page, CEO of Ipsos MORI. 

In December 2018, Mark moved back to Manchester to work for DJS Research as a Senior Research Executive.  Mark looks forward to working with new clients and expanding his skills as a researcher. 

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