Steven Searle

Assistant Operations Manager

Operations Team

Photo of Steven Searle

Steven has A-Levels in Business Studies, English & Media Studies and attended The University of Salford for 2 years studying Television & Radio Production. He joined DJS Research in January 2011 initially as a telephone interviewer. He was promoted to a Team Leader role within six months and acted as one of the supervisors for telephone unit staff overseeing training and recruitment. Steven has experience of project management across an array of sectors including conducting depth interviews, recruiting for and organising focus groups, and other administrative duties involved in managing on-going projects.

Steven's expanding knowledge of the market research industry led to him being promoted to Data Services in January 2012. He has quickly developed into a skilled data analyst and is experienced in the production of data outputs in various formats such as MS Excel and Quantum. Steven is also a skilled survey programmer and pays special attention to the look and feel of online research using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. 

In addition to his scripting and data analysis roles, Steven also oversees the majority of the online projects at DJS for various mainstream and niche markets for both B2B and B2C audiences. He is looking to further to expand on his project management experience within DJS Research's growing Field & Tab department.

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