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Team: Shining Tor

After graduating from the University of Derby in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Geography & Travel, Claire joined DJS Research in 2010 as a Senior Fieldwork Executive.

Claire’s role as Senior Field Work Executive involved co-ordinating and managing a range of fieldwork projects from beginning to end, briefing fieldworkers and Directors on fieldwork developments. During her time in the fieldwork department, Claire was involved in all aspects of market research, including: street interviews, door to door, hall tests, focus groups and product placements covering all subject matters.

In January 2013, Claire took a more analytical role and returned to the research team as a Research Executive, before being promoted to Senior Research Executive. Since moving to the research side of the business, Claire has been involved in the design and analysis of B2B and B2C projects, working with major clients across a number of sectors including BMW, Retail Week, Next, Kellogg’s and 

Prior to her market research career, Claire worked as a PA in the fashion industry and has a personal interest and passion for retail and apparel. She plays a key supporting role in our retail and consumer brands team.

In February 2024 Claire was promoted to the position of Research Manager, in recognition of her excellence as a project manager and multi-method researcher. 

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