Francesca Barker

Research Executive

Research Team

Photo of Francesca Barker

Team: Shining Tor

Francesca started her career at DJS Research back in 2014 where she worked in Data Support, as well as spending time as a telephone interviewer in our CATI unit. With this experience she was well-placed to take on the role of a Junior Research Excutive in 2019 and has since been promoted to Research Executive in 2021.

Now an integral part of the research team, Francesca has worked across many projects and has shown a keenness in tracker projects and project management. With the skill of being naturally organised Francesca is always thinking ahead and ensures she maintains good communication with both clients and the DJS team.
Francesca has a keen eye for detail too, which serves her well as she gets more involved in analysis and reporting. She is looking forward to further progressing her career in Research and already has an excellent understanding of the industry thanks to her previous roles.
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