Alex Scaife

Research Executive (FaDS)

Operations Team

Photo of Alex Scaife

Based in Sheffield
Team: Black

Alex joined DJS Research after graduating from the University of Salford in 2020 with a master’s degree (Msc) in Media Psychology. She found her love for research whilst studying, carrying out qualitative and quantitative projects both individually and as part of a wider team.

Alex's degree focused on audiences and users in the media landscape, examining ways in which research methods can help improve the experience of a consumer and attitudes towards a brand. Her master’s thesis examined the impact of human values on motivation when asked to complete a task.

Joining DJS Research in November 2020 on a work experience basis, Alex was invited to stay on once her placement had ended, and joined the CATI unit as a telephone interviewer. She was then offered the position of Junior Research Executive, and has since been working in the Field and Data Services team. Alex is looking forward to applying her research skills and continuing to develop her career at DJS.

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