Ajit Chauhan

Senior Research Manager

Research Team

Photo of Ajit Chauhan

Ajit is an experienced mixed methods researcher with ten years of experience in public sector research. He is well experienced in managing and conducting both quantitative and qualitative research, including online, CATI, CAPI, and face-to-face methodologies across a range of sectors.

Ajit has extensive experience in managing quantitative projects, including ad-hoc surveys, trackers, and public consultations. He is skilled in managing projects from start to finish, and fulfilling key responsibilities such as creating project materials, liaising with internal operations effectively, providing fieldwork updates, responding to queries from clients or participants, data analysis and report writing.

Also an experienced qualitative researcher, Ajit has extensive experience holding focus groups, deliberative events, conducting cognitive interviews and depth interviews (face-to-face, online, and via telephone) with the public, stakeholders, and vulnerable groups.

Ajit also has a keen interest in innovative methods and helping clients integrate them into their research. Especially with online communities and mobile apps.

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