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Unlocking Insights through Cutting-Edge CX / UX Methodologies

User Experience (UX) research is a way of exploring the (digital) products and services that you offer from a customer’s-eye view; what works, what doesn’t, what to improve, and how to optimise the user experience. UX typically focuses on customers when they go through a specific interaction.

We can also put this in context by understanding wider perceptions, behaviours, needs and motivations; Customer Experience (CX) research extends to all the interactions a person has with your brand from first hearing about you to becoming a (repeat) customer.

We often combine CX and UX research to provide invaluable knowledge about needs and preferences, motivations, pain points, and how to optimise the user/customer experience.

Our team of CX and UX specialists combine innovative methodologies with in-depth sector knowledge to help you gain valuable insights into your target audience:

  • Usability Testing: Uncover usability issues and improve the overall user experience of your digital products.
  • User Interviews, Workshops and Focus Groups: Gain in-depth insights into user perceptions, motivations, and pain points.
  • Eye-Tracking Studies: Understand user attention and interactions to optimize website and content design.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Visualize and analyze the customer journey to identify key touchpoints, moments of truth, pain points and areas for improvement.
  • Ethnography: Our researchers observe and/or interact with users in their real-life environment, either in person or using our cutting-edge digital ethnography tools.
  • A/B Testing: Compare different design variations to determine the most effective solution.
  • Behavioural science: Our in-house experts can use their understanding of behavioural science to get under the skin of the conscious and subconscious behaviours, motivations, barriers and thought processes behind user actions.

Our rigorous research methods are backed by robust data analysis techniques and expert interpretation. We don't just collect data; we unearth meaningful insights that inform strategic decision-making and help you stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Some examples of the diverse range of CX/UX projects we have completed include:

  • Conducting qualitative research in partnership with the Environment Agency and Government Digital Service to inform the ideal user journey for buying a fishing licence online.
  • Using deliberative workshops to map a variety of customer journeys for Leeds Building Society. Our insights into key moments of truth and pain-points helped inform the development of ‘ideal’ customer journeys based on customer needs and priorities.
  • Using ethnography and ‘mystery shoppers’ with hidden cameras to understand the experience of fans with a disability attending games at Leicester City Football Club (see case study below – this research earned DJS Research and Leicester City FC the award for The Best Fan Engagement Programme at the Football Business Awards).

We offer tailored solutions to suit your industry, brand, and target audience, ensuring our research delivers actionable recommendations.

Let DJS Research be your trusted partner in achieving user-centric excellence. Contact us today to discuss your project and see how our CX/UX methodologies can drive meaningful results for your business.


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