Francesca Barker

Junior Research Executive

Research Team

Photo of Francesca Barker

Francesca was promoted to Junior Research Executive after returning to DJS Research in early 2019. She initially joined the company in 2014 where she worked in data support as well as spending time as a telephone interviewer in our CATI unit.

Now part of the research team, Francesca is looking forward to pursuing a career in this field and already has an excellent understanding of the industry thanks to her previous roles.

During her time working in Operations, Francesca was responsible for supporting the data team and researchers with quality checks for tabulations and scripts, assisting with report checks as well as updating them to ensure the chartbooks matched the new wave of data. She also formatted reports, built code frames for open questions as well as back coding and coding questions, sample sourcing, data entry, data cleaning and also transcribing interviews.

Her role as a telephone interviewer involved following project specifications with a high level of accuracy and integrity and conducting scripted market research adhering to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

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